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February 2, 2010
Talk about war ripples through the Middle East

Israeli soldiers on leave in the city of Jaffa. Photo: Mohammad Al-Kassim

Talk about war is getting louder in the Middle Eastern press, with many speculating about a possible outbreak of hostilities not only between Israel and Hamas, but Israel and Syria, or Iran and a host of adversaries.

In a column in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, Bradley Burston writes, “The countdown to the Second Gaza War has begun in earnest.”

The peace process is widely believed to be at an impasse, and there are other significant developments as well.

This week Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak publicly warned Hamas “to watch its step,” while senior Hamas and other Palestinian factions are warning of another Israeli offensive on Gaza.

And last week Hamas blamed Israel’s Mossad for the killing of one of its a top commanders in Dubai, UAE, and vowed revenge.

The Israeli Air Force has stepped up its bombing of tunnels in Gaza and is reacting with airstrikes every time a rocket is launched out of Gaza towards Israel.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, two Palestinian factions claimed responsibility for planting two barrels of explosives that washed up in an Israeli port, marking a new tactic and an escalation of the conflict.

This week the top news out of Iran concerns the deployment of U.S. anti-missile systems off Iran’s coast in the gulf, leading to rising tensions with Tehran.

Some experts say heavyweight Saudi Arabia has been engaged in a proxy war with Iran in Yemen over Iran’s alleged support of the rebels there.

Israel could in theory find itself in a war on multiple fronts. Earlier this week in a bold statement, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said war with Syria was inevitable, and added that Iran is still a central danger to Israel’s security and all options are still on the table in how Israel deals with Iran.

Just last week, the London based pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported that Syria has called up its reserve military forces in anticipation of a full-scale war with Israel.

In Lebanon, the Secretary General of Hezbollah– the Lebanese Shi’a Islamist political and paramilitary group — Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, said his forces will “change the face of the Middle East region” if there is another war with Israel. The last time Israel and Hezbollah clashed was in the summer of 2006 and that war lasted for 34 days.

– Mohammad Al-Kassim




Zionists are used to killing unarmed civilians…I wonder how they would do in an actual war… vs a armed country.


A Filipino claiming to be a marian visionary is allegedly warning that the current Israel – Iran crisis will erupt into a fullfledged war sometime before May 2010 – between March and April. Duke Puntalangit claims that the current situation in the Middle East, together with other global state of affairs already affirm ancient prophecies as well as those that were revealed to him almost two decades ago. According to the visionary, he has been observing current events for years and the present world wide scenario is approaching the fulfillment of ancient prophecies as well as those related to the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. Incidentally, Pope Benedict XVI is going to Fatima, Portugal this May this year. According to the Vatican, the Pope will visit Fatima on May 12 to 14 2010. Puntalangit thinks the Pope perhaps knows something very important that will occur this year that he must pray in Fatima, Portugal.

Puntalanit warns that the coming war between Israel and Iran will be the final blow to the current state of affairs between the superpowers US and Russia. “That will not yet be the Third World War but that will finalize everything and make the third global war inevitatable. Expect the worst to come this year as the US economy will continue to go down. But do not panic for this is not the end of the world yet. Be glad that God has placed you in this time for you will have sufficient chances to convert. The events should be sufficient enough for a wise man to realize that there is a God. Leave a normal life and attend to your obligations and most importantly, recite the Most Holy Rosary and do the consecration to the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary. A true Christian will not lose his bearing in the last times, rather he or she should shine for others. Let us all pray and bear fruit for Our Lord and His Mother. Do not quit your jobs or go to the mountains, that is not the actuation of a faithful Catholic. It is up to God who should live or die. Rather, our concerns should be prayer and amending our lives. That way, we console Christ and His Mother, for the chastisement will come because of our offenses before the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary”, the visionary stressed.

Puntalangit’s prophecies have caused quite a stir these days, sending jitters among faithful Catholics especially those devoted to Mary. The Philippines is largely a Marian country and it is expected that his prophecies will propagate throughout the populace to a great extent. The Catholic Church has not given an official statement regarding Mr. Puntalangit’s claims, however, according to sources, the visioary has already reported to his local bishop and in line with the latter’s advice, Puntalangit is only promoting those parts of his prophecies which were not prohibite by his bishop.


People don’t realize that israel supports the usa. Its the only true ally the usa has. If it wasn’t for israel the usa wouldn’t have the technology for anti missle systems that the usa needs or all the software that the usa uses to advance itself. Its a mutual relationship. Iran syria and lebanon are threats not only to israel but the usa also.


If you were surrounded by hostile neighbors as Israel is, you also would be very very concerned. Israel is the one being attacked by missiles and sappers on a regular basis and looks like the bad guy when they hit back by the world news. The world is blind as to what is really happening. If my neighbor kept throwing stones at my house I would retaliate also. Israel is the only democratic society in that region and would and at times has been a good ally of the U.S. It would be a huge mistake for the U.S. to back away from Israel and even a worse mistake to allow radical Islam to obtain a nuclear device. Israel would have to hit back as radical Islam would indeed like a war because if they die in Jihad they assume that they will go to heaven. Good luck with that one.


this time war in middle east will ruin US economically. US may take 1 more step to help Israel by using the tax of its citizens but this time will face a hard fall,, coz its arab allies will also change after this wars,, as this fools will see the death near to them


Israel should Erase Iran then “DENY” it happened!


Is the STORM [=]WAR..just over the horizon ? Is PEACE so unattainable ? To place [all] the blame
on Israel’s back is unfair ,Israel most rightly had the just provcation in their action to retaliate in past fighting & combatting terror group in the region who call for their annihilation & incite anger &[HATE] THEY HATE THE WEST AS WILL ! ..THESE TERROR GROUP ARE UNABLE TO LOOK AT THEIR OWN SELF IN THE MIRROR
…as to cast a blame of their short coming &failed policys toward their own people plight,
money spent on atrocitys to propagate more followers into violent action on innocent people.
For the SAKE OF ARGUMENT I..wish their truly could to a Bridge to Gap ALL the hostility’s of the innner man & his-policy that BOX [him] IN !


When the war starts …… Hurry, hurry, … Take the ‘A’ train, it’s the quickest way to get to Harlem. Hurry, hurry … – Duke Ellington


Israel wants to the “eternal victim” of the entire world, permanently. I too am sick to death of it all. And being part Jewish, on my father’s side, their behavior ashames me all the more. I cannot understand why a people would “want” and “welcome” war and devastation and killing. I think they just want to be in the lime light all the time and when they are not on the front page of all newspapers and being felt sorry for, they bomb and then get there. It’s the perpetual victim syndrome. Many individuals choose to continuously be a victim, and here is a nation that is choosing continuously to be a victim, by being the antagonist and the one waging war against others.

The US HAS to stop backing Israel. We all have to write to our congressional leaders and tell them that we have enough wars going on that we workers are paying for, we will not pay another red cent for another war either with money or bloodshed. It looks like it is up to “we the people” once again to make them stop.


the muslim’s in the middle east need to stop falling for the bickering amongst themselves. they need desperately to focus on their true enemy, israel. israel is a divisive force among them and stands to gain the most. the sooner iran has nuclear weapons the sooner they’ll have autonomy. america is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the jewish, israeli agenda. might as well call america israel. am sick to death (no pun intended) w/ the israel agenda. their (israel’s)aggression will never cease.


Israel is looking for an excuse to start a war. And like fools the U.S. will finance it.


Diversions between many,gives daylight for the mischievous to do their bidding,…oh how the canopy of deception is masked by diversions.

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