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February 4, 2010
Toyota tries to save face after string of bad news

For the Japanese car maker, the bad news just keeps on coming.

Today, Toyota admitted that some Prius models — considered by many to be the pride of the company’s fleet — may have faulty brakes.

The announcement comes only a week after Toyota suspended the production and sale of 8 other models because of a sticky gas pedal problem.

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation and the Japanese government say they are widening their investigations of the embattled automaker.

Divya Gopalan of Al Jazeera English has more.

Would you be willing to buy a Toyota after all the recent news?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please be respectful and on-point. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

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Headline – Feb.8, “Toyota set to recall Prius hybrid over brake failure”.
How’s that “better than the rest” thing still working for you?


Yes, I would still definitely buy a Toyota despite what the company is going through. I think they can rebound and will continue to produce better vehicles.


I have a Toyota and it’s ok. I had a 1987 Chevy that I bought new and put 313,000 miles on it with out using one drop of oil and very low maintenance – so American can build a good car when it wants to. Having said this I think that there is too much being made of this in the US News media – we should be focusing on how to make US cars better and less on what the Japanese do wrong. Criticizing Toyota won’t make our car any better. Jim @ USA


I had a 1980 Subaru that had it’s paint fall off and rusted out prematurely. I had a 1977 Ford that needed all kinds of warranty work. However, To evaluate those brands by something that happened decades ago would be holding a shortsighted grudge. Not very wise to go by what Consumer Reports said years ago, rather than today.


Such emotion-intentionally set up by the “Big Three”


Yes I would buy another Toyota. I own a 2007 Prius and it is the best car yet of all the car I have owned.


I have only own Japanese autos and Toyota & Honda will continue to be part of the family. I like the fact that the problem was recognized & action taken unlike ford with the SUV Exporer.


“FORDS RULE,” toyotas SUCK, and I hope The American Public wise-up and buy American!!!


Currently I have my Toyota #3 and my next one will also be a Toyota. The current campaign against Toyota has a lot of politics in it.


Not only would I buy a Toyota, I’m not ASHAMED to admit that I’m waiting for the Share/Stock Prices to hit Rock Bottom, before I buy me some!

Peace, Love & Respect.


Yes, I will continue to buy “made in Japan” Toyotas. I gave up on american made junk in 1990, and since then have only bought Toyotas and Nissans which were made in Japan. I will buy no model that has been built or assembled by what is laughingly called “american craftsmen.” Think of the millions of recalls Ford, GMC and Chrystler have had over the years. I have NEVER had to have a repair made on the 12 cars made in Japan that I have owned. No one can say that about an american made piece of junk.


Toyota builds a great car but have a problem right now. If & when they get this things definitely fixed, I would buy a Toyota.


Absolutely. The media, as it does in so many situations, has blown this matter way out of proportion. More emphasis should be placed on the millions of Toyota products that have performed flawlessly for many years. I am a 2009 Corolla owner and would buy another in a heart beat.


This is a pot hole in the road for Toyota – they still make some of the best cars in the world and Toyota will be my first pick next time I am buying. It will be interesting to see what incentives they come up with to win customers back – and I believe they will come back.


I have owed only Toyota’s and will continue to buy them. I have bought 8 Toyota’s and they are great and reliable cars never have I had a problem. I would not trust any other vehicle for my family.


Toyota has a very good track record overall, however, until I am satisfied that they are able to correctly repair and identify the mechanical problems, I would hold off purchasing a Toyota at this time. Once I am satisfied with Toyota getting the problem fixed, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a Toyota.


Yes of course I’d purchase a Toyota! They will fix the problem and go on making terrific cars, not pass the known problems on to dealers to deal with like FORD did!


When Chevy and Ford prove the public they are better than Toyota, Honda, or Nissan I might think about buying an American brand for now I will continue to buy the foreign brands made here in the good ole USA.


