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January 22, 2010
Money and politics at issue in countries around the world

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that corporations and unions can spend unlimited money on campaign advertising, which critics say could lead to undue influence by outside groups.

Kevin Casas-Zamora, senior fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution and a former vice president of Costa Rica, joins Martin Savidge to discuss how countries from India to Western Europe try to regulate political campaigns and financing.




The supreme court has been bought over the last few years. I expected this outcome.


Many years ago I belong to the Teamsters the union bosses were known to give money to build hotels, that union members could not afford to stay in. The Teamsters gave money to Obama only to find out that Obama does not like Teamsters and for unions in general. There are those who run for office to get all of the money from other people even if they plan to drop out later on. Howard Dean raised 40 million dollar, bank most of it. 600 million dollars went to Obama, most of it was spent somewhere, somehow. Some of his staff became very wealthy while others were just paid a small salary.


I like it when they say that not allowing corporations to fund campaigns is against the first admendment of the constitution. But whats new – we have had a government up for sale so long with lobbyist – I never noticed or knew anything different. There is an old saying (money is the root of all evil) no truer words have ever been spoken. We are supposed to have a government by the people for the people in stead we have a government by corporations for corporations – in truth – we need an absolute house cleaning in Washington, we need to open up the minutes to those closed door hearings and secret meetings all in the name of national security. Jim @ USA


everyday i hope for something a little better for us all. everyday this country slides down a little further. when was the last time or for that matter the first time a corporation has done anything FOR THE PEOPLE? i know there are examples of good works, etc. it is an INSANE error of the supreme court to let the corporations fund elections. the conflict of interest is apparent, to say nothing of the capability to outspend. corporations will now just buy the lobbyist blatantly and pass what ever they want.

this will not end well!!
i keep wondering why this negative experience just keeps gathering speed?


Best to have publicly financed elections by each individual voter through a federal income tax, say60.00 a year(reduced for those with hardships. The total is around 12 billion dollar a year to be divided with the states. If they pay they may play(vote).But there should no bribery of government office holders, only information. The public media will provide free equal time for
bona fide candidates.

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