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January 27, 2010
World powers ponder Yemen’s problems

Shortly after the attempted bombing of a U.S. jetliner on Christmas day, the British government called for an international meeting about Yemen, where the suspected bomber is thought to have received his training.

That conference was held today in London, with officials from Yemen and about 20 other countries. There seemed to be broad agreement that Yemen needs help fighting the root causes of terrorism — economic, social and political.

For more on the challenges that Yemen faces in dealing with al-Qaeda, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Bernard Haykel, a professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University.

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Yemen. Now Yemen? I also read in the news that a major terrorist problem is now in Malaysia. There is a connection with the Christmas underwear bomber and Yemen and Malaysia.
The American media doesnt seem to be covering this story for some reason. I am surprised that this story is not covered more. Terrorist jihadists and Islamist thugs have disgraced their religion and their God. This Muslim God of theirs must be embarrassed of what a few crazed jihadists are doing in the Muslim God’s name. What an evil and sick system of beliefs these misinformed followers have. I could never believe in a God whose followers believe that their God demands murder and terror of innocents. Shame on them and shame on their distorted view of Islam, which is supposed to be a religion of peace and tolerance and beauty!


Patty, I don’t think that we can make so broad a statement as, “muslin nations do not want democracy.” By doing so, we are merely doing what the Americans are doing.
Furthermore, closing borders and ‘leaving people to themselves’ is not a viable solution.

Zaki, I’ve read your post through different POVs and do not get it. I see that you are passionate about the issue, but let us bring sound ideas to the table.

Peter, thanks for your post. I guess it’s because war is in itself a big business. Peace is harmful to economies.

Basically, in my opinion, the adage is the same: “Children cannot take care of themselves.” This was one of the rationales behind colonialism. And, as we can see, colonialism never ended. It merely changed names. It changed form. It became science a long time ago. And science can be used either way – Oppenheimer said it best…


Why is the US always having to fix and rebuild countries? It’s like Bernard said, these countries “use” the American and Foreign aid to get freebies instead of being adults and dealing with their own problems themselves. When did the US and the UN become the World Bank? Why are the oldest countries on the plant, all of a sudden, not able to rule themselves and take care of their own terriorists themselves? Have they all of a sudden become dumb? and stupid? and lame? What’s up with this? I see a distinct pattern in each of these countries of taking our dollars and the UN and other nations’ foreign aid and continue to let the country deteriorate into extreme lawlessness, all so they can get dollars.

I say stop all the aid, close all free borders to these people and let them to themselves. They’ll soon fix their problems because they’ll only be among themselves. If they want to kill each other and themselves, let them. I’m so sick and tired of our young men going to these backward nations to “defend democracy” when the very nations are allowing and condoning and giving permission to the terriorists to stay, thereby promoting the terriorists to continue killing and bombing free nations carring out their terriorist behaviors “from” those countries. Those countries that we are giving aid and our young people to.

Will someone please tell me why? And it’s not about democracy. muslin nations do not want democracy. Get real.

When are we going to learn that killing our young men for these people, who are only “using us” and then kill us, is not what democracy is all about??? Those countries do not give a hoot for the US and Europe and democracy. They continue to


Yemen is joining the Muslims Country Wagon. Let us take advantage of Uncle Sam and take some of HIS MONEY. Muslim Countries are having an AGENDA. WE Are Going To Spread Islam ( . )= PERIOD. They look at us as INFIDELS. Wake UP America. Until When YOU do not get IT ??? !!!


Thank you for this informative report on the situation in Yemen. I do not believe that U.S. forces should be involved in Yemen. The present Yemeni resistance is not the group that attacked the U.S. on 09-11-01. Why cannot the U.S., instead of intervening militarily, try to work with all factions (admittedly not an easy task) in providing economic aid, that sorely needed by this poverty stricken nation?


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