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February 2, 2010
Evaluating the treatment of homosexuals across Africa

Media attention has recently focused on the Ugandan government’s consideration of legislation that would make homosexual behavior punishable by the death penalty. There are 31 countries that criminalize homosexual acts on the African continent.

For a wider look at the issue of gay rights in Africa, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Michael Heflin, the director of the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Intersex Rights Initiative at the Open Society Institute.

Read our blogwatch: Gays in Africa face increasing homophobia.




Regarding the American Clergyman emigrating his business(?) to an already troubled nation:

Would it not be easier for a theif to take what he covets from you, if, HE is the one telling you to leave your doors open while you are gone?

Why kill the messenger? Why not? It would be a classic update of the tale where an innocent messanger is hated and killed for the news he is only meant to deliver.

Germans, queers, and blood… Oh-My… Dorothy; Look Toto! A talking scarecrow!

Why spend millions to make war, when a few strategically placed words are much cheaper to weild?


Play your enemy against another enemy. What is new?


I just need some rational response for the following reality regarding “gays”. These are some hard facts but not my opinion. I’m not against gays. In fact I think they need help:
Fact 1: How long universal would have survived if it was meant for “one gender”? At the most 100 yrs
Fact 2: Will Daljit feel comfoprtable with cross dressed “gay” in her toilet? Some women’s privacy has been violated already.
Fact 3: Should there be “Men’Women & Gay” toilets?
Fact 4. Marriage is a holy matrimony. What is Holy about “Gays? Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all other religions strictly opposed gays. God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, can you deny it? Religion and gay-ism don’t mix then why gay insist on marriage?
Fact 5. Today’s gaymarriage’s demand. Tomorrow how you’ll handle bro/sis marriage demand.
Fact 6. What kind of values, moral and ethics you expect from children raised in gay environment?
Fact 7. What about non-gay citizen’s rights?

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