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January 26, 2010
French panel recommends partial ban on full face veil

A woman wearing the niqab. Photo: Flickr user Ranoush

A French parliamentary panel recommended today that France impose a ban on wearing the full face veil in public — which includes buses, subways and hospitals.

Under the proposal, women would have to show their faces when entering a facility and then remain uncovered.

A member of the panel said he anticipated that the ban would take effect by the end of the year — but would not apply to wearing the veil on the street or in private.

France has approximately 2.5 million Muslim women, but a tiny fraction wear the niqab.

As Western European countries try to assimilate their Muslim populations, is banning the veil in public the right thing to do?

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Only a tiny fraction of Muslim women want to wear the niqab….but what a great way to make sure that lot’s of people will want to wear it! Nothing like making martyrs to spread a cause.

I always enjoy reading the commentary of ignorant savages who have never left their own country, never talked with people from other countries/cultures, never bothered to crack a book on the subject, and are completely ignorant of history….and yet are seemingly savants who have “expert” opinions on what those cultures are all about. The amount of prescience possessed by Western people is astounding and should be studied. Who knew we were so magical?

Just a hundred or so years ago, the West was invading and colonizing Muslim countries and forcing the people there to “westernize” in their own home….but you are offended that they want to wear their clothes over here? Before Egypt was colonized they had female doctors, Haqimas. When the British found that, they BANNED them from practising. Why? Because “civilized nations don’t have female doctors, they have nurses”. In other words, Muslim countries were barbaric because their women were not subservient enough and had too high a position and too much power. They needed westernizing to cure them of that flaw. Now suddenly we have decided their women are oppressed and we need to cure them of THAT.

Why don’t we spent a little time worrying about the number of our own free and unoppressed young women who are sticking their fingers down their throats or starving themselves, feeling obliged to give head to all the boys at parties, getting gang raped on video at parties, cutting themselves, and become prostitutes because “I might as well get paid to do it since I get treated like one anyway”…..and why don’t we let the Muslims figure out their own issues and stop interfering with their cultures when our own is totally our of control.


As long as they do no harm to others: People should have the right to wear or not to wear, to speak or not to speak, and to associate or not associate without the fear of oppression by any Government. France has to find another way to live in peace with those who are different, and so does America in the long run.


ALL attire that covers the FACE should be banned in public because otherwise anyone victimized by the crimes or accidents of those wearing face-obscuring attire have no ability whatsoever to positively identify those who committed the crime or accident. It is a MASSIVE infringement on the security rights of anyone who is victimized by those wearing wear face-obscuring attire. It also can and has prevented those those seeking abducted minors and trafficked individuals from finding such victims. Those claiming that this is like banning nuns’ veils, headscarfs and other HEAD-coverings are completely WRONG. FACE does NOT equal HEAD. It is perfectly possible to identify someone who commits a crime, or is a victim of a crime if their HEAD is covered but their FACE is not, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to make an identification with the FACE obscured, unless one can obtain DNA, which is very rare. This is not discrimination against Muslims since EVERYONE regardless of religion would be prohibited from hiding the face in public and for the same reason:public security. In fact, some of the crimes (bank robberies, child abduction, shoplifting) that have already been committed were done not by Muslims but by people taking advantage of others’ perceiving them to be Muslim women, and not wanting to violate their supposed right to hide their faces in public, thereby leading to crimes that cannot be solved because the perpetrators or victims cannot be identified.


Why are people immigrating to a free country and then not wanting to fit in? Why does a muslim woman want to live in France or any other free country? If she wants to wear her veil, she can go back to her islamic country and be very happy with all of their archiac laws, spousal abuse, archiac religion and veils. Western countries are just that Western. We’re not islamic nor muslim. If they want muslim, go back to islamic countries. And leave the Western countries alone.


Let’s all of us women cover our faces until the government realizes it doesn’t have the right to legislate what we wear. In solidarity to those who wish to cover their faces.


