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February 1, 2010
Vietnam sentences dissidents to long prison terms

Vietnam has made significant progress economically in recent years, but activists say its government has become increasingly intolerant of dissent.

Over the past few weeks, Vietnamese courts have convicted several dissidents of subversion, sentencing them to prison terms of up to 16 years. This latest government crackdown has many human rights groups worried there’s more to come.

For more insight on what’s happening, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Elaine Pearson, deputy director of the Asia Division at Human Rights Watch.

Pearson explains the significance of the convictions in light of the country’s political realities.

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I feel bad for these poor people but let me tell you something…WHEN AMERICA LEFT VIETNAM THE VIETNAMESE LOST THE WAR. Thank God obama wasnt president when he voted against the surge in Iraq.


When you talk about a Constitution in Vietnan it is not the same as talking about one like Canada or the United States.The one that they have is not as good as the paper that it is written on.
Like Cuba and Russia. Great words that mean nothing. Everone wants to go to Cuba because it is cheap and pretty. But like Elaine Pearson says with Vietnam. They do not see the real country.


When VietNam treats its people poorly — it makes the products they are producing very unattractive to me.

When nations allow free speech, they prosper.

Let the dissidents go.

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