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January 11, 2010
A deadly day in Afghanistan as U.S. troop surge continues

For more than two weeks, the U.S. has been focused on the terror threat from Yemen following the Christmas Day bombing attempt on a U.S. jetliner. But today, the war in Afghanistan is back at the center of the news.

Six NATO troops, including 3 Americans, were killed today, making it the deadliest day for the expanding international force in two months. A U.S. military spokesman said, the Americans died during a patrol in southern Afghanistan.

As the U.S. troop surge continues in Afghanistan, the top American commander says he believes the larger force is turning the tide against the Taliban. However, Afghanistan is also becoming increasingly deadly. Today’s losses brought the number of U.S. troops killed there so far this year to at least 10, an average of almost one service member each day.

For more about the situation in Afghanistan, Anthony Cordesman with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, joins Daljit Dhaliwal. Cordesman discusses the reasons why we are seeing more casualties and what to expect going forward. He also talks about how the troop surge has made an impact.




Obama says we are there to prevent Al Qaeda from setting up training camps for terrorism. If we were able to totally control Afghanistan, would all of the other Al Qaeda camps throughout the world suddenly shut down? What in the world are we hoping to accomplish in Afghanistan?


The Enemy sees time and the course of event in a much broader sence of time as in longevity …duration !
INSTANT..action..instant results the [WEST]imperceptible space of a moment,then off
to the next …HELLRAISER.. ?
Remember where were we ..when the seeds OF HATE WERE BEING PLANTED ?….in the Mosque’s &
madras ? Allowing terrorist group to gain a foothold …. !
Will WE the WEST have the FORTITUDE
and their too !
NOT ALL Muslim’s View Radical ISLAM
….but we need all voices in this disscussion earnest conversation.. &communication…cause
it now effect your commuity &family as well. !


It is very simple NATO is fighting a war where people get killed. They are fight the best youth of a country to the East who come from mountain villages. Who are used to the climite, the mountains, the poor living conditions. They are paid a few hundred dollars each and get a bonus to kill each NATO troops, more if they kill Americans. This is a way to get out of their dull life in a village and go on a venture. Money that their poor families can use and to serve God at the same time. Think about being able to Rape, Loot, and do anything you want in the Name/NATO troops no longer take captives alive.They turn them over to the Afghans to get information.


What this writer does not understand is several things. First we should never have went into Afghanistan full force – I think special operations forces would have been more effective. Second, we are not so much battling a military force but an ideology + culture + culture and in this event, we will never what you call win. So the point remains the same as it was in Iraq and the same as it was in Vietnam – will the end justify the means to get there – I think the answer is a resounding NO! This guy Karzi they call a president is just taking the US a financial ride – he is corrupt and needs to step down – he is so unpopular that the US has to have special forces to protect him – or else the Taliban would have his head on a stake. As far as what we do in that part of the world – the West in general and other industrialized nations ought to simply cut off all contact with those countries and let them destroy each other until they either get smart or just fade away. We have all of these (Guest Experts) on the various TV programs giving their views and advice and not one of them seems to have the right or appropriate solution – lots of answers but no solutions! and I can assure you that this writer has no solution either – I just hate to see all of those young lives and money spent for limited here and there successes. Jim @ USA


If only we had sent more troops on the battlefields of WWI, we could have ended the war so much sooner. Hello, this war is not about some stupid reasons that caused WWI. This is a war of supreme stupidy on all sides. We will have to fight until the cows come home. Those cows are religions. Future generations ancestors will put our myths out to pasture, until then we will enjoy the blood bath. There is no hope for us, because we avoid the universal truth that humanity is one single family.


As the gentleman says. More casualties were always going to happen.Some people just don’t get it. This is war. And whats this about the Administration becoming impatient with the way the mission is going. Maybe if they did not take 3 months to decide on the number of troops to send Obama may,and I repeat MAY be happier.

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