France should do better than copy the restrictive practices of countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Zimbabwe and North Korea. It is the right of a woman to wear veil. There is no evidence that women are being to wear the veils. I am no lover of women wearing veils. I would prefer that women wear bikinis and no bras. It should not be France’s business to tell women or anyone else how to dress.


Response to #92: Should one always be suspicious of someone hiding their face with a pair of dark sunglasses and a scarf or a hat? Should one always be suspicious of movie stars who try to hide their identity when they go out in public? Veils used to be a common part of dress many centuries ago, much like earrings are today, and their purpose was well understood to have nothing whatsoever to do with “robbing a bank” of all things. The analogy that some people carelessly use of a “face mask” does not hold because of the implied PURPOSE of wearing such a mask as compared to wearing a scarf or veil (which is completely different). Your logic is nonsense.


One should always be suspicious of someone hiding their face with a bandana, ski mask, pantyhose or veil. Especially in a bank.


I agree with banning the full-face veil in public. It serves the nation and the women as well. A man would be far less likely to strike his wife in the face were the resulting injury to be plain for all to see.
A person wearing a full-face veil can’t be identified. Photos are required on passports, to enter many buildings, to conduct business at various agencies.
A full-face veo; serves to isolate its wearer from the rest of society.


How can they french government dictate what a person can whear an what they cannot? it is there national right to choose to cover themself up or not too.


What does the nikab (face cover) have to do with security? Is the woman going to be carrying the bomb on her face? Think about the logic of this stupid move by the French. The next step would be to ban the head scarf altogether because she might have a bomb under it. Then the long, loose clothing of the Muslim woman would be banned, because it might hide something dangerous. We’d all be force to wear the body-revealing, tight-fitting clothes of the loose, so-called “free” Western woman (who’s not willing to give the Muslim woman her freedom) so you could be sure there was not a bomb hidden in our underwear! It seems the French/Western mind is as bankrupt as their economical system and their moral values.




I don’t think it should be such a big issues, however, look at Islamic countries, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others. They require women including foreigners (ladies of the press corps) to wear head gear etc., so why the double standard by people and countries. JW @ USA


BAN THEM ALL. When it comes to the killer religions, I am extremely anti-religious. I call Christianity and Islam killer religions because of their unbroken histories of slaughter and slavery in the name of their gods (NOTE: God and Allah are not the same gods – these gods have been fighting each other down through history using human beings as cannon fodder). Anything in public that reminds me of these killer religions, IS OFFENSIVE to me. I believe there should be a ban on all religious symbolism in public. It is public proselytizing and should be outlawed everywhere. The cross and the crucifix are symbols of death by torture. The veil reminds me of the stoning and enslavement of women that continues in too many countries in the world today.

STOP KILLER RELIGIONS: Tell everyone everywhere everyday:

If the god you worship TELLS YOU TO KILL anyone for any reason, you are worshipping a god OF EVIL not a god OF GOOD.


I cannot believe the land of ‘liberty, fraternity, and equality’ is legislating what people should and sould not wear. The veil is the equivalent of the wimple worn by Catholic nuns. The veil is a religious and/or cultural dress. I think France is overeacting. The effort should be directed at tracking down real terrorists.


No veil! As a secular society, France has the right to ban it and the rest of the western world should follow suit. Also, its appropiate for security reasons, specially nowadays with terrorism. I agree with Kanta Bhagat, Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated by two girls who were hiding the bomb in their sari. If you dont like it, then go back to your Muslim country where, btw, women are worth two cents. This veil issue has to do with religion as well. Religion is the opium of the masses. No doubt.


It’s not the veils, it not even the Koran.
..but what it is , is those Seeds of Hate…
that where planted by [SOME] Who have a RADICAL AGANDA.. in the madressas & mosques ..studing on
the radical verion of Islam…these groups aim
is to gaim followers = [terrorist] in their jihad
against the WEST . Unable or unwilling to be tolerate to others in opinions, beliefs , faiths
women’s rights, & the West !
… I see it WE in America our in.. DOUBLE TROUBLE…..the terrorist who are hell-bent on
uptick of terror , then we got the OBAMA [W.H.]
WHO half of them point fingers or are they so cluessless shameful, grade school gov’t !
IN ..50 mins. !!!!


