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February 3, 2010
Iranian leader declares readiness to honor nuclear deal

The issue of Iran and its nuclear ambitions is once again taking center stage. In a TV interview, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country is ready to honor a deal designed to curb its nuclear program.

The agreement would require Iran to send its uranium abroad, where it could be processed for civilian — not military — use.

But several countries involved in the negotiations, including the U.S., are expressing skepticism about Iran’s offer.

Meanwhile, today Iran launched yet another rocket into space, raising concerns about technology that could deliver an atomic weapon.

Nazanine Moshiri of Al Jazeera English has more from Iran.

Can Iran be trusted to be honest about its nuclear program?

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Iran can not be trusted. Iran will become a Nuclear power and with the threat of Nuclear-storms hanging over the oil fields of the middle east the price of crude-oil will batter economies throughout the world.

BBC today: “Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asked the country’s nuclear chief to begin enriching uranium to 20%.
He made the announcement a day after Western scepticism at Iran’s earlier claim that a deal to swap enriched uranium for nuclear fuel was close.”


Iran will continue to delay and stall on its Nuclear program ,under the protection of Chinas’ UN Security Counsel Veto, until it has detonated an
atomic bomb the sound of which will awaken the world to the threat Iran posses with it. Is the middle east oil supply secure ? Will gas got the $7.00 a gallon ? Will a nuclear weapon find its way to camps a few miles from Israel ? Iran can not be trusted because Iran is determined to destroy Israel.


Well said Earle, clearly a lot more informed than the average American.


Yes,… Iran can be Trusted,period! Their President Ahmadinejad is extremely articulate ,and well spoken (except for his one-time rant against Israel?)with a unique intellectual knowledge capable of bring the Iranian people into the 21st century if the covert/mis-information propaganda operations stop. Interesting that no-one dares talk openly of Israel’s nuclear arsenal evolving since the early 1970’s,and growing. Fact,…American/Israel influence in america’s political system currently “Feb.4,2010” as follows: the Executive Branch 2/9= 22.2%; the House of Rep’s 32/435= 7.3%; the Senate 13/100= 13%; totaling a mean-average of all US Gov’t Executive Branches @ 8.7% versus 1.4% of total Jewish population,…a very disproportionate percentage! Noteworthy: all Federal Reserve Chairman past,and present being from Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Also as a sidenote,there are many Gov’t highly held influential position regarding Nat’l Defense,and Global affairs: #1) “US Nat’l Security Advisor”-Henry Kissinger 1973/77 (German Born) Nixon/Ford,and Samuel R. Berger 1997/2001 Clinton;…#2) “US Sec’s of Defense”-Casper Weinberger 1981/87 Reagan; Leslie Aspin Jr. 1993/94 Clinton; William S. Cohen 1997/2001 Clinton;…#3) the “Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy”,…Paul Wolfowitz 1989/?,George H.W.Bush(#41),Frank G. Wisner 1993/94,Eric S. Edelman 2005/09. Lastly ,Rupert Murdock’s Fox News/Wall Street Journal and not to forget mentioning Radio,Print,and the all emcompassing Entertainment Media. PS. The “American Israel Pulic Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) is the most powerful political action force in the known Universe,and it’s nucleus is on K-street,USA! So bombs away America till there’s nothing left in the world worth salvaging,…What’s Going On?


1. Iran leaders are on a “mission from God” to destroy Isreal, and cripple the U.S. – all infidels. That will never change.
2. Any so-called peace overtures from Iran will prove to be deceptive, misleading – a facade, and are calculated by Iran to solely benefit their cause – and to appease the world, and/or buy time. They are thinking and planning way ahead of us.
3. When are the politicians and the media going to wake up to the reality of the Iran “mission from God” that will NEVER change no matter what Iran says or promises. Their loyalty to God and their dedication to His believed purposes will always over-ride any agreements with other nations.


Mr. Ahmadinejad learned well from the North Koreans. He keeps agreeing to some terms and then reneges on them.


