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January 14, 2010
U.S. prepares to launch $100 million aid effort to Haiti

International donor nations are rallying around the aid effort to Haiti, and President Obama announced today that this is a “moment that cries out for U.S. leadership.”

An estimated 50,000 are feared dead in the aftermath of a 7.0-magnitude quake Tuesday evening.

The U.S. has promised to send $100 million in aid, and aid teams from the U.K., France, Spain and China have arrived recently in the country.

For more about relief efforts, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Michael Kocher, vice president of international programs for the International Rescue Committee.

What role should the United States play in rebuilding Haiti?

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For more Worldfocus coverage of Haiti, visit our extended coverage page: Haiti’s Poor.

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I think that Haiti should not get any money what so ever. Maybe we could send them some food and water and even some material to rebuild their country. I work my but off everyday to try to give my family food on the table clothes on their back and a roof on their head. And the government wants to get money from the taxes we pay to rebuild a country destroying itself from the outside in. No I cant stand for that.


And once again no coverage of the only country that showedup within 48 hours fully stocked with medical supplies and 200 strong, setting up a full hospital and saving 500 lives aday without fanfare or recognition that they are even there. Once again anti semitism rears its ugly head just by ommission.There was no hoopla about logistics, supplies, they have just got on with it. No one knows, no one cares except perhaps those they save daily


I do not feel we should be assisting Haiti. Our leaders must be ignorant to the FACT that our tax dollars give them a salary. Do you not know that we have Americas suffering daily without food, water, medication, healthcare?? We have children and adults sleeping outside, they can not survive. We have people out of work not getting unemployment and they get so assistance from the government. I do not have a choice to pay taxes, yes in this free country you call it taxes are taken from my pay without my consent, and were raised. This land of the free is a bold LIE. My mother died after working her entire life and 6 months after she recieved social securty she passed, and so did her money, it did not go to her family but to a person who came off the boat to America. My father is dying from heart disease, cant walk, hospital kicked him out as they know the end result is death, cant eat, is suffering in pain, straving as all his funbds go to medications. A felon is prison gets better treatment. Now you want me to feel sorry for another country. I contribute to your salary weekly and while my family members and myself suffer you LEAVE the people who put you in power to assit another country. Our leaders are not learders that is a sin. Help your citizens first, where is our hard ship?????? you helped everyone else but not your own citizens. I am embarrased to say I am American.


This proves what the rich and self-righteous elites think about the average American.
Did I miss the telethon for the unemployed, starving, homeless Americans out there?
Don’t recall it.
We have 75 year old grandmothers and grandfathers working as greeters at Wal-Mart to make ends meet and but no George, Oprah, MTV Telethon, no $100 million dollars to give to them but our government can steal our money and give it to someone else.


When can we the American people expect our cries for U.S. Leadership to be answered?
I don’t understand.
This is crazy. I have never in my life seen something like this. Taking millions and millions of dollars of taxpayer money and giving it to someone else. HOW???????


Let us all look into the mirror of reality,and reflect upon the recent monetary contribution given to the american “War Lord’s”! The military complex,…that being the $33 Billion (ie.already on top of the budgeted $807 Billions) supplemental appropriation for 30,000 United States troops ( Mercenaries via Wall Street Capitalist,paid for by the US taxpayer?) newly activated in Afghanistan’s “America’s Perpetuity War”! Please do the math,… and #99 boots on the ground in Afghanistan cost the Pentagon (Military Compli-cation with unlimited purse strings,..also used to wrap,and tie the American Flag around their oh-so humble ventures of world freedom) approx. $100 million per year annually. So please, take a good look in the mirror when making/talking dollars,and sense? “Accountability,versus Priorities”,..or “Priorities,versus Accountability is something I believe the American people should do some real “Big-Time” mediation, regarding the country we all so dearly love,… current direction? Anyone out there knows how to pro-nouce “Cuba”?