I think the full face cover is over the top,but the head scarf is rather attractive and should e allowed………….


Correct move. Voting can be an issue.


There is nothing wrong with wearing a Burka …

“If” and the word being here is “IF” … if it’s worn in and around your home, your mosque, your social group – but not in public.

Let’s all remember why it’s worn to begin with, “to hide the woman” …. in todays world they can hide anything, like bombs, illegal currency, dangerous drugs, children are wrapped and kidnapped everyday.

I applaud the French for doing this, just like every country needs to do it … for those in the middle east, have at it .. but when you travel somewhere else, “as they say” – do as the Romans do.

Why should the world live in fear because of a small minority of men that push this on their women and then wave the flag of religion … but when those very same men come to this country, they chase every woman in shorts and halter tops — please, you are such frauds.


What the Heck ( WTH ) BAN IT…BAN…IT BAN IT!!!!! Saying something in the Islamic world works better when you say it three times.


I believe this situation is in response to the QUESTION: Will the immigrant of a different culture adapt to the new habits and culture of their new home which in this case is the French culture. If the immigrant wants to live in a country of a different culture then it is their responsibility to adapt to that culture. We are all aware of the strict “Muslim” laws required by all in Saudi Arabia no matter if you are a guest, immigrant, or citizen.


Once, while walking in the streets of Jerusalem near the West Wall in the old “Armenian Quarter” of the old city a religious Israeli Jewish woman spit on my girlfriend for having her shoulders uncovered–no spaghetti straps. I immediately threw a can of soda into her face. In Damascus this would have not happened, even next to the Ulla mad mosque. But the wearing of the burka or nigab in Europe is a public security issue and not a “in your face” denial of religious private rights


We have seen numerous news reports on TV about the increase in Islamic women who are willing to strap bombs to themselves, just like their male counterparts. Likewise, not long ago, I saw an interview with Islamic women who stated they were going to begin wearing nijabs to openly display their solidarity in support of Sharia law (which is the violent Islamic sect)! By their very own statements, they have made it clear that this IS certainly a SERIOUS issue of SECURITY!

Causing fear among the World’s populations has been the goal of all the Islamic terrorists, so every Nation in our World has the right to create their own laws in order to protect their citizens!

When Islamic immigrants wear clothing items they know will cause fear among the populace, then the Nation they are living in has every right to pass laws to protect their own citizens!

Since the entire French populace and visitors of other Countries are required, under French law, to show their faces for security purposes, these women (or men) hiding under nigabs must also be required to do likewise! If they refuse, France or any other Nation has the right to deport these women back to their own homeland because they are making it clear they don’t have any intention of ever assimiliating into France’s population!

France currently has the largest population of Muslim immigrants, but France allowed them into their Nation as an act of compassion: they did not allow them to immigrate so they could turn around and overtake France, despite the fact the women are making clear by their acts of defiance–by suddenly insisting on wearing long gowns and nigabs–that is indeed is their religious and political goal! What they are doing is adding to the suspicion male Islamic terrorists could be hiding underneath these garments!

Also, dressing this way in a foreign land–where they stand out–makes it easier for them to pass along weapons back and forth and it alsom makes it easy fo them to hide weapons underneath these long gowns and veils.

Muslims have been involved in violence in France and the nigabs and long gowns are a reminder of what they might be planning!

France is a Christian Nation, not a Muslim Nation and the Muslims should respect that fact. France sets a very dangerous precidence–appeasement out of fear–when they show preferential treatment to Muslim women who make it clear that Sharia law is their political agenda for France! It will result in very dire consequences!