If Iran had a National Space Policy and military templates like us, and refused to talk with the 177 Nations for the Prevention of an Arms Race in Space like us we’d be doing the same thing. Obama is late on his space weapons ban, we need to be holding his feet to the fire on this one. Also, he remains silent while we use DU and WP.

There’s a petition on that Obama will address if it gets some more votes about an immediate moratorium on white phosphorus, depleted uranium and having PAROS talks.


If Iran had a National Space Policy and military templates like us, and refused to talk with the 177 Nations for the Prevention of an Arms Race in Space like us we’d be doing the same thing. Obama is late on his space weapons ban, we need to be holding his feet to the fire on this one. Also, he remains silent while we use DU and WP.

Please sign the petition:


I agree with # 27 completely. Iran will though in the end guide itself to self destruction. If Israel, Western Europe or the United States don’t do them in – they will do it them selves – just give history the time. It is indeed unfortunate that the US and Western Europe has to get bogged down in this part of the world – but from an energy standpoint we have no choice at least not for the foreseeable future. And, from a biblical prospective – we must be there to protect Christianity part in religion. Iran – truthfully – I think we the West and Israel give them an ultimatum of turning over their nuclear assets to world control or face absolute destruction. It is unfortunately us or them – they have made that point very clear. Jim @ USA




One advantage that Iran has is that they know the USA and its allies will trust words. Iran on the other hand uses this form of negotiation as a stalling tactic. Iran will then show its deceitful and evil agenda. Each time we confront them on these urgent concerns, they take one step back to appease the west, then two steps forward to make up for lost ground. We must deal the tyrants of Iran with a forceful hand. We must do it now.


We can not trust a government that murders and hangs innocent protestors. They have proved to be violent and immoral to the people of iran and rest of the world.


If you trusted your life savings to Bernie Madoff, you will certainly trust your life to Mahmoud Ahmadenijad!


Ahmadinejad can be trusted because he has the Cheshire Cat grin. Don’t worry about Israel, it can take care of itself without anybody’s help. A cup of tea and some crumpets will relief your anxieties.


First Daljit…we love you. You are an excellent commentator and a very pretty lady! Next, to the question…NO! Iran under the current leadership CANNOT be trusted! This is a rogue government with a fanatic leader. They will do or say anything to decieve while moving ever onward to achieve their nuclear goals. The REAL question is: What can we DO about it??


Well I thought one of the stipulations of the IAEA, toward Iran was that the Iranians send their uranium to Russia to be processed and sent back? Now that they are saying they will do it, give them a chance to do it, but monitor them at the same time. That way we can say, hey we gave you a chance.


I think we should just shut up and tend to developing a top secret anti-nuclear device that will nullify all of their efforts . We have talked long enough . Surely feel sorry for the Iranian people who apparently do not want or support this dictatorship .


Persia should never be trusted.


Ahmadi and IRI can not be trusted. Iranians don’t trust him–he stole their votes! He is a cheater and a liar. He will continue being a royal pest until someone–probably Israel–takes him out. Until that day comes we all have to deal with this evil annoying person.


I do not trust the Iranian state. The lies and violence in domestic unrest. Their behavior reeks of fascism. As in most fascistic regimes, there are no controls, and lies and manipulation become the way things are done. They are not trustworthy


Dear Daljt Dhaliwal ;
This is only for YOU. It seams no one else is trying to understand THE MAIN PROBLEM. It lies in the double stander which The USA Is taking towards THE MIDDLE EAST & THE ISLAMIC WORLD. Israel got Nuclear Weapons and WE look the other way !!! This also give rise to RADICAL Muslims To justify what they are doing out of desperation. If WE show fairness and RESPECT to others, they will not have an excuse to commit their TERRIBLE ACTS Or RECRUIT innocent YOUTH in the NAME OF ISLAM.
DESPERATION vs POWER !! ( who is going to win ??? ) NO Body Wins and WE ALL LOOSE !!


