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January 25, 2010
Obama and the World: Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ahmad Kamal, Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the United Nations, and Hassan Abbas, a former Pakistani government official who is now with the Asia Society and the Quaid-i-Azam Chair Professor with Columbia University’s South Asian Institute, join Edie Magnus for a roundtable on AfPak.

They discuss power-sharing with the Taliban, drone strikes along the Afghan border in northwest Pakistan and broader American foreign policy challenges in the region.

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Very blunt articulate answers from two unbiased guest,…certainly not afraid to mince the truth with the reality on the ground. The ultimate trepidation consuming the world today are the ubiquitous,…”Triangulation of the World Order Hegemony Master”(master’, meaning one with three heads)! Yes,the proliferators of all modern day wars are scripted by this lord “Jeroboam’s Satyr” slogan,
“Thou Shall do War,by Deception”! They feed off all sides,fomenting eternal profit by death,and destruction. They are the,”Holy Trinity of God’s Work” known only as entities we call the “World Bank (WB)”; the “International Monetary Fund(IMF)”; and the “Central Bank (CB)” {please note: there are many central banks in the world,but only one master?}. PS. Pinning one religion,philosophy,culture or people against each other is child’s play for this diabolical mercurial!______Follow the Money?


I think the program was very balanced and the anchor asked excellent questions. Mr. Ahmad Kamal voiced Pakistan’s perspective but Mr. Abbas represented Afghan as well as American perspectives in a scholarly fashion.


An absolutely ambalanced and really not up to the snuff program by Focus on Afghanistan. How an analysis of the current state of affairs in Afghanistan could be credible or impartial if it is done by Afghanistan’s traditional adversary, i.e. Pakis.
Truly inferior journalism…a wast of time…


We are wrong to assume we have the military power to make change happen in this region. Hassan Abbas is speaking wisdom, I believe. President H.W.Bush had the right strategy, to stop Sadam and then withdraw. Colin Powell knew better than to invade and stay in middle east. Unforunately President George Bush misled us into invading Irag. Continuing his middle east policy is a blunder. We didn’t go after Osama Bin Ladin. Instead we were tricked into invading Iraq, and now we’re mired down in Afganistan, and the people there don’t want us there. Like it or not, we will eventually have to power share with the Taliban. Longer term, the young people in Afganistan, Iran, and Iraq will transform these countries because they want to live modern and have the kind of freedom that we enjoy in the US. We need to be patient; nothing happens in the middle east in a few years, it will take decades.


Such an offer from UN negotiators to be reinstated into the government process by Afghanistan and Pakistan smells of foist. The Taliban probably can sense and more than likely smell the rotten intentions from where they are, like the smell of rotten eggs. Any jughead could.

We have forgotten these guys were the Mujahideen before they were the Taliban. They took on the Soviet Union and won. They even were in power in the Middle East and participated in political change in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They have past political prowess as well as the tactical wisdom to fight a Kamikaze holy war to the death.

They are now Jihadists. And Jihadists fight for religious freedom. Islam is about the Quran and its suras, not the Western Bible. Not Western culture. And certainly not Western law. And not only do the Jihadists want a return to fundamentalism and the Sharia, the synthesis of both the religious and secular law, many Sunni and Shiite women relish its return too, as well as moderate Muslim government officials. To them, Muhammad is not dead. He lives. That is to say, he lives in the Ha‘dith and the Sunna. We all have our fields to plow on the road to heaven or hell. And our own religious leaders who we believe has our best interests at heart, divinely ordained. And the religious and moral right to choose among them whom we wish to follow.

To the Jihadists from what I have learned, it is the Westerner who is blind. And likewise they, [the Westerner] are in denial. Terrorism to the Jihadists means Imperialism is dead and gone and shall never rise again unless it is the rising Sun. If the Taliban hears and believes anything, it probably hears and believes in only an ethnically cleansed Middle East. That is, Muslim sovereignty in the hands of its rightful owners, the Imams and a conservative Ulama.

We as Westerners must learn God is maker of us all. Even though to us, we are all different, but to him, we are all the same. And if there is any religion innocent of some type of historical genocide let it stand up, and I’ll be your first follower.

The Seventh Man


It’s so strange that the most fundamental issues leading Afghanistan and Pakistan to decay or the real causes of this gradual disintegration aren’t even mentioned incidentally by any commentator may he/she be from Washington,UN, Islamabad,EU,Islamiites,etc which are:
Absoulte ignorance and full-blown corruption.
How come the world under the godly,Messianic, Masonic,platonic,democratic etc auspices of Mr.Obama can be so oblivious to such a manifest truth?
An inclination toward reconciliation or an offer of a peaceful agreement by an enemy to an enemy is to be accepted sincerely and wholeheartedly as outlined in the Qur’an (the primary theoretical source of Islam). Such a gesture from Obama Administration is purely Qur’anic and fundamentally Islamic. This idea must be solemnly recognized,materialized,popularized and adverised with utmost fervor the world over. The Islamically labelized states should be involved in this proposal or at least the views of their leadership should be sought and brought into limelight.
The Qur’an’s enjoins to adopt a policy of avoidance towards ignorants; leave them in whatever states they are and as regards corruption and injustice,the delineated consequences are devastation,destruction,decay and doom.
Most fortunately, zillions of dollars can neither kindle the candle of knowledge and enlightnemnt in an ignorant Afghan nor a multiplied aid in $s can imbue a single corrupt entity in Pakistan with honesty.Amazing eh!

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