January 29, 2010
Haiti’s public health situation becomes even more dire

In Haiti, doctors and aid workers say they are running dangerously low on medical supplies, including antibiotics.

One of the big fears is that disease will spread, and there are already reports of a growing number of cases of diarrhea.

Today, 17 days after the quake struck, we return to Haiti, where Jonah Hull of Al Jazeera English found a deepening medical emergency.




If the next door neighbor takes trhem in they wont be able to deport them, the international community would say it’s a human rights violation. Sadly only hatians care really help haitians but as history shows they suck at that.


Obama is is disgusting disgrace for a president. Any real president would tell these ungrateful savages to either release the Idaho Baptist church volunteers immediatly or we all go home at once and let you drown in your own diahrea. But then again this is the same “president” who after capturing a terrorist in the middle of setting off to a bomb while sitting over the main fuel tank and next to a woman holding a baby on Christmas day calls him an aleged suspect and a criminal and not a terrorist or an enemy combatant
which is what happens when you listen to Reverend Wright for 20 years. Any real American would have got up and left after 20 seconds or after the first “God Damn America!”

We’re in trouble people.


So. I hate to tell the people in Haiti, but their country got hit with a earthquake that destory all forms of travel. Should remind them even before the earthquark it roads were in very bad shape. It is not the worlds problem that for the last couple of decades that the Haitian governments took those billions of dollars and put them into Swiss bank accounts instead of infarstructure. Why should the world strip its medicial supplies from their country? The health of the people of Haiti has not been the best in the first place they should thank that Haiti is getting relief that it is getting now. At least the major powers are doing all that it can with Haiti water ports being closed from the quark and its one airport being overwhelm with air traffic.
Even the President of Haiti did say that getting the 100,00 tents that is needed does not exist. The problem is that Haiti is not the only place tents are needed, nor food, nor medical supplies. Maybe countries like Cuban could take in some of these people who need help and treat them? Haiti next door neighbor could take them into their country could they not. One would ask the Presidents hearts and lands to these Haitians since when this crises is done they can deport the Haitians back to Haiti.

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