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January 21, 2010
Chinese aid team contributes to Haiti disaster relief effort

Nine days after the earthquake in Haiti, part of the Port-au-Prince harbor has reopened, and the U.S. military is now using a second airport in the Dominican Republic to deliver more aid.

But relief workers say that help is slow getting to those who need it, and people are still dying from untreated injuries. Meanwhile, scattered looting continues in the capital.

Dozens of countries are contributing to the relief effort — both with funding and manpower. China’s rescue mission is using life detectors and snake-eye cameras to find survivors in the rubble.

According to China Central Television, the Chinese team has found 15 bodies in 23 collapsed buildings. They have also found an additional 12 bodies while working with other international teams. CCTV has more:

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I just read a Greg Palast report that the China rescue teams deployed to Haiti in 48 hours, Half a world away they trumped official USA aid efforts. I the USA is capable to render aid to it’s own citizens when disaster strikes, in a timely matter, my nation should have been able to do better for the Haitians. The US is overdue for 2 “big ones” one the San Andreas in California, and on the New Madrid in the Eastern portion of our country. I’m convince we are woefully unprepared, with lessons learned from Katrina ignored. US citizens should be very concerned. This was an unscheduled exercise for the USA, in terms of response time we may have failed miserably.


Everybody tried to help and emergency help are available in the form of standby U.S. military transport and hospital ship; however, no one was aware of reminding whoever has collected the money donated should be quick to offer reimbursement of money spent on the use of whatever available resource.


I would like a listing of each country involved in the relief effort and amounts of money they are bringing with them.


Aside from Turkey, which I know is in Haiti, what other Muslim countries have contributed? For example what has Saudi Arabia contributed? Teh Us put 900 million in to Indonesia and we liberated Bosnian Muslims at great cost in treasure and blood. How much resipocity is there?


Since China does have its share of earthquarks each year this is a good training exercise, it is also a place to meet other countries rescue teams that you will also be working with again. Even Iran has people there which is interesting that they are working along side of Israel who is in Haiti.

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