I think we should do as much as possible to help stablize the country in this crisis situation. And then we need to work with other world governments to get them where they need to be with a decent life. Having said this though, we have many illegal Haitians living in this country that ought to be returned. And further, I hope that we don’t intend on allow them to mass exit to the USA. I don’t mean to sound insentitive or cruel – but we should not forget the Cuban mess when Jimmy Carter was President – what a mess that was. Not only that when these people from where ever come to the US in mass – they tend to want to bring their culture with them which nearly always clashes with our Traditional American Culture – we in the US have to accept so many multi cultural traditions to a point that we no longer have a definitive American Culture and our politicians for future votes shove laws down our throats to change our culture. So I see this as a potential issue. I don’t trust Obama on this one – Obama has yet to deliver his promises to America’s elderly, poor and working class – so we don’t need any new or additional problems on the immediate home front. But yes, we must step up to help the Haitians help themselves so they can be self sufficient. Since most of the Hatians are of African decent – I would like to see America’s Black Professional Sports Atheletes step up to the plate with money and lots of it if anyone should help it’s America’s African American population. Jim @ USA


I think the U.S.A. is overwhelmed with her own internal and external problems, but could help by sending illegal Haitians in America to help rebuild their country back, that’s how U.S.A. can help and by sending humanitarian aid immediately.


TO HELP ANY GOV’T OR THEIR PEOPLE … as long as we can do so !YES..[WE] are that Beacon that watchtower ..No matter what same might say.
WE can but only Hope that the good-money
put forth by Obama’s pledge of the American’s
Tax -payer money is WATCHED OVER MOST RIGHTLY SO !
We will, & we should hold the Obama adm. to ACCOUNTABILITY…IF the money is Miss managed and falls in to someboddy’s corrupted pocket’s !
That would not be a good thing to happen ..for we the tax-payer’s are hurting our-self’s & with a jobless economy…little to NO..growth.. !
SPEND THE MONEY WISELY …NOT AS IN THE WHY OF CONGRESS & W.H…PERKS…Attitudes of favoritism ?? This will play-back to the GOV’T ‘S
[SHOW] IF they are ..CAPABLE TO TAKE-ON HEALTH CARE ??…or miss manage it as well ! ??


Spot on #35, may all the world’s, “God’s” in our benevolent planetational society rain down their caritas free simony. PS. President Obama is/was terribly wrong to put a “Dollar Figure” on this catastrophic event,(PR bona-petite’) when “all” the world’s countries have knowingly contributed with proportional amounts,and resources,… rather postulating America’s arrogant hegemonious hubris.(Remembering the biblical story of a poor woman giving a mere penny in the synagogue temple,where the wealthy sat in front all noticed on high,gave vastly higher amounts,…but in reality a measely porportion when taking into account their vast wealth,as Jesus Christ so aptly spoke in his parables). Thanks again World Focus


I do not think American should play a major role in Haiti. I do not think American should taking any responsibilitie of Haiti and its people. I believe the Haitians should learn how to be more productive themselve and to learn to love their own country. If you love your own country and wants to make different, you would put the energies, money and time to build your country you love.I think the Haitians should clean up its own mess (corruptions and all those sins).
We, American can help them by guiding or teaching the Haitian how to build their country, instead of the Haitians always waiting for handing down or help from USA.
America is NOT the richest country in the world.We might give the impression to the outsiders. We have a lot of areas where it looks just like in Port au Prince.So there are a lot of poor people here in USA who barely have 2 meals a day or a place to rest.
To build its own country infrastructure, Haitians do not need help from other country. It is a responsibility of Haitians and its government.
There are other International countries who would be happy to help Haitians,and I think we/USA should bow down and let those countries take role, instead.
The Earthquake is a test for Haitians. International communities are there to help them, and USA should only assist instead of “always” being the “big” brother.
USA is facing a hard time as well, and who do you think will help USA if a catastrophe hit home?


How can any of you want to support & give anything to Haiti? They cannot even take care of themselves, work together, organize, or have the pride to learn and grow as a community. My septic tank is cleaner than this dirty filthy country. Let them take responsibility for themselves. Then and only then will you see a country come to life and be driven to make the necessary changes that will lead Haiti to independence and beauty. Anything that is done or given to people with no hearts or will to life will be done in vein.


We should be concentrating our efforts on assisting countries like Haiti in the western hemisphere to become healthy and strong. We should have as our highest international priority, building a strong western hemisphere instead of declaring and perpetrating wars on counrtries on the other side of the planet for dubious benefits to anyone. We should be leaders in helping a neighbor only a few hundred miles away. Subtract the money directly from Iraq and Afganistan and give it to Haiti, at once. Five hundred million, where it counts.


