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January 20, 2010
Yemen’s UN ambassador calls al-Qaeda a ‘pestilence’

Yemen caught the world’s attention following a failed bombing attempt on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam on Christmas day by a Nigerian man who had lived in Yemen.

Soon afterward, General David Petraeus visited the Yemeni capital of Sana’a for a meeting with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, where he delivered a message of support from President Barack Obama.

The U.S. is pledging military aid to Yemen, a close U.S. ally and one of the world’s poorest countries, which is facing a civil war in the north and a separatist movement in the south.

Meanwhile, U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a conference to be held in London on January 27, 2010, to assist Yemen in its fight against al-Qaeda.

Mohammad al-Kassim interviews Abdullah Alsaidi, Yemen’s Ambassador to the U.N., about the Yemen’s battle against al-Qaeda in light of its own internal difficulties, as well as the Christmas day bomb attempt.

Also, listen to Worldfocus Radio: Yemen’s Multiple Wars.




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Of course, Al Queda, is a pestilence, they cannot possbily imposed their will on others, they
do not have the manpower. In exasperation, the west may just bomb them out of existence. It is too i do not have my hand on the nuclear trigger.


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