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January 18, 2010
Taliban pulls off series of deadly strikes in heart of Kabul

The capital of Afghanistan has been struck by a series of highly coordinated terrorist attacks, including explosions next to Kabul’s heavily secured ministry buildings.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the largest Kabul attack since 2001 and announced that their goal was an assault on the presidential palace.

In Kabul, many people fear that many similar attacks will be attempted in the near future.

Al Jazeera‘s Tarek Bazley reports on the increasingly shaky security situation in Afghanistan.




That is way the need for Muslim voices is to counter-out the Radical’s ..who use religon as a cover to gain their fellowers then to… Blow-up their fellower’s and innocent women &children as well !
STOP..the seeds of HATE AT THE BEINING at the… Madras & MOSQUE’S !


The Taliban attack in Kabul today was probably a test run for a “tet offensive” some time in the future, and that will be probably broader and massive – like the VietCong “Tet Offensive” in the South Vietnamese capital
Saigon in 1968 that almost toppled the U.S. puppet regime of president Ngo Diem. Afghan president Hamid Karzai may not be able to survive such a bigger Taliban tet offensive.

Afghanistan is becoming the Vietnam of Central Asia. We tried to stop the expansion f Communism in Vietnam, and we try to stop the expansion of Muslim militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We used the Agent Orange defoliate forests, and airstrikes in Vietnam to wipe out the Viet Cong, and we use Predator drones and airstrikes to wipe out the Taliban in Afghanistan. We used millions in bribes to stage military coups and overthrow the traditional regimes in Laos and Cambodia, and replaced them with our stooges General Fumi Nozavan and General Lon Nol, and another military coup in Vietnam to kill president Ngo Diem and his brother-in-law and Secret Police Chief Mr. Nu, and replace them with our stooges, Generals Diem Van Thieu and Van Cao Ky. And, of course, we have created and control the army of Afghanistan, and fund and control the army of Pakistan. Pakistan is financially broke, and Zardari’s efforts to obtain loans from the IMF of China failed.
The Pakistani and Afghan armies won’t get their monthly salaries if the U.S. stop funding them; they will collapse. Therefore, we bear full responsibility of all the tragic events that unfold in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and our global media campaign to pin the blame on the Taliban start to look quite foolish.
Obama has said that “the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan will continue until we defeat Al Qaeda,” while U.S. General David Petraeus has said already “that Al Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan or Pakistan!”

Each president, once in office, has to do what he is told to do by the entrenched corporate and political elite along in sync with the military and industrial complex. President Dwight Eisenhower expressed the fear of such a control of the presidency in 1956, and nothing has changed since then. Lyndon Johnson refused to run for re-election because he couldn’t change anything in Vietnam. But Obama decide to expand the war in Afghanistan fearing that the republican witch hunt to portray him soft on terrorism might cause him to lose his 2012 reelection – if Dick Cheney’s rhetoric against him sticks with the voters.

And that is why Obama’s election promise for “change” was scrapped. His Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted today that the Taliban will not reconcile with Karzai, even though the U.S. had taken the name of Mullah Omar off its terrorists list – probably in an effort to lure him into negotiations. (N.Y. Times, Jan. 18, 2010) And the Taliban direct attack in Kabul today proved that they are not in a mood to negotiate. The question that remains, therefore, about the war in Afghanistan is not whether we will lose the war or not, but whether Obama’s expanded war in Afghanistan may cause him to lose his reelection. Nikos Retsos, retired professor


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