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January 25, 2010
Iran tired of fighting and losing drug war ‘on behalf of West’

Iran is trying to tackle a rising drug problem, as opium continues to pour into the country from neighboring Afghanistan to the east.

Al Jazeera English‘s Alireza Ronaghi reports that Iranian police have seized over 400 tons of drugs and have lost dozens of police officers in the battle to eliminate drug abuse in Tehran.

But some Iranian officials say that arresting drug dealers and users is almost pointless in the face of the huge quantities imported to the capital every day.

At a recent drug control conference in Tehran, the head of Iran’s anti-drug task force, Brigadier-General Hamidreza Hosseinabadi, criticized international organizations and Western countries for not cooperating.

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[…] sie "dual-use" sind. Iran tired of fighting and losing drug war


The US since Reagan is getting to point where chemical escapism seems like a rational response. If I lived in Iran, I’d surely be stung out, to avoid the reality of a disgusting universe.


Legalize and regulate all drugs.



Unfortunately for the Iranian government there are a plethora of nefarious actors circling the “Oil(Black Gold)and LNG (Blue Gold)” rich country as vultures of the ???? prepare for anarchy’s carrion feast! The for-hire sign has been up for years now…fomenting countries that wish Iran ill-will? They come from all walks of the multi-task consternation elistist…a double-agents arsenal montage,…bidding up their “code of ethics”, the avarice “Highest Dollar Mentality” using insurgent-terrorists-tactics, via violence…or the more humane practice of coerced propaganda. These creatures of the “Light” are all too willing to sell any country down into the abyss. I can’t help but feel sad for this “Axis of Evil”(don’t cry for me Iran?) country that seems only to willing too try it’s hand,…at it’s own style of democracy, yet gets labelled as a nuclear proliferator,besides the West saying their election was a scam. Lastly,…before we throw stones,let us look back at how Bush#43 (Gore/Jeb Bush’s Florida Cartel 2001?) won,and how the world refocused,and reviewed our not to infallible democratic electoral system?


The World Focus program had two segments, Afghanistan workers working in Iran, and the Iranian drug problem that provided viewers with a better understanding of that country. Ten percent of the population of Afghanistan is Shiite and Iran offered after 9/11 to help the US in Afghanistan. Over 50% of the population in Iraq is Shiite. Could the US have found a way to work with Iran instead of simply labeling it “a member of the axis of evil” (Iran, Iraq, North Korea) and in the process destroying the moderate Iranian governmant group in Iran?


It’s never wise to take drugs ! I guess if some of
the IRANIAN PEPOLE cann’t escape IRANIAN Regimes borders .
Then they ESCAPE it in their…. minds ?!
The govt says that the people are going against God’s rule in protesting ! ?….no no they the Gov’t. stoled the election VOTE from the Iranian people ! NO JUSTICE !!!

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