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January 27, 2010
U.S. military continues secret operations with Yemeni troops

Religious leaders in Yemen are decrying foreign interference, even as the U.S. becomes more involved than ever in secret military missions there.

The Washington Post reports today that U.S. military teams and intelligence agencies have been deeply involved in joint operations with Yemeni troops for the last six weeks.

Thus far, the combined effort has killed six of the top 15 leaders of the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen.

Mohamed Vall of Al Jazeera English reports from a conference of Yemeni tribal leaders in Sana’a.

Should the U.S. military help Yemen deal with al-Qaeda, while still fighting against insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq?

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The best way to get attention is to claim to Al-Qaeda. Since we cant figure out which ones are the threat we will just have to kill them all. Let Yemen, Somalia, and who ever else want to become and Islamic terrorist State–let them rise against US. Then we can just Nuke them all at the same time. That the others will stand up and take notice. After all that is the solution America always uses to settle conflicts. When will we learn that killing doesn’t work ?
Only after we have made another million people into terrorists- thats when.


Some people never learn history; money will not buy peace from Islamists or any extremist. How much money would you need to blow yourself up!
Our government must decide to fight them openly or
clandestinely but not talk about deals that they
will break (North Korea, Iran) There will be no
peace with intractable ideologies.


Yes but only from a covert capacity. Whats up with Russia, China and Europe assisting with cleaning up that mess in Yeman. Why does it always have to be the US spilling the blood. Those extremist are getting the US tied down throughout the world – if we keep going to counter terrorist without help from those mentioned we’ll have to double our armed forces. But yes, we should engage the islamic terrorist whereever they appear – come on Western nations and Russia & China – step up and meet your responsibility. Jim @ USA


Edward, Obama’s doing the same thing (
‘Help’ is a strange term.
I like Jay’s suggestion.


WE MUST STAND FIRM. Religious leaders must under stand that where-ever al-QAEDA is we will surely
seek them out !


As to my look at it, I read a Sunni Muslim prophecy over twenty years ago, and in October of 2000, I remember hearing that the U.S.S. Cole had been attacked in Aden, Yemen, and I immediately thought of the prophecy from the masik al-masibih…

Hudhayfah, the companion of the Prophet, said that “Allah’s Messenger came to us all of a sudden as we were (busy in a discussion) He asked: What are you discussing? (The Companions) replied: We are discussing (the subject of) the Last Hour. Thereupon he said: It will not come until you see ten signs, and (in this connection) he made a mention of the Smoke, Dajjal, the Beast, the Rising of the Sun from the West, the Descent of Jesus son of Mary, Gog and Magog, Earthquakes in three places, one in the East, one in the West and one in Arabia at the end of which Fire would burn forth from Yemen, as far south as Aden, and would drive people to the place of their assembly (i.e., the place where mankind will be assembled for judgment).” Sahih Muslim

And this is my view. As this is a well known description of the signs for the “close of the age” in Sunni Islam it might be that this is being used by the Mullah’s and other clerics, etc. to incite the people as a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. The U.S. goes into Yemen, maybe that’s what these certain factions want.


What happened to all of Yemen’s oil wealth? Where did that money go?


The US should be very discreet about their intervention in Yemen and in any case should not give any money to that corrupted government who has cooperated with Al Qaida in the past.


If the goal of helping Yemen deal with al-Qaeda is to kill or capture the top 15 or 20 al-Qaeda leaders that are there, then once we find out where any of those leaders are located, why don’t we or the Yemeni military simply surround the house or spot where they are located and capture or arrest them that way (with armored vehicles perhaps) and avoid the largest counterproductive aspect of our operations as its been so far, namely the large amount of civilians killed when we bomb entire homes or villages from the air?


I think the U S is already working out of the back
of a truck in terms of our own economy.We need to
get it in our heads that we aren’t and can’t be
world police anymore.


If we take the response of the leaders of Yemen as a final word, the whole situation would become a real mess fast. It would be like an older brother trying to show his younger, baby brother how to drive a car on the freeway….he isn’t ready in any way.

The best thing is to show the rulers of Yemen that we are friends by educating them through kindness and example…Things will slowly change for the better… I don’t see how we can educate an 9th century way of thinking with 21st century methods and expect an immediate acceptance by them… It’ll take a lot of patience and time…

Meanwhile keep the special forces doing what they do best, and chase the terrorists through the desert.



Note that the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq are not finished. And the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a mess. Looks like all the conflicts in the Middle East is turning into a witch’s brew whereupon the U.S. is trap and cannot seem to get out.


The track isn’t heart warming even for countries with natural resources. The desire to look the other way for a few arms deals and consumer exports is so great that the “silent majority” in both countries will be the losers. But, if there are easy targets (???) let us do it the Israeli way.


US direct military involvement will only enhance Al Qaeda and be counter productive to the U.S. long range objectives. Indirect assistance, both at the economic and intelligence levels will help. However, the key to ultimate success, is the positive influence and involvement of the major countries in the area, i.e., Saudi Arabia, Egypt, U.A.E., Kuwait.


No, Our military is to big. Stop wanting to police the world.


Yemen is another corrupt cause. What next, Somalia?


Al-Qaeda is like a glob of mustard spilled on your favorite shirt. The more you wipe at it and try to fix it, the more the stain spreads.


I believe the US should support the Yemenis with economic aid. Like Afghanistan, the Yemenis are poor and in need of financial support in order to fix their economy. Any military involvement from the West will undermine the reconcillation process between the South and the government. Thus,the Obama administration should reconsider the consequences of regional instability particularly of the Gulf of Aden before any military intervention in Yemen.


Of course the US has to help the Yemeni government if in fact Al-Queada is building up its training and death distribution network in that country. The notion that we will then have to help every country where islamic extremists exitst is a non sequitur. It is a matter of degrees and the ability of the local government institutions to combat the threat. One can not compare the security apparatus in Indonesia and the Philippines to Yemen. The notion that these countries are just looking for handouts is due to eight years of the Bush Administration handing out money and not asking for any accountability in return (for example Afghanistan).


No the United States should not involve itself in Yemen’s affairs.


If the US starts messing around in Yemen, they will have to also have to send help to Somalia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and everywhere else that Al Qaeda has outposts. Yemen is just looking for a handout.


put guns down help and be freinds

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