As NPR reported earlier this evening, some (of us) point out that the guvment now owns GM. Is this a form of trade war using the MSM to create a panic? Quite possibly!
The Transportation Secretary’s “gaffe” during Congressional testimony advising people to stop driving their Toyotas should cause his resignation!
I own an ’09 Prius and owned a Lexus earlier. Is there a real journalist out there who can do a comparative report on the relative safety of Toyota’s competitors’ cars? Example: for years I drove a Ford LTD. I’d be driving it and all of a sudden the engine would go dead. I went through three “control modules” governing the engine’s electronics. Many models were involved. After YEARS of these defective modules (which Ford knew about early on), a court in California arranged a billion-dollar class action settlement. I found out only because a clerk in an auto parts store recognized the symptoms. Advice: carry a replacement control module and the special tool to install it when the old one spontaneously failed! Where were the MainStream Media then?
Before Nader, Chevrolet had a problem for several years with the gear linkage through the steering column: the linkage would lock up. I owned two of those a decade apart. Also, their 6-cylinders had a habit of blowing their timing gears on deceleration. I lost two that way.
I love my Prius. By far the most ergonomically designed car I’ve ever owned (better than the Lexus!), and I’ve owned more cars than I can count (unless I sit down and try to list them!).


Why would a Toyota, Nissan, Honda owner even think of going back to an American car company?
American cars have been plagued with problems and poor quality. I have owned a new Ford, Dodge, and Chevy and will never go back to one. One problem with a handful of Toyotas is not enough to make me want to over pay for a piece of junk. I will stick to my Nissan Frontier Crew Cab that I have now owned for 10 years and have had minor maintenance cost and still runs like new. I may look at Toyota and Nissan for my next purchase


Yes. I had a 91 for eight years, sold it to a private party and purchased a 99. It has been a good car. I have had my share of GM and Ford products over the years and found that the quality had deteriorated.


I own a 2007 Camry and love it. My previous cars were a Saturn and an Escort. I will always be a Toyota customer. The media reaction is overblown in my opinion.


I currently own a 07 Sienna (purchased new) and it’s the best car I ever owned. Not one problem that I had to go back for. I got a lot for my money. Not like the Chevy Van that I had, 86 and 93. The radio conked out, the car is rusting, the head liner is sagging, speakers are bad, and the paint is worn down, it still runs after 170 K miles.


No, our next car will be a Ford Fiesta (when they start selling them in the US). Ford’s quality is now rated higher than Toyota’s (at least in the US).
I consider all this as karma for the snobbish owners of asian cars that believed their cars were perfect. All of this happens in cycles. People forget when the Japanese cars were rusting out too soon. It’s an ongoing competition, and now it’s Ford’s turn to be on top.


I currently own a 07 Sienna (purchased new) and it’s the best car I ever owned. Not one problem that I had to go back for. I got a lot for my money. Not like the Chevy Van that I had, 86 and 93. Although the 93 Astro is still running without many problems. But the radio conked out, the car is rusting, the head liner is sagging, speakers are bad, and the paint is worn down, it still runs after 170 K miles.


I own a ’08 Scion Xd and enjoy it. I used to own a 2004 Scion Xb and enjoyed it too. Both were made by Toyota and both vehicles proved to be reliable. In the 80’s Audi had a major problem and see where they are today. This too will pass. Americans are “spoiled” rotten and have too many expectations for perfection in everything they buy.


No I will never buy one again. They knew about this problem a long time ago and said nothing. I don’t trust them anymore – not at all.


I would absolutely buy a toyota. If I based my purchase on how many recalls a company has, I still would buy toyota. This company has had fewer recalls than Ford, GM, or Chrysler.
As far as buying American, around 60% of what Toyota sells here are made here. They will employ almost 20,000 americans at American manufacturing facilities by the end of this year. In fact Toyota started exporting Camry’s made in the U.S. to other countries last year.


This is a minor issue with major implications ONLY because Toyota is so successful and builds so many vehicles. It is just a sticky gas pedal for God’s sake! This has been happening since cars have been around. The American news media has typically over-hyped the story with the sensational tale of the crashed Lexus that killed four people. Anyone too stupid to figure out that you just put the car in neutral and pull over should turn in their driver’s license now. Years ago, before the asinine steering wheel lock, one could just turn off the ignition key. Toyotas are wonderful cars and still way ahead of their American competitors.


Toyota has beyond any doubt the best quality cars. Recall news or not: I am an American, I only buy American cars. You have a choice to buy as you wish; but, think of your sons, daughters, and future generations before its too late.


I have currently have three Toyotas for my family and wouldn’t buy another brand. The cars are excellent and never really need service or adjustment. This recall is all overblown. My government motors (GM) would rust and fall apart on schedule, but for some reason were never recalled.


Yes! We have never had a car we loved so much!


I would absolutely buy a toyota. Toyota will fix the problem, and their cars will continue to be a great buy.


Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

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