Ignorance is the root of all evil.
Should nuns be disallowed as well in France to wear their cover ups. I am a man who has been well exposed to over ten cultures and enjoy the diversity that each brings. The so called persecution of the veil wearing women who do it for the same reason as nuns do is quite honestly boring.The crassness of society has increased and this is a mere example of ignorance galore. The muslims need to bring back the glory days(of the 1200’s) where Jews and Christians did not want to be under any other rule when the true spirit of I slam was practised.Moderation and tolerance this is the prophet’s message. Compassion and mercy were his virtues.As a muslim boy I went to school in a convent in Kuwait where when it came time for the religion class, Muslims went to Islamic studies and christians went to Bible study.That my dear friends is civilized.There is a huge difference between a good muslim and being a muslim similarly with being a christian and a good christian. When this is understood and accepted it can lead to better discussions. But for now you will have decisions and opinions out of ignorance that are the ills of modern society. Yes to nakedness and raunchiness and no to covering up your adornments men and women alike.Alcohol and drug based consumers have opinions but are leading societies astray and people who have blogged are examples .Powerful doctrines(Judaism,Christianity and Islam) were unleashed on people to drive humans out of their dark ages and excesses. Why then is a so called civilized society after decent innocent women following their religion and not their cultures being persecuted,,,Because bad seems to have overwhelming support and that is why after the last messenger of Allah was sent is there mention of the resending of Prophet Issa (Jesus) again. Will it be in my lifetime Allah knows best, but foolishness and ignorance certainly seem to be outpacing for now….


I think the veil may be suitable in the desert to
protect the skin but not in public places. Not only is it a matter of security to see a face, but
the veil makes me feel that bacteria from the nasal passage is being multiplied in that cloth.


Ban the vail after all it’s a mask and are illigal
on adults except on Halloween and then only on children, here in the good old USofA.


I am muslim and I think the naqab should be banned in France and the rest of the world. It is not required in Islam and it should be absolutely banned.


The French have got this one exactly right. This is a security and women’s rights issue. It is terribly offensive to me as a woman that these people immigrate to Western countries, but won’t assimilate and respect Western values.


Wayne, if you want to read a violent book, read passages of the Bible. The biggest amount of violence in the world is, has been, and always will be perpetrated by non-Muslims.


Why pick on Muslim women. Ever notice the wild medieval costumes worn by “religious” Judaics?

At least Muslims have respect for Jesus and Mary. The Judaics hate them. Read the Talmud; it’s evil and so is the Hebrew Bible. Read them instead of reverencing them. Be careful of the expurgated versions. And review Hollywood movies; they ridicule Christian beliefs. Who owns the movies and most of the other media?




In most cases wearing the burka, full face veil or the niqab is meant to be as a statement of defiance by the wearer. It is ‘in your face’ sort of. Such people forget that, initially, they entered France or for that matter, any Western European country, as refugees. Thus, the host countries do not deserve such rebelliousness on their own land. It is uncalled for and the least the hosts deserve is efforts by the guests for assimilation or a modicum of respect of the former’s culture and or mores. By the way, is it not true that this style of dressing has nothing to do with the Islamic religion per se? Again is it not enough to see how the Westerners dress when they happen to be in the Islamic countries? Then how is it possible that these fanatics do not learn from them about respect of the other’s cultures?
Well done France. The impotent EU should follow suit and ban such garb in the whole of Europe (except may be the Islamic countries such as Turkey) before the European people, who are already fed up by all the transgressions committed on their cultures, rise up and take unnecessary witch-hunt to stop it forever.


As a woman I thank the French for taking a stand for freedom, equality and “brotherhood” (a generic term) including all men AND WOMEN of all races, religions, cultures, identifying us all to be children of God. And by having the courage to restrict wearing what has become a symbol advocating the repression of women in places where it becomes a treat to the freedom and safety of others.


As a christian born into a predominantly muslim family, and an anthropolgy student I believe that it is counterproductive to ban the veil..
Since 9-11 the nation of islam and arab nationals have been racially profiled and ostricised based on their religion. It is not the veil that is risking public safety. It is the individuals who take advantage of the provision of a veil and use it to carry out terror attacks. if france is going to ban the burka they may as well ban the cross, rosary, star of david, dreadlocks, & the yamaka; as they are ALL religious symbols.Let’s keep in mind that it is NOT our right to judge another cultures norms by the norms of our own. It is our job to avoid ethnocentrism and to accept other people’s customs for what they are.


