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January 19, 2010
A moment of relative calm in Haiti as aid slowly arrives

Pablo Ruiz, a prevention and recovery team leader for the United Nations Development Program in Latin America and the Caribbean, speaks with Martin Savidge about the relief effort, the security situation and short-term job creation.

Al Jazeera English‘s Mike Kirsch reports from Port-au-Prince on the frustration as aid is only slowly getting through. And while some earthquake victims are going hungry, others are fighting for food.

For more Worldfocus coverage of Haiti, visit our extended coverage page: Haiti’s Poor.

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I find Martin Savage and World focus very informative and a must watch for my evening, however, but not without expectation do I find that World focus like most other news stations/reporting refuses to acknowledge the arrival and existance of the Israeli”s and there 2 plane loads of equipment and medical supplies within 48 hours travelling a distance of 16 hours to spend every day performing emergency surgeries, counseling, empathy, compassion and there supreme expertise in the field of tragedy something which they have grown accustomed to but never loosing their sincere humane/side to all this. Where are the Arab nations with their dollars that they have in abundance , where are they in times of need, for sure not on the scene of any disaster other than they being the one”s that have possibly created it in the first place. No doubt the UN with their bias and hatred for Israel with find fault. Of course!Where is the Norwegian doctor who famously blamed Israel for not supplying equipment in theGaza war. Where is this humanitarian ,?I joke. It angers and saddens me how you do not recognise good in the face of this sadness . Shame on you. You are not JOurnalists at all. You are all just biased every day human beings with the opportunity to report on that which you deem fit,based purely on your own personal sentiments.

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