The United States should take a role allowed by discretionary resources as decided upon by Congress. Our National Guard or Army should be used rather than elite fighting fources that are needed more in Afghanistan and Irag. The United Nations should be encouraged and demanded to play the lead role in support of Haiti, assuming corruption can be controlled.


I agree with Roberta, #30. We should give as much as others, but we do not have to save the world.
I think Haiti is very corrupt and a sinful place.
We can help them help themselves!
How do we know if the suffering will get the money? We definitely should give them food and water and help rebuild, but we have already excused their debt. I am horrified that we are selling them cheap rice and put their own farmers out of business. That is like our right hand giving and our left hand taking away.


The U.S. should join the international community in sending surplus food, donations from private individuals, manpower, medical aid, military assistance for stabilization, etc. The U.S. should NOT send money. The U.S. is broke! The U.S. government has already spent our great-grandchildrens’ money! We HAVE NO money to send anywhere! Let the Chinese send money directly, NOT through loaning it to the U.S. so WE can give it to Haiti or anyone else. WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY TO GIVE!!!


Since when is USA expected to be the Savior of the World?! And where does Obama get $100m to throw at Haiti when we (USA) are totally broke ourselves!? At best, how about we match the total contribution of the REST OF THE WORLD to Haite, dollar for dollar? That should not amount to much! And then, Haiti, along with all our many other beneficiaries, should be made to account for every cent donated to them, something our illustrious politicians have carelessly failed to do in the past. This nonsense has got to stop!


China (from the other side of the world), Cuba and Venezuela have already landed doctors and supplies, this of course is not widely reported. Our corporate controled government should be ashamed and disgraced for not helping ASAP in this historic disaster.

To get a better historic perspective re our relationship with our southern neighbors I would suggest to your viewers to read “War Is A Racket” by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler, USMC, a true American hero. To truly grasp how unique this man is read “The Plot To Seize The White House” by Jules Archer.

For a further understanding of our history of our relationship with our neighbors south of the border I recommend google to look up United Fruit Co and ITT and also what is available re the banana wars to get a feel for US Corporate felony theft and the use of our good youth as military corporate thugs. Regretably it’s our history, hopefuly for those familar with it we will not repeat it.


If we impoverish a country by flooding them with cheap rice which forces their farmers out of business–how can we call ourselves lovers of freedom? humanitarians? ethical? concerned citizens? Look at Earth from outerspace, we seem to keep forgetting that we all occupy the same planet, breathe the same air, drink the same water. What we do to one part of the planet affects the whole. Would we start a fire in one part of our home and sit idly by not thinking it was going to affect the remainder? Can we actually ignore the suffering of the Haitians and with a clear conscious allow our government to spend trillions of our dollars on unjust war, bank bailouts, medicare fraud and saving corrupt companies. I hope we all wake up to the fact that we are a world brotherhood and take responsibility for what we have allowed to be done in our name. Yes, we have a responsibility to help the Haitians and to ask that France make amends to the people they helped impoverish also. It is time we realize that our arrogance is bringing about our own ruin, notice our own economy, our educational system, our health care, our job market. We put their farmers out of business and our jobs move to China or Mexico. The chickens are coming home to roost. They always do. Shall we be the bright light of hope for the planet or just a bunch of plunderers ignorant of the pain we leave in our wake? Governments are made up of people and each of us has the power and responsibility to make our will known. What shall it be?


One thing we might be able to do is help them be able to build structures that could withstand strong earthquakes and hurricanes. Up until now, that country may not have had the technology to do that – here in the U.S., we have the technology, and still don’t even for ourselves when it comes to residential structures.


To Answer your the WF’s Stated Question more closely…

I would, still, say what I wrote in my previous
post (#33)…only adding or mingling these thoughts with what I wrote before:

The United States may do what it can…but what enduring solutions have come forth that are, still, “workable” across the physical terrains of all the levels of the varying “environments” of the country of Haiti?

Unless a certain vast Widening in the Scope of a far greater Perspective (than has yet to occur, thus far) does, indeed, occur…these things will continue on as always…with only the animal survival (of an intellectually perceived necessity toward self-preservation) remaining
of all that, psychologically, may thrust itself forth into the daily and nightly Collective Conciousness of the People of Haiti while repairs that may occur…whether soon or whether much later…will remain all that shows toward any sign of existential purposefulness.

