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January 22, 2010
Week in Review: Obama’s First Year in Office

As President Obama marks the first anniversary of his inauguration, we review the successes and failures of the administration’s foreign policy and whether the Obama administration has achieved concrete accomplishments beyond just improving the image of the U.S. abroad.

Carol Giacomo, a member of The New York Times‘ editorial board, and David Andelman, editor of the World Policy Journal and former foreign correspondent for The New York Times and CBS News, join Martin Savidge for our weekly roundtable.

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I love and respect Pres. Obama and pray for him often. However I am disappointed by some of his actions in office and cabinet member choices. Like Pres. Bush, Obama has failed to take a strong pro-Israel Zionist position.

I feel a great burden for the president as he has to continually deal with obstructionism and oppostion when he is really attempting to do a good job. Perhaps he is attempting to please too many people.

I have grown weary of business as usual in Washington. It seems nearly impossible to get both sides of the isle to work out differences in good faith for the best interests of the people. It seems that we are always stuck with either an extreme conservative or liberal agenda, lock stock and barrel, or no progress at all. Sadly this is true even with the Supreme Court. If the vote were shifted to the left by one vote we would not have had the recent decision regarding campaign financing.

As a voter I am tired of almost always having to choose between the lesser of two evils. For example to have any chance of reforming health care, reducing unemployment, and providing more protection for consumers, workers, and retirees we must elect polititions that promote a socialist agenda including gun control, radical environmentalism, one world government, abortion on demand, and same-sex marriage.


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text (#13):

“…the Prior Deliberations about the
so-called “freedom of choice” were, necessarily, caused by Prior Effects…”


How are not all these things Predetermined if everything can be said to be an Effect of some Prior Cause? If someone supposedly determines “free-will”, who can state the “actuality” of some kind of absolute “freedom” inherent in that “free will” even in the midst of all the mists of apparent contradictory “choices” which many will continue to “make” despite the fact that even the Prior Deliberations about the so-called “freedom of choice” was, necessarily, caused by Prior Effects which may, indeed, have come “disguised” as the incarnating incipiencies of “Invisible” or “Visible Causations” to an, only apparently, “activaton” of “free-will”?


To date, a complete failure. I see a one term president.


Obama is a Complete Failure,trying to Push his Socialist/Communist agenda.(Not in America)


Maybe some people like the Obama people should stop blaming Bush and stat doing their job.


Indeed,…”Obama’s First Year in Office” has certainly been lackluster to say the least. He has triangulated his power into a strange kind of political science’,an illogical abstract genome, whose nucleus has morphed into an anomaly,…a self made symbiotic-centrifugal-force of the “Third Kind”? Where’s the common denominator in all this? “Triangulation versus Strangulation” (Political Suicide via Naivete’?);#1 Realist (a hero,or opportunist?): one who faces facts,and is pragmatic in dealing with issues as they really appear,or evolve; #2 Idealist (no true leadership skills,period): striving to achieve one’s ideas,predicated on the concept of issues/things as one thinks they should be, a very myopic rationale; #3 Fatalist (a coward!): the belief that all events are determined by fate,and are hence inevitable. We as a democracy must coalesce our greater collective thought process,…the birthing of the new “Independent (Ross Perot should be proud) Party” and take our country back to the “Original Centrist Phiosophy,and Dogma’s” the constitutional framer’s won,and granted us with so much sacrifice, that has made us the envy of the world! Our government has become a cartel built on nepotism,and status-quo,…worst yet an inpenetrable monopoly turnig the proletariet into unknowing masochist,for shame. Sadly,… we listen with bated breath to the myriad of ” Cable’s Commercialized (anyone know how to spell CNN?) Journalist” spew their compost of biased,and scripted nonsense. President Obama would be wise to fire Rahm Emanuel(never let a disaster go to waste kinda guy doesn’t set well with my psyche’),and relegate David Axelrod to the building next door housing the other guy (Joe Biden,…man, what a choice for VP?)! The country is moving to the center,and that is “Indepedent Land” a mighty force that every politician whether he be Democratic or Republican doesn’t tow-the-line will be drawn,and quartered (who needs term limits),… the people have spoken Mr. President are you listening? Finally,…we reference past history lessons to move forward,not sideways or backwards; the neo-movement of the political landscape has been reincarnating the past as a spelunker’s panacea should aptly be razed into the abyss of negativity? Tis the very crutch that is crippling us! What a wasted year to answer your question. Thanks World Focus


Gitmo is still up in runnning , Iran not going to unclench their fist’s ,al-Qaeda banging at the door, Middle East soooo Hard REALLY HARD !
..pickin a fight with China ? Afghan./ troops + alone are not going to be enough ! so what up for next year ?


Obama is late on his space weapons ban, he remains silent while we continue to use mutagens like depleted uranium and white phosphorus, and he has not tried to improve relations with Iran. His overtures were a joke, they were loaded with dictations to Iran, something he said his presidency wouldn’t do.

But you know, just keep putting out the farce you’re giving us the information we need to survive.

If you (WF) do not thoroughly report our (the US) use of depleted uranium and our military’s continued agenda to weaponize space and to dominate land, sea, air, space and information you are not only a worthless media organization, but a detrimental one who dupes people into thinking they’re receiving the news they need to hear.

KNOCK IT OFF. Our gene pool can’t take anymore DU in it. Start doing some real reporting.

I thought Saddam was a Sunni. Why did he call Iraq’s president a dictator?


To this Richard person. You may hunger for big fancy words, though I didn’t hear too many from the David person either. What I listen for and appreciate are the deeply informed observations.


Rather a weak vocabulary from this Carol person-I’d expect more from someone on an editorial board…


Note to Mr Savidge. Any time I hear anyone say “I’m no expert ,but…” I groan. Your attempt to lead this conversation shows you would not be out of place on the Fox network.For a guide as to how to be an impartial anchor, I suggest you watch the PBS Newshour. Leave the commentary to the experts you have invited.
As for Obamas first year,reestablishing the USA’s moral compass is no small thing.
After Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld, what do you expect after one year?


I would like to comment. First there are certainly no results and never expect quick fixes from Washington and certainly never take a politician at their word – the politicians have a moral code and that is that promises are made to be “broken”. It took the Bush Administration 8 years to get us into this mess. But I think the problem with most Americans with Obama is not so much of a quick fix as the handling and priorities of the economic crisis. I think myself and others that I have spoken with felt that the economy was the number one issue facing the US an in that it was in a crisis stage it should have been handled like a crisis and a special team of experts assembled to develop a sure fired plan to bring us out of this mess – not just give money to Bankers and Investment Houses on wall street and Auto Companies. We Americans are very demanding upon our selves and consequently demanding on those that assume responsibility to lead. JIM @ USA


We keep forgetting that the previous Administration had 8 years to put us in this predicament. It will take time to change things. Unfortunately, we Americans expect quick fixes. Look where those have gotten us. Diplomacy takes time and trust – not the waive of a magic wand.


Where’s the beef???? Lots of promises, but no results.

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