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February 2, 2010
Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced its nominations for the 2010 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film:

  • Michael Haneke’s film “The White Ribbon,” which scooped the top prize at Cannes last year, would seem an early favorite. The German film focuses on the adolescence of young children in a village in Northern Germany on the outbreak of the First World War.

  • The Peruvian film “The Milk of Sorrow” explores abuses inflicted on Peruvian women during the ascendancy of the Maoist Shining Path guerrilla movement. The title refers to the belief that the trauma inflicted upon mothers was passed onto their children through their milk, creating a legacy of psychological damage.

  • The Argentine dramatic thriller “The Secret in their Eyes” follows a federal justice agent as he becomes entangled in an investigation into the murder of a young woman in 1970s Buenos Aires.

  • The French film “A Prophet” follows a young French Muslim man who is sentenced to six years imprisonment in a jail dominated by the Corsican mafia. The new inmate has to quickly toughen himself up to survive in this dangerous world.

  • The Israeli film “Ajami” is about life in a mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood in the Mediterranean city of Jaffa. The film was co-directed by an Israeli Arab and an Israeli Jew and weaves together multiple perspectives.


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I saw the movies nominated by the Academy for the Best Foreign Movie Award and
I was quiet impressed by The Milk of Sorrow. This movie portraits very intelligently
The violence against women issue which is so current world wide. It firstly focuses
on the effect on the victims as human beings and later in the impact they have in their
children which are collateral victims of the violence. The movie shows violence against
women as consequence of terrorism but it is obvious that in any war situation this problem would arise. The psychological aspect of it, makes the movie really interesting, the victims are marked for life out those horrible experiences. However, it takes strong women to get over those terrible times, start again and give themselves a chance in life. In the end you see Fausta a child of rape getting rid off all her fears and looking ahead with hope without feelings of hate or bitterness. It is a history that could be taking place in the middle east, south america, asia or africa these days. That makes it a very current topic!

On the other hand, the acting was really convincing. Magaly Solier was superb as a young women which is affected emotionally and psychologically by violence. Her caracter Fausta is also naive and defenseless Against the hypocrisy of society and injustice. She was able to reflect all that effortlessly. Fantastic performance!.

The movie has a number of excellent photographic shots which gives it a very professional touch, pretty unexpected for a low budget picture. Moreover, the scenography tells the history of the victims of terrorism which had to leave their homes in the country side to find a safe place near the capital to start again. That is the reality of many underdeveloped countries where people migrates to the capitals escaping from something such as: poverty, abandonment, unemployment, civil wars, etc. This problem is not often displayed in the big screen.

In my opinion, The Milk of Sorrow is the best foreign movie made last year followed by Ajami which is also a brave representation of another current world wide issue: The situation in Palestine. The daily life for those who live in that place (where death is part of the background), which becomes harder as tolerance issues arise. However, it can be difficult at times to understand how the history unfolds. Very realistic scenography though!

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