No, Burka’s should not be banned. It will only create more issues among Muslims and Christian. Even though France is not a Christian nation, Muslims consider every western country a Christian country and retaliate in terroristic fashion.

If France is that concerned about burkas they should not allow Muslim to enter their country anymore. It just does not make sense to allow a group of people to enter your country and then restrict them from their religion. Stuff like that will is putting oil on fire. Muslims need excuses to attack developed western nations and this would one excuse they will use for terrorism.


I am amazed by how much paranoia the wearing of a small piece of cloth can cause.


ABSOLUTELY .. !!! Ban their wear.


No one seems to be discussing the purpose of the veil in protecting the woman against harassment(staring, spoken words and touching). Women are still exposed to much harassment in public. Isn’t banning another form of harassment. Europe and even the US is not that far from from times when people covered up much more, including for reasons of health. Making a decision based on fear is the wrong kind of decision. Lets be clever, not fearful.


I think Muslim countries should ban the speaking of French. Wow! When a little piece of cloth can cause this much furor, how weak are you?


The face veil SHOULD be banned EVERYWHERE, in Europe and in North America. This need not be a religious matter. Revealing one’s face helps all people to recognize women who are abused, kidnapped,like Elizabeth Smart, who would have been located much earlier if she wasn’t veiled.
Also, in Europe and the Americas women have made great strides in their fight for equality. The middle eastern CUSTOM of covering its women has less to do with religion and more to do with controling and owning women. We need to be strong and demand that immigrants, wherever they are from, obey OUR laws of equality. It won’t take long in France for the majority to change and Muslim law will become French law. Just look at the US and its native population. The minority grew to be the majority and the Indian became powerless.


What would be the reaction to white, black, and Hispanic men entering public places and businesses in ski-masks?

Enough of this bending over backwards to appease the Muslims. If they cannot show their faces in public, then they need to stay home.

If a white, black or Hispanic woman entered stores, wearing tents and coverings on the faces, security would go nuts.

Debra J.M. Smith
Informing Christians


With security concerns and womens rights addressed, it is definitely time to ban them. If they want to wear it, wear it at home. This is not a religious issue.




If a person is truly concerned about womens’ rights, I would think that they would say that a woman ought to be able to wear whatever she wants to wear, including a veil if she wants. This is the position that I take. The arguement that everyones’ face or identity must always be fully visible is of course a false one, since anyone walking down the street with dark sunglasses on and a hat for example cannot be readily recognized either. In fact, here in the U.S., how many times have we seen someone walking down the street with a hat, sunglasses and a scarf on because it’s a bit chilly outside? Should movie stars be banned from hiding their identity in public? At the least, I think the French government owes their people an explanation of SPECIFICALLY why that move would be justified or significant for security reasons, an explanation which I have not heard yet on any news program.


I agree with the French. Why shouldn’t women be free to show their faces? It also a matter of security – a man could be disguised as a woman under a burka!


The veil separates the wearer from society. It gives the impression that the person doesn’t really want to belong. When I see a veil, I ask myself, what are you doing here, if you don’t want to belong?


A bit Draconian. But you have to consider where the French government has been, top to near bottom. Their reactionaries are no different than mine or for that matter any country. The Niqab (conservative tribal attire for the ignorant) belongs to the 15/16th century(at best) has nothing to do with Islam or the Prophet, Peace be upon Him.
Sitting hear listing to Dhafer Youssef & Stephan Micus thinking to bad the world can’t get together like the Artists & make a beautiful life.
Hang every cleric of every religion


Yes, imposing a ban on wearing a full face veil in France and other Western European countries are proper.


This is smart move..cheers the Frenchs


The ban is proper for security reason and also :
“when in Rome do as Romans do “


Yes, definitely. It is the correct move. Balance.


