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January 26, 2010
Obama and the World: The Global Economy

China’s stunning economic growth is estimated at 10 percent this year. One of the dangers of that pace of growth is inflation. In order to keep inflation under control, the Chinese government has asked several large banks to reign in credit and to temporarily stop making loans, which have largely driven growth in China.

Marcus Mabry, international business editor of The New York Times, and John Authers, the investment editor for the Financial Times, join Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the impact of U.S. economic policies overseas, the risk of inflation in China, the fate of Japan’s economy and recovery efforts across Europe.

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100 million to Haiti, I wonder who America will get it from and what will it pay in interest?


Obama cutting discretionary spending!!
Sounds so good. But would never happen. You know he might just realize that he could be a one term President when you start saying things like that.



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