What if, out of all these things so shown, there remains: only Darkness where there should be Light?


Since the days of Seneca The Younger
(circa 4 B.C.-65 A.D.) cities have been
destroyed by earthquakes and other natural disasters. (see e.g. Seneca’s Epistle 91.)

As then…so now.

What has Humanity learned from those former times
to these times?

Only that such things happen…
that, one day we see our loved ones
and in the night they are gone…often enough
without any goodbyes being said.

This is Life on this Planet.

Grieving is, perhaps, necessary…but will not
help the days go any more quickly nor the nights go any more slowly.

We, as Humans, were born into such a World.
All we can do is clear away the rubble of our lives and repair what we can…so long as we
must live on this World.

This, too…ghastly and destructive as this event
surely is…must, inevitably, pass.


I agree 100% with Candelaria. The political leadership has got to change!


I am appalled by the devastation in Haiti, and know that our country must and will help the Haitians in their immediate life and death struggles. But I am also sick and tired of the United States taking on the world’s troubles at the same time so many nations blame us for much of what is wrong on the planet. It is time for the world community to take on mutual responsibility for the improvement and enrichment of all people.
It is also time for we Americans to clean up our own backyard, and debunk the myth that we are everyone’s “Uncle.”


Since the on-going problem has been de-forestation, food, sanitation, clean water, the help would need to be in that direction.
Re-forestation, sustainable local agriculture, cleaning the environment, and making available tools such as solar ovens, wind power, etc. which is right for that area. And of course, erase the debt that country has had for so many years.


The US should help exactly as much as any other nation, not one cent more. We are not the World’s Santa Klaus, ready to give, give, give, while getting insults and terrorism in return. Let the Haitians and France take their own responsibilities and clean up their own mess. Let’s us have “balls” for once and call a spade a spade.


I agree with Peter Eisner. The U.S. wastes money in unnecessary wars – now it must prove its so called concern for others by rebuilding Haiti


After reading all the comments I agree with “Jen in NY”. Haiti is one of the most corrupt countries in the world giving them any money is a waste. Move the population and let nature clean up the mess the country is. Lets help them out in this calamity as we will always do and care for their immediate needs. We have been giving them money for decades and see what Haiti has become. Its sad


I fully agree with those who have said that “rebuilding” Haiti (including infrastructure, etc) should not be a US job (alone).
Certainly we should help, but so should other nations who have themselves been rebuilt or restored thanks to the American taxpayer (think Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Phillipines, etc.!!)

We should not be involved in “nation building”, but fully involved in humanitarian aid. This is a tragedy, yes…but frankly it is no worse that what happened (and continues to be unrestored) in New Orleans.


The United States cannot solve every world catastrophe. We lack sufficient resources to effectively protect our own troops and security interests in Afghanistan and Iraq…we are grossly overstretched.
It would seem that France should take the role of saviour (if there is to be one) considering its historical role in Haiti’s currently deplorable condition. As a totally “failed state”, what exactly is there to rebuild?. It would be starting from scratch…but could you get rid of the rampant corruption???
Let France or the UN do the nation building, if there is to be any. It would be in the Dominican Republic’s interest to help, since it shares the Island with Haiti.
As we all realize, the US would be helping to fund any relief from the United Nations.


It is a French problem,and coupled with the Catholic church,they should admit responsibility for this mass of humanity that is uneducated,vulnerable and forced to live in fourth world squalor,prayers alone will not help them.The Vatican should dip into its vast wealth and help,France should resettle Haitians in Polynesia…………


All nations with any concern for humankind should share in the responsibilty to assist haiti in this disater. Rather than making it another rancorous political issue, I should think there would be an organized call for physicians and nurses to help at the very least in the short term to care for the sick and injured. Medical supplies are soon arriving; is there an effort to have those who can afford the time to help to do so?


It is not the USA┬┤s responsability to take leadership, instead it is the around the globe, but like always, the US always at front taking the lead, and as chaotic as a catastrophe may be, at a time of need it is not a responsability to assist, aid and support a nation it is only humanitarian; regardless of how much aid the US can provide the aftermath is that it will take many, many years to rebuild Haiti, besides political interests, economically whenever there is a natural disaster around the globe in a third world country, the US reacts, and it is expected to aid when devastation slams the poorest among the poor of nations. American Leadership should not be taken as a responsability it is just a humanitarian relief effort and Haiti really does not have the resources nor the manpower, logistic, to remove debri, nor rescuing civilians. With our soldiers deployed to Haiti, a lot more people could be rescued. So, I don`t think is so much about the financial aid, it is about being humanitarian.