France should be applauded for addressing this subject and hopefully the world quickly follows suit. A ban on the full face veil should be passed if only to advance women’s rights and freedoms. This is the 21st century which would leave any other type of response considered barbaric. No matter what the faith or beliefs are women’s rights trump them.


I agree with the ban of the burka, nowadays. It is a matter of security. This should’nt be hard for muslim because some Islamic countries force non-muslims even visitors to observe the Islamic dresss and social code.In addition, from my heavy traveling experience I think that many that many muslim women will experiece the freedom of being them. It is so “particular” to see how they have to do to eat in a restaurant o to see their husbands wearing bermudas, sun glasses and sandals like a fashion model and their children with Barbies and Micky Mouse, meanwhile they are all covered!!. I always smile at them and some of them take the courage to smile back to me.


Its absolutely proper to ban the veil. When people move to a different country they have an obligation to learn the language and respect the culture (in this case women’s rights) I wonder if the veil advocates feel that western women visiting Saudia Arabia should be able to have their heads completely uncovered and wear short skirts – I think we know the answer.


Religious freedom is a fundamental requirement of a democratic society. It’s as sacred as freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The veil is a symbol of religious piety not of dangerous radical politics. In this case the enemy is not the Islamists wearing the veils but rather a frightened reactionary and misguided political sanction contrary to a society renowned for freedom of personal expression. Alienation is what breeds radical discontent. Please do not go down this road your stronger than this.


Andy…what do burkas and veils have to so with homosexuals? Stay on topic…


Every person has a right to practice their religious believes, how come these so-called champions of human rights talk about other religions while they don’t know anything about their own religion. Gays and Lesbians are the products of Modern West.


If security can search my belongings they should be able to view all faces.


Given the predilection of the Islamic world to believe that killers of innocents represent ‘martyrdom’, any transparency in dress and behavior is welcome. I support public security to bizarre customs.


Absolutely France has the right to ban the wearing of the niqab in public places. Muslim woman say that they do not want the attentions of the male walking by. I would suggest that they would attract less attention if they discarded the niqab. From Mary in Beautifil British Columbia, Canada


If Islamic countries can force non-muslims to observe the Islamic dresss code while visiting or living there; It is only fair for the non-Muslim countries to enforce the dress code that fits their society’s standards.


Banning the veil is necessary. Terrorists could hide behind a burka. Drivers license must have full face. If women want to live in the Western world they should discard this degrading attire and live openly with the people.


In a society where women are considered very powerful and significant members the veil is foolishness and offensive. In Islamic societies where women are not powerful, significant nor productive people don’t seem to miss seeing their faces including themselves. They have bought into this being a godly act but of course they have been deceptively tricked to accept their own inferiority and inpotience. They should keep that mess in the privacy of their own homes and in their own societies. I won’t wear spaghetti straps in Cairo (which would offend them); they should not wear the offensive veil in the west.


In every instance where clothing (religious or otherwise) poses even the slightest security risk to the general public, measures must be taken to mitigate that risk. It is always unfortunate that the slim minority of radicals create a scenario where personal and religious rights become secondary to the greater good of security for the population as a whole. Every person in the world has had to suffer because of and adapt to the potential of a terrorist attack destroying their right to life, so it follows that religions will have to make adaptations to respect that greater good.


Hurray to France. I wish the United States would have the courage to implement the same law. Unfortunatley the United States does not assimilate foreingers to the customs and culture of our once great country. Just come to the United States and do what ever you want, and by the way we will make laws to encourage a society divided. The United States was founded on Christianity,not Islam. The question to ask is “Why are these people fleeing their Islamic countries”? Americans traveling to or moving to Islamic countries observe Islamic law.


I totally agree with #24 james.


