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January 22, 2010
Full Show: January 22, 2010

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Obama is late on his space weapons ban, he remains silent while we continue to use mutagens like depleted uranium and white phosphorus, and he has not tried to improve relations with Iran. His overtures were a joke, they were loaded with dictations to Iran, something he said his presidency wouldn’t do.

But you know, just keep putting out the farce you’re giving us the information we need to survive.

If you (WF) do not thoroughly report our (the US) use of depleted uranium and our military’s continued agenda to weaponize space and to dominate land, sea, air, space and information you are not only a worthless media organization, but a detrimental one who dupes people into thinking they’re receiving the news they need to hear.

KNOCK IT OFF. Our gene pool can’t take anymore DU in it. Start doing some real reporting.


good coverage!

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