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January 8, 2010
Week in Review: Yemen

In our weekly roundtable, we focus on intensive new efforts to hunt down al-Qaeda after the failed Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines passenger plane — a plot that was hatched in Yemen.

James Rubin, an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a former assistant secretary of state in the Clinton administration, and Garrick Utley, president of the Levin Institute of the State University of New York and a former NBC News foreign correspondent and anchor, join Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss Yemen and the fight against terrorism.

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I was not aware that the Obama administration gave the Yemen government a one billion dollars of US tax payers money. First of all most African countries are not real stable and so seems to be the case with Yemen – so where will the one billion US TAX PAYER dollars end up – probably in the pockets of some corrupt political or military leader in that part of the world. What puzzles me is where does these extremist get the money to buy all of their arms and munitions – it takes money to procure those types of things and lots of it. The other thing is why doesn’t the world crack down on Arms merchants both legal and illegal sales – when these extremist are reduced to chucking spears the whole world will be a lot safer. JIM @ USA


#2 Secretary-“President Obama is going to indirectly give finural support to terrorist groups when he gives a billion dollars to Hamas and the Gaza Strip.” <— Obama doesn’t want a repeat of Auschwitz. It’s a crime against humanity to intentionally starve people to death.


What is the big deal about Yemen? Al Qaeda is all over the world. I don’t even understand what we hope to achieve in Afghanistan.


God has a sense of irony!


The animals of Earth were not saved by Noah’s Ark, Moses did not part the Red Sea and Mohamed did not fly from Mecca to Jerusalem on a white horse. The sooner we free ourselves from our myths – the sooner we can develop real solutions to humanity’s faith based divisional and suicidal activities of war.


Yemen is just part of the network. al-Qaeda or what ever name you want to call this current terrorist group wants to have an unlimited supply of young males who want to relive the glory of the 13th century. Young men who want not only to serve God, but to die with a sword in their hand (sort of). Since there is little real work for these young adults and a way to get out of Yemen and see the world joining any group is better then doing nothing. They get to play video games for real to live the adventure.True they are expected to die for their belief there is a slim chance that a few will not. It is more than 72 Virgins it is real money that they will get paid. Money that they will turn over to their families. Yemen is just another place to get people to die for the Islamic terrorist network. The solution for Yemen or any other place is to take out the flow of money. Stop money going to the network of terrorist groups where ever they are. President Obama is going to indirectly give finural support to terrorist groups when he gives a billion dollars to Hamas and the Gaza Strip.


The failure was Obama’s & the W. H. Adm. in their relaxed attitude on terror when he came into office . Political correctness & even so passive in talk or WORDING[nameing] of TERROR OR TERRORISTS . I n so much it sent a invitation to al-QAEDA !…[CLUELESS] ! Perhaps NOW Mr. Obama has come to grips ….accepting we do have terrorist that are HELL-BENT on the ANNIHILATE OF THE PEOPLES OF THE WEST ! AMERICAN SAFTY ,OUT TRUMPS… TERRORIST PADDY-CAKE NICEY..NICEY..OR SHOW TRIALS THAT GIVE ..AL QAEDA A WORLD-WIDE STAGE ….IT IS SELF DEFEATING…POLICY !… IT IS A CALL UP OR INVITATION FOR AL QAEDA ..TO ACT UP !….. PLEASE RETHINK !

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