Who in America covers everything but their eyes?
Robbers and thieves who don’t want to be identified! People shouldn’t walk the streets or mingle in public if they are unwilling to show their faces. The rest of us should see who else is around us.


muslims believe there are special or something but they are NOT. the ban is good and i believe we should send a message to them all that we will not tolerate their behavior…


Good for France, on this proposal to ban wearing of full face coverings in public! More Western counties should ban the wearing of the Burka in public. The West knows who our current warring enemies are: the Muslims and Islamic world. We don’t need full-body covered women, nor of men posing as women under full face and body coverings, aiding their ability to be suicide bombers. More Western countries need to deny citizenship applications and visas for such persons, too, just as France is proposing. If the West was truly going to put an end to the “War on Terror”, they’d expunge all Muslims from their midst, and cut off economic ties with the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia until Muslims can actually show they can interact properly with the law-abiding Western world. Short of that, banning wearing of full face coverings in public is a good current compromise.


Yes, fully support. Very simple. First it’s a security threat. Second, it’s an insult to women. Third, it is one of many attempts by Muslims to demand that their customs be honored while refusing to honor the customs of others. If pre-medieval people wish to stay that way, they should do just that: stay there.


The French should be commended for taking this matter head on instead of walking around it like the United States does.


While I am perplexed about why anyone would want to wear a veil, I have to wear a mask often because of allergens and toxins. I do enjoy the security of the charcoal mask.

As a Buddhist and a Christian, it makes me very sad to think that someone with the Moslem faith would have to be restricted in their habits.


I think it is wrong to ban the CHOICE of ANYBODY to wear religious headwear. I don’t see France banning Jewish people like me from wearing a yarmulka (men) and my country lets us wear what we WANT. Being FORCED into a Chador is wrong. The Holy Koran says NOTHING about anybody HAVING to cover up, women or men. Some choose to wear head coverings or veils here and my Muslim female friend says she feels more comfortable wearing traditional Muslim clothing and hair coverings (the correct names of her various hair coverings escapes me) because she feels (usually) SAFER, except when a bigot American tried to kill her by pushing her off a BART platform.


Banning the veil is absolutely necessary to secure independent freedom for all women, to safeguard all women’s rights. Assimilation is necessary. Good Muslims are to be gracious in another’s land and having no desire to change nor conquer the land. Any Muslim wishing to change the freedom of the land they immigrant to, then they need to emmigrant back to their mother country. This ban is also for homeland security of the nation involved especially since women are now chosing to become suicide bombers. And the people of free societies should buckle down and start doing without so that we use less oil. Send the oil back to the countries who want to own us and send our weak politicians too. Vive le revolucion. Viva la revolusion. Long live the revolution, independence, and freedom. Push the imbeciles refusing to be interpendent thinkers out of our free societies.


Yes, ban that veil. When we the westerner go to Islam countries we would follow Islam culture and custom. So, when Islam come to the western countries they should follow the western culture and custom too. If they don’t like it they can go back to their countries and cover as much as they want and wear what ever they choose(if they have choice).


I support impose a total ban on wearing the full face or partial veil in public — buses, subways and hospitals in a non-muslim countries. Those who does not like it should leave & go back to their own muslim country.


In western countries it is unnecessary.


Fully support the ban. Veils are not required by the Koran. Wearing them are acts of aggression by Muslim women trying to impose their regressive ways on a host country. This is very bad manners and if they can’t respect their hosts, they should go back home. Barring that, the French are absolutely right banning the veils. Officials being asked to marry couples when they cannot see the face of the bride is beyond all sanity.
Burqa-clad people picking up children from school could mean human trafficking or kidnapping. How can the school verify those people?


No face should be hidden, especially when entering a bank!


Mais oui! If France cannot maintain le laicité, who can? Misogyny is a bane on human existence. Studies show that many women take on the veil under threat of death. Yes. Yes. Yes.


I think the veil should be banned. As Muslims in a French country they should follow the law of what that country dictates. Some people find it frightening as I know someone here in US does. It is like there is something hiding beneath that veil and is an uncomfortable feeling, especially now in the current situation. If the French people lived in a Moslem country they would have to follow the laws.

Their head scarfs should of course be allowed.


Though I can certainly understand the ban from a security standpoint in the current global climate, it is a shame that the true Muslims must be asked to set aside their customs. Its a sas statement on the state of paranoia that exists in our world today.