Your question is poorly phrased “rebuilding” a broken system that is completely poverty stricken and segregated on the Island of Hispanola where Hatians are kept prisoners next to the richer Dominican Republiic is an historical disgrace. The United States must build from scratch an economically viable nation that has not existed before in it’s southern backyard. Haiti has been monumentally ignored and allowed to exist under repressive dictatorships throughout it’s history until recently and only this natural disaster has called attention to the dead end problems that exist and would have continued before this disaster occurred. You must realize that this was God’s wake up call to the world not just the United States- but as the big brother in the neighborhood that looms over everything in this hemisphere it is certainly our responsibility to lay a strong color-blind foundation for a new Haiti. The time is now.


It is not the responsibility of the already overburdened U.S. taxpayer to clean up Haiti. All nations should help restore Haiti. Likewise, the Haitians and their government need to take their share of responsibility to straighten out their country.


Well, obviously according to World Focus a lot, so the hack commentator like Avi Lewis of Al Jazeera and formerly of CBC Canada, the son of famous leftwinger Stephen Lewis of UN fame and Michelle Landsberg, renown feminist and rabid US hater (what a pedigree) can have opportunity again in future to report, how US help destroyed Haitian economy and society, of course with assistance of CIA. And all this can be seen on PBS network, supported among others by US taxpayers! Congratulations to Avram David Lewis, he finally found a network which fits him very well.


Haiti’s problems are horrible, a lot of responsibility should be put on France.
From your report tonight it’s apparent that France demanding debt repayment after giving Haiti independence ,which took more than a 100 years, and plunged Haiti from a prosperous country into poverty.
France should make recompense and join with the USA in rebuilding Haiti.


I do not feel that the United States should take responsibility for Haiti. We have already forgiven their debt to us as noted in the show. Additionaly, what about the Dominican Republic? There are 100’s or 1000’s (?) of hotels there that can house the people. No one has ever forgiven our debt. No other countries came to help us during Katrina or 9-11. Why are we always the ones to be “responsible?” The United States is definelty streched beyond her means right now. Her people are unemployed and the government is at odds. The United States needs to focus on itself and the projects/countries that it is already OVER involved with. Doctors and nurses without borders and private donations from all over the globe need to step up. We are not bad guys, but we will be if we don’t take care of our own people first!


I do not think the United States should take any bigger role than any other county. We are in the state we are in because of “our” ego. We all need to partner with each other to help those in need.


The United States should play no bigger part than any other country! One of the reasons we are in the state we are in is because “we” have stepped in and taken the lead role in so many foreign issues. It was done out of Ego and not wisdome. If we were going to lead the charge, we should have done it years ago, not just because now there is a tragedy.


Humanitarian aid only.Haiti is a political and social basket case. Totally corrupt and hopeless.


I only take issue with the phrase of Resposibility. The US is heavily in Debt and spending billions in Iraq and Afganistan that will be abused and wasted once we leave. Haiti needs alot of help that should come from around the globe. Have any of the arabic or OPEC countries offered to assist. Has China, Russia or Europe gotten involved yet? These are the groups that should share in this response. Resposibility lies with those willing to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and create a better life for all.


This is not a US responsibility. Private donors -not politicians spending U.S. taxpayers’ money- should be the source of any further U.S. support. Where are all the international agencies we already fund with U.S. taxpayers’ money?


It’s ridiculous to say that the United States should solve yet another country’s problems. And if, by some chance we can, we just get resentment for our trouble! All nations need to share the load.


I feel the United States should certainly help Haiti in this time of need, however I also feel the entire global community should be involved.
We have yet to complete the reconstruction of our own Katrina disaster, and we are totally spread too thin all across the world.


