January 26, 2010
U.N. aid worker recounts rescue after 5 days under rubble

Jens Kristensen, a senior humanitarian officer with the UN’s peacekeeping force in Haiti, survived for five days under the rubble of the UN headquarters. He was rescued on January 17th.

When the quake struck, Kristensen was in his 3rd floor office preparing for a meeting. He considered trying to run out of the building but instead jumped under a desk. A bookcase fell against a filing cabinet in such a way that he had enough space in the rubble to stretch his arms and legs.

Kristensen, a citizen of Denmark, was without food or water for five days. Since he was largely unharmed, Kristensen chose to stay in Haiti to help with the rescue mission. Mohammad al-Kassim of Worldfocus spoke with him from Port-au-Prince.

Photos are courtesy of the United Nations on Flickr and United Nations television.

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