Yes, banning face veils in public IS the right thing to do. I believe that wearing face veils impedes on the safety/security of others and therefore should in fact not be allowed ANYWHERE other than the privacy of your own home or at their place of worship IF they are checked by security first only. Additionally, I believe that if the social/cultural morays of the country that you orginally come from is in such grave conflict to the new country that YOU have CHOOSEN to move to then maybe you should consider going back to the country that accepts the way you would prefer to live. I believe if YOU CHOOSE to move to a new cultural You have an obligation to ASSIMILATE not try to impose your ways on other people; especially when safety is a concern!


YES, for the safety of the public


I support impose a total ban on wearing the full face veil in public — buses, subways and hospitals in a non muslim countries.


I am sure that any “lucky” martyr would think twice about their sacrifice if the 72 virgins prance about him in full niqab regalia.


a necessary evil to eliminate complete face coverings. frankly these face covering set a isolationist tone to the population


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. As an American woman (my ancestors have been here since the 1600s) about to move to Saudi Arabia, I respect the societal rules of the Muslim world and will wear the full abaya, hijab, and potentially the niqab – in black. I believe it is a matter of respect for the people and the country in which I will be a guest. I also believe that the French government is completely in the right. These Muslim women are guests in French society; out of respect for the way of life in France they need to comply. The religious freedom decry is not applicable in my mind as there is no reciprocation of religious freedom in Muslim society as far as I can tell —


This is a simple question. Let us be logical. WOULD a thong clad roller blading woman, feel comfortable or accepted gliding through the bazaars of Morocco or Tehran? probably not.
As the old adage states..’When in Rome , do as the Romans do”.
And so…if a woman feels compelled to be covered, go for a big hat, a silk neck scarf and ‘Jackie-O’ sun glasses. Honor the host country. It really isn’t that complex.


I preface my opinion based on my understranding that Islam does NOT require veiling. Islam (per Quran) requires modesty in dress for women and men alike.
Thus the full face veil (eg burkha) is NOT required by religion. It is much more a cultural norm in some places or extreme over-interpretation of Islam.
I think it is very appropraite to allow – and not disrespect – women who choose to cover their hair (eg hijab) in order to be modest. I see no issue or risk here. But I think it is fair to legislate against use of face-covering in public settings – in large part due to security concerns.


Of course it should be banned. I am still amazed that, when becoming part of another country, people refuse to actually become part of said country. I mean we don’t need to make millions of individuals who all look the same but if you’ve become part of a society how does one still separate them self. Unless you didn’t move to that country to become part of it. I don’t know, it just really seems contradictory.


I agree that the ban is proper. Terrorists could use these garments to lull people into a sense of security. I am also offended by face covering; it is a statement that the person doesn’t want to be part of society.


I feel, the Burka and Nakab should be baned all over Europe and America including in India. It makes it easier for terrorist to hide their bombs. The women can be also bombers. A women bomber killed Rajive Gandh the President of India few years ago. She had the bomb hidden in her saree.
Thank you very much,
Kanta Bhagat


I think the ban is absolutely appropriate for security and liberal reasons. You should be free to exercise your faith and religion in the privacy of your home or in such public places where your fellow citizens are made uncomfortable and unsafe. The unpredictably of the wearer is indeed an issue that must be considered sincerely when addressing such cultural, faith-based or religious observance.


France likes to brag about their human rights but these frog eating obnoxious rude pretentious idiots cannot hide behind their rheteric. A free country should allow people to wear what they want to wear as long as it doesn’t offend other sensibility or violate common decency laws. I am for one for walking naked if it’s not gonna offend others. Folks, let’s call this for what it’s, it’s bigotry and racism and I for one if the french get overrun by another european country again, I would object to saving these guys as we know what their freedom entitled them to do to others.


No, banning veils is not right at all, but it is typical of the so-called ‘free-world’.


If a man (or woman) were to walk into a bank in Paris wearing a full face mask, he would be immediately arrested. And yet Islamic women think it is their “right” to do this with impunity. That is totally insane.


I think the ban is proper as a matter of public security.

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