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January 18, 2010
Relief spreads to damaged areas beyond Haiti’s capital

Ben Malor, an associate spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General, visited the earthquake zone yesterday.

He and Martin Savidge discuss the looting, violence, relief and aid distribution. They also examine the damaged areas outside of the capital city.

For more Worldfocus coverage of Haiti, visit our extended coverage page: Haiti’s Poor.

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I find it remarkable after six days,…the lack of co-ordination,adhoc logistics,never mind the absent of realigning all the geo-political [aissez faire,well intentioned,but just getting in the way at present?]entities into one ground,strategic central command center. Just think,…the island has two separate countries,that being the Dominican Republic untouched with a small US Naval Base for communication purposes. Why haven’t they dropped informational-leaflets throughout the country daily,…telling,and explaining progress,with relief centers being set-up,where the local leaders (towns,villages,etc.)can meet designated officials from the powers to be,for implementing timely drop-offs (food,water,med’s,blankets,cell phones,two-way radio’s,.etc.,) for the small,sparsely populated areas at particular times,and have security at the drops to prevent violence. Have color coded drops for makeshift health care facilities nearest populations,and translators available at outpost along trails where roads are not accessible anymore. Just having all the military boots on the ground does more harm than good if the people are confused,and disorientated for lack of communication. Perhaps, this is already being done,if so please excuse my ignorance.

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