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January 5, 2010
Crumbling security situation further cripples DR Congo

Contributor Michael J. Kavanagh reported for Worldfocus on the crisis in eastern Congo last year.

He’s currently based in the DR Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, and gives Daljit Dhaliwal an update on the civil war that continues to cripple the country.

Kavanagh says the security situation is the worst he has seen in a decade — since the start of the Second Congo War.

For more on Congo’s future from Michael Kavanagh, read: UN, Rwanda and investors entangled in Congo‚Äôs future. He explains the controversy surrounding the United Nations peacekeeping mission, rebel integration into Congolese Army ranks and the economic viability of this resource-rich, war-torn country.

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Mr. Kavanaugh’s report is very important to me and so I was quite frustrated to find that, contrary to promise, there is no further information about the situation in DRC, only the same four minute videoclip which you broadcast.

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