Rather than “rebuild”(hey be honest, what was there before the quake?) the world would be better off spending the millions helping the struggling folks there to emigrate to the other countries of the world. Let nature come back on its own in Haiti, with no people furthering the complete environmental devastation that has been taking place there. Let the UN take ownership, and once the environment recovers, allow people to settle there once again. The people would lead much happier, healthier lives in countries with established infrastructures and healthy economies. Why trap them in such a hellish existence? What exactly would we rebuild-shacks made of garbage??? We should not give their government a cent as you well know they will not give it to the people-they have proven that over the centuries at this point. Those people need resources-but they should be taken to countries where they at least have a chance to have a decent life. Those poor souls will never ever have a chance in Haiti-why extend their misery and give false hope? What is humanitarian about that???? Help them out of Haiti, do not rebuild!!!!


At most, the role of the United States should be “One of many [countries],” and not Santa Claus bearing gifts of green backs to rebuild a very poor country, which the citizens of Haiti themselves destroyed long before the earthquake.


I am greatly concerned with the constant emphasis on the leadership of Haiti as to justify not giving to them in this great time of need!! For others who only comment on their leadership, have you donated to the Red Cross, Salvation Army etc. It is disguising, how could the President prevent an Earthquake, really think about it? People can not continuously focus on the actions of past president as the reason not to help now and in the future. That does not make sense. We have to let the past be the past and move on. Please think that $5, $10, $25 could actually save the lives of so many. The United States gave billions of dollars after WWII to Western Europe to rebuild called the Marshall Plan. The United States gave billions to Russia at the end of the cold war; no one seems to oppose that. Israel receives billions in support from United States, on one opposes that. I am totally in support of giving nations to rebuild to prevent suffering? So, why all of the continual questioning of Haiti? They are people in need period. In truth, people must check their thoughts and actions and ask themselves can I tolerate Haitians suffering and not give them proper funding to rebuilt because their skin is black. It is a difficult question to ask, but the most difficult part is the answer which for some is YES. It is my prayer that if a person feels that way to please look inside themselves and ask if I was suffering, you would want the help.


The United States is now rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan and now we are supposed to rebuild Haiti as well? Emergency aid for humanitarian needs , of course. But how are we supposed to pay for all this? This country is TRILLIONS in debt to China and others. We can not give away money when we have to borrow it to begin with. We are a generous people but there has to be a limit to this insanity.Wer have people in this country that are homeless, living under bridges, in shelters, living from food banks. We are not taking care of our own. We have over 10 percent unemployed and they can’t pay taxes to pay for giveaways. If this continues, it won’t be long before we are dragged down to a third world economy. Help Haiti with disaster relief but don’t think we can rebuild another failed state. We are a country bordering on bankruptcy now and people need to wake up to that fact.


I hope and pray that the United States takes the lead in this effort. The entire nation needs to be rebuilt and it will take billions of dollars to do so and it has to be done right! We, as Americans should all support this effort. We spend billions and billions, probably now trillions on wars, and the same amount should be used to aid the lives of the suffering. This is what we must do for humanitarian reason is what we must do!! Everyone can donate $5, $10 or $50. I have started to bring my lunch to save money to give. This is a same example of what people can do to help. For those who oppose funding and supporting these efforts, put your self in the shoes of others. If you are a father, mother, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, what would you want if your child was laying there dying slowly! In our souls we know it is the right thing to do. All lives are valuable. Additionally, with the correct infrastructure and resources, Haiti can become a center for tourism, life, development and the ultimate test of human collective action from many countries and compassion for others.


As an evangelical Christian, eager to see the Haitians have a better life and working as a volunteer with, and Hispanic by race, I have had the opportunity to speak with, work with, and challenge Haitians to take responsibility for their lives; however, this would not happen until the political leadership of Haiti and some human relief organizations remove selfish desires for wealth and prestige and began to serve the people. Indeed, if one was to do the math and calculate the financial support given to Haiti through human relief and non-profit organization, this could be way unto the billions of dollars. There is no reason why these people should be living like paupers. But unless the world take over the political and financial leadership of Haiti and began to cut the tentacles of greed, the Haitians would continue to exist in the horrific circumstances of their daily gloomy lives. In my eyes, they deserve better than what their leaders have afforded them. Leaders serve their people and not the other way around. Haitian leaders need to learn this most basic human lesson and apply it to the lives of the Haitian people.


My hope would be that the world community would commit a sizeable resource to help and rebuild Haiti. The only suitable monument to those who have lost their lives will be a better place than the one that was nearly destroyed.


Once again, the world wants the US to foot the bill for every catastrophe.

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