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January 4, 2010
Using human development as antidote to Islamic terrorism

Alleged Christmas Day bomber when he was in Yemen. Photo: Al Jazeera

Ambassador S. Azmat Hassan is a former Ambassador of Pakistan to Malaysia, Syria and Morocco and Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations. He is currently an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University and is a contributing Worldfocus blogger.

Umar Abdulmutallab’s audacious attempt on Christmas Day — to ignite explosives that he had smuggled on board a Northwest Airlines flight approaching Detroit from Holland — has been a top story for the past few days.

Quick thinking by passengers who pinned him down averted what could have been a major tragedy.

Abdulmutallab is quoted as saying that he obtained the deadly explosives from al-Qaeda agents operating in Yemen. He reportedly spent some time in Yemen recently and presumably got indoctrinated there to attack Americans in the sky.

Parallels with Richard Reid, the so-called “shoe bomber” who tried something similar 8 years ago, come immediately to mind.

A somber President Obama said that the obvious security lapse, which allowed a passenger to smuggle explosives sewn in his underwear, was “unacceptable.”

More interestingly, Abdulmutallab’s father, a retired banker, had gone to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria late last year to warn it that his son had been radicalized. Further, that he was a potential menace to the United States. It is not known why the father’s courageous denunciation of his son did not have the desired effect of putting him on the no-fly list.

Five American youth are in custody in Pakistan because their parents had notified the FBI that they were missing and might be in contact with al-Qaeda. This example shows that the Muslim community worldwide is becoming more proactive in revealing contemplated acts of violent extremism emanating from their kith and kin.

Obama is right to order a thorough probe of the Christmas day bombing incident. Better sharing of intelligence among the American security agencies is key to thwarting such attempts to harm Americans. The Department of Homeland Security, the CIA and others must cooperate in getting to the bottom of this security failure.

There are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity. A minuscule proportion of Muslim young men, for a variety reasons, become radicalized. Extremist organizations recruit them after pointing to alleged U.S. culpability in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Such alienation leading to radical behavior is not peculiar to Islam. It exists in other major religions as well. Blaming Islam for the acts of a few individuals exhibits both ignorance and bias.

Obama should also be very cautious about getting embroiled in Yemen, a desperately poor country with a weak government facing more than one violent insurgency. He already has his hands full in Iraq and Afghanistan. By all means, Yemen’s counter-terrorism apparatus needs U.S. advice and financial support. But an even more critical need is to use soft power for human development.

If the energies of hundreds of thousands of young Yemenis could be channeled into gainful employment, they are much less likely to be recruited by extremist organizations. Al-Qaeda and their ilk find a ready clientele in poverty-ridden and fragmented states such as Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan — and in the lawless tribal areas abutting the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Poverty was not the motivating factor with Abdulmutallab. He came from an affluent background and was educated in Britain. This goes to show that violent extremism has many faces. It is not possible to build a single profile of what motivates radicalization.

It is virtually impossible to eradicate violent extremism root and branch in our far from perfect world. But the international community — working together and taking affirmative action in impoverished areas of the globe — can certainly reduce such incidents.

Human development is the single most effective antidote to such behavior.

– S. Azmat Hassan




we all have sen a the affect of terrorism weather it is 9/11 in USA or 26/11 in India or in Glasgow I really thin that its a good idea to of using a this kind of methodology as we can understand the human nature very well and I think it is the only we to fight against the terrorism..
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“…expectations of the People Of The World As Aspected According To The Degrees Of The Nations wherein they live…concerning an implied
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Islamic society must reign these brigants in ! If they cant do it…….well, I think its time to bring out the heavy arterelly !
The only thing these people fear is a boot in the neck, in other words, we must hit em hard,real hard !
I am sick and tired of hearing how we must help them rebuild……..they hate us ! Get it?


We need to break all taboos which prevent us from criticizing religion. Until we can have frank discussions with ‘the faithful’ about what is acceptable in a civilized world, there is no hope. You can’t have ‘human development’ with people who are chained to 10th century ideas, that are reinforced by ‘leaders’ who benefit from this type of slavery.


The possible data,and relevant info some radical jihadist al-Qaeda recruiters use to brainwash their foreign counterparts. Back in the 80’s Unical[major gas producer in the gulf of Mexico 1965-85)/(major oil producer in southern Alaska 1965-85)] was one of the key players attempting to build the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline to run from the Caspian area,through Afghanistan via Pakistan?,to the Indian Ocean via(India/future date?). At the time Unocal consultant was Zalmay Khalilzad,former US ambassador to Afghanistan then to Iraq,and then onto the UN. In the 80’s William Casey (CIA Intelligence Chief) was gaining intelligence from traveling businessman Marty Miller,…Unocal’s top executive conducting several negotiations in Central Asian countries from 1995,and voluntarily(?)providing this info gained on these trips to the CIA’s Houston station. Unocal opened an office in Kandahar,Afghanistan in 1996,while the Taliban were in the process of taking control of the country. Ironically,…Unical(?)rented a house in central Kandahar directly across the street from one of bin Laden’s new compounds(remember not deliberately?)which straddled the Herat-Bazaar-Road which happened to be near the Pakistani consulate,…housing officers from the Pakistani military Inter-Services (ISI) Intelligences. In 1997 Robert Oakley (ex-US ambassador to Pakistan, now Unocal’s ad hoc advisory board advised Miller to reach the Taliban by working through Pakistan’s gov’t,then led bt Benazir Bhutto. Oakley suggested that they should develop a job training program in Kandahar that would teach Pashtuns the technical skills needed to build a pipeline. Unocal set-up it’s training facility on a fifty-six acre site in Kandahar,suprisingly not far from bin Laden’s compounds. The man who arranged all this training was Thomas Gouittiere an Afghan specialist at the University of Nebraska,Omaha and was later told/asked by Miller to arrange for (Gouttiere traveled in and out of Afghanistan and met with Taliban leaders,ie)Mullah Omar?) another delegation to visit the United States in 1997. Unfortunately,…there was a intelligence whisleblower,…Julie Sirrs claiming that anti-Taliban leader Ahmad Shah Massoud told her he had proof that Unocal had provided money…that helped the Taliban take Kabul in 1996,and French journalist (collaborating stories integrity) Richard Labeviere said,… referring to the later 1990’s ,that the CIA and Unocal’s security forces had provided military weapons,and instructors to several militia’s. Needless to say the Taliban,and Unocal were in Texas to discuss arrangements for the proposed gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan in 1997 but the deal failed,…the irony. PS. The nicknamed “kebab seller” in Kabul,”Hamid Karzai”,a former CIA asset,and Unocal representative who had entertained visiting Taliban members at barbecues in Houston,was soon forced down the Afghan throats as the countries new leader,nice. Therefore,…I suggest the United States has a great PR battle ahead if it hopes to wane the animosity of future brainwashed terrorist.


WEATHER Itelligence Reporting is right on…or off target./ Blaming ALL Muslim’s is wrong and not fair…but what’s fair to ask is…what more can the muslim comunity do ? Why are muslim young men so swayed to the radical’s false-hoods that are preached.Moderate &reformist must voice in who have …Influence ! NO JUSTIFICATION TO al-QAEDA’S Targeting INNOCENT people..or Women &Children…misdeeds of wos and heartacke !Makeing
it a Palestine vs Israeli problem is taking the blame that is rightly so al-qaeda’s and giving it to other’s.


“…Muslim young men, for a variety reasons, become radicalized. Extremist organizations recruit them after pointing to alleged U.S. culpability in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israel-Palestine conflict.” As anybody who follows American political and military involvement in and near the Middle East knows, Americans have NOT attempted over the past 9 years, until Barack Obama entered office, to take anything much other than a hard-lined approach to the Muslim/Arab World–unless supplies of and profits from oil were involved. I believe the U.S. should take a firmer stance against Israeli aggression against the Palestinians…perhaps providing a substantial amount of aid to the people of Palestine in re-building their infra-structure and economy…and continuing to rebut Israