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January 18, 2010
Haiti situation devolves into disaster of ‘epic proportions’

In Haiti today, the highest-ranking U.S. general on the ground, Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, described the destruction as being of “epic proportions.”

Keen also estimated that as many as 200,000 Haitians may have died after last week’s devastating 7.0 earthquake.

Although European nations today pledged another $500 million in aid, not nearly enough food or water is getting to residents of Port-au-Prince in desperate need.

Former President Bill Clinton, the U.N. Special Envoy for Haiti, arrived in the capital city today to help with the relief effort, as local authorities struggled to maintain control.

Worldfocus speaks with Dominic MacSorley, who is in Port-au-Prince with aid organization Concern Worldwide:

Photos courtesy of the United Nations on Flickr.

For more Worldfocus coverage of Haiti, visit our extended coverage page: Haiti’s Poor.

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I come to you under the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and know that he is with each and everyone of you in your thoughts and prayed and knowing that “All thing are possible with God:
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En nuestro país estamos recibiendo información diariamente de la situación en que se encuentra el pueblo haitiano. Siendo CHILE un país de alto riesgo sísmico, muchos de nosotros hemos vivido por lo menos un terremoto y somos altamente solidarios ante cualquier catástrofe local o mundial. Estamos preocupados y día a día aumentan las campañas de ayuda hacia el pueblo de HAITÍ. Personalmente, no manejo tarjetas de crédito, pero ya estoy contribuyendo en efectivo, de cualquier manera. Que el Señor les bendiga.

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