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February 9, 2010
Nigeria violence may have claimed lives of innocent civilians

Last July, Nigeria was racked by four days of violence between security forces and a militant group trying to impose strict Islamic law.

The group is called Boko Haram and the fighting was sparked by the arrest of several of its leaders. An estimated 700 people were killed.

Ever since, there has been concern that the security forces may have killed many innocent civilians.

This report from Mike Hanna of Al Jazeera English shows new video purportedly showing such attacks.  Some of the images are graphic.

Daljit Dhaliwal spoke with Eric Guttschuss, a researcher with Human Rights Watch about the allegations. He says that the international community, including the United States, should be doing more to pressure the Nigerian government to ensure justice.




This goes to show that the Nigerian government and it security apparatus do not take terroristic acts lightly. However, some of these people are innocent, or at best, did not get a fair chance to prove their innocence.


I hate to say this statement again, but So. If my short memory services me again it looks like the same thing that happen in the Sudan. Where it is the goverment officials that attack their neighbors to the West, because of the oil that sits there. Who ever controls the country controls the oil. This Islamic group is getting in the way of a certain large rich country from getting its oil. Since it can not risk putting its own troops in to protect their oil rigs from these rebels then having the government do it for them saves them face. It is not amaze what governments will do for a few Yen.


Mr George Will wrote many,many years ago that the world,…especially America,will be slowly inundated,methodically desensitizing the world’s audience where “all” atrocious acts become almost mundane? The “Shock and Awe (Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom)” of both Bush#43,and Bush #41(Persian Gulf War) was the grand finale,…the coup de gra’ce! Sadly, the industrial world’s “Couscous Feast for Nigerian’s Tablefare” has little,or nothing to do concerning the indigenous people. But only it’s insatiable appetite for the “Light Sweet Crude via Nigerian Oil”,ironically,…yes,the purist (needing very little refining to bring to market) virgin crude in the world! PS. This is a wake-up call for the entire continent to stop the “Rape”!


Some of the images are graphic?????? I guess so!!! You should have warned viewers at the beginning of the show and even more forcefully prior to the video. “This next video will actually show many people being killed in cold blood!” This is like watching “snuff” films and does nothing to expand my understanding of the situation, but rather scares the begebbers out of me!


This sort of thing has been taking place throughout much of Africa for the past 25 years, and NOW people are outraged by it?


It sickens me to the core to see members of the NIgerian Police force behave in such horrific fashion.Their behavior is nothing short of savagery.But the sad part about it that the imbecilic Nigerian Government have not brought these savages to justice after almost a year.
This shows the level of corruption that is indicate of most African countries.


it is very sad when reading something like this how people can be so heartless. where are we going from here? a country well blessed with natural resourses but messed up because of greed how can this country move forward when the god fathers are still in control? curruption and oppression is the name of the games. trust is just a word even close relatives one have to look at the time when good morning is said , it might be a lye. sorry to say these things about my belove country but it is the truth


oh my God what are world we in i am sick nigerian……..oh again this is not rigth problems africa when from the West/ East/ north/ south big ashame to africa and nigerian


Oh my. The people who committed these murders should be brought to justice. If the government don’t do that, International justice should intercede. By the way where is our wise nobel laureate Wole on this? Or does this don’t concern him because it happens in the north?


Man this thing makes me sick, Please don’t contact the government. they are as corrupt as the dam police them self. I am ashamed to be African, even though i am Nigerian. With all the problems we have…look at what we do instead.



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