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January 21, 2010
In global recession, China continues breakneck expansion

China predicted that it would achieve over 8 percent growth this year, and indeed the economic superpower has fulfilled its growth target.

In fact, China has not missed a single GDP target in over a decade.

Beijing contends that China’s robust 2009 economic expansion — in contrast with a significant global recession — is driven by a successful stimulus package and a growing middle class of consumers.

To take a closer look at China’s growth and the state of the global economy, Martin Savidge interviews Marcus Mabry, international business editor at the New York Times.

Melissa Chan of Al Jazeera English has more from China’s capital:

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Ny, Also who will pay for all these people not working. Retired etc. No one comes to the country.
No immigration to replace the aging folks.
Also with all the smokers cancer will have an effect. There will be I say an Accounting Scandle with all the fake figures.


Ny,half of China’s population has never seen a toothbrush in their life. And they treat these people like dirt. This is the side of the population other parts of the world never see.
And do not forget these people like Cuba are in the end just Communists and alway will be.


Alistair McKay ( 01/22/2010 :: 07:52:37 AM)

China’s population is 1,310,000,000. USA’s population is 305,000,000. China has 1,000,000,000 more people than the US.
So the aging population, one-child policy, etc do not affect the dynamism of China.


I disagree with the guest’s statement that China will have a larger Economy than the United States in a few decades. With their aging population.”One Child Policy” and most of the familys wanting a Male. I just don’t see the logic in that thinking.


Having seen the latest video-topic, I do beleive that the rate of growth predicted by the Chinese officials, and reinforced today by Mr Marby only leaves me , somewhat perplexed. There is a reported some increased unrest in the backwaters in rurual China, and major bubble about to start exploding in the real estate prices for new developments, since the oversupplies have triggered re-thinking at Government circles. The urban expansions were fueled by rising expectations of the “flip” mentality so as to justify the numbers. Targets and stimulus amounts are easily doctored to suit ideal GDP rates. How far these verified and proven. Exporting has become the panacea but at what costs?

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