Iran currently cannot be trusted!


Iran is going “Nuclear”, no matter what!

The Shah had “Nuclear Ambitions”, and we all KNOW what happened to him?
Saddam had “Nuclear Ambitions”, and we all KNOW what happened to him??

Until that Glorious Day; when all Nuclear Powers (both declared & un-declared) Denounce, Renounce & Destroy their Weapons (as the NPT Treaty calls for), it’s Futile & Useless to talk about Iran, the Mullahs or anyone else for that matter….

Peace, Love & Respect.


Absolutely not.


As President Reagan said, trust but verify.


No this country is only biding time till it gets a few bombs made and only then will it first take out Israel Isreral and then Point them at other countries, they cannot be trusted. The presidents should not wait for this country to decide to sit down as everything they do and say is a Lie Look at there religious Leader saying sanctions are good as it has made them stronger, this is a message straight out that they are just toying with every country involved, sanctions do not work because of all the charities working for this country giving and sending more and more money from all around the world so how can sanctions really work in this case? Yes the time is right now. We should go to war now we can surgically hit all areas that they are building any nuclear Plants or refining their ore, and most important after seeing what the Islamic Republic Guard has done to innocent people it is their time to go so they can not be Left out, not one of them are innocent from all crimes which include Murder! yes it is time, as the sun shines in the morning they will take out Israel, with other countries after! This has to be done before they become fully nuclear capable. Just think of all the Lives which can be saved if this is done now, before they strike some country and remember the fallout from the Bomb which will be another half million if not more as the clouds float radiation over other countries!


We can trust the Iranians to act on what they see as their national interests. Right now, we can’t be sure who is deciding what those interests are. One thing we do know is that Iran is surrounded by countries allied to, or occupied by the United States. I’m sure the Iranians are asking themselves if they can trust us.


The leader of Iran is sick. He lies, fixed the elections,the people of Iran don’t want him as their leader, he hates the USA and our way of life and is friendly with North Korea’s leader also a sick preson. There is no way we should let either of these people have anything to do with nuclear for peaceful things or war. It is like cancer , wipe it out now before it spreads. Any person that believes in the freedom of Iran’s leader to do what he wants should go live there for the rest of their life. Any normal , caring , decent person would agree.


Iran should not honor any nuclear deal until Israel gives up their nuclear weapons. A nuclear free middle east should be our goal.


No I don’t think we can trust Iran. They will not be satisfied until Israel has been wiped out.


If any of us had been harassed for 50 years by a vastly superior power now threatening us with drones as well as nuclear weapons wouldn’t we be working secretly to build rockets and a bomb?


No, they cannot be trusted. The presidents views on Israel and his elusive manner in his trip to the U.S. proves ulterior motives as far as I can see. We should go to war now (3 wars, I know, but this is the most pressing threat) before they become impervious to conventional warfare through nuclear capability.


The United States has no business bothering Iran about any of it’s programs. Iran has full rights to develop whatever technology it wishes. People like Geneive Abdo are opponents of the Islamic Republic and/or ardent supporters of Zionism, and they further the same unfounded anti-Iranian agenda put forward by Israel on a daily basis. President Obama clearly is not interested in actual progress in building a peaceful relationship based on mutual respect. The government of these United States should stop antagonizing and actively working against Iran, one of the few nations in the Middle East that is stable, democratic and working towards building a better world.


Obviously they can’t be trusted.


Hell no!


Our hope is that the uranium processing would be most Tansparent in their exchanges.
HONOR & TRUST …is not something one wakes-up with . it must be seen & earned . IF you want to know that answer just ask the Iranian People , about HONOR & TRUST ALONG WITH ..NO JUSTICES !
HONOR & JUSTICE COMES IN MANY WAYS Islamic Regime is coming -up short, stolen election’s
Iranian Govt. has failed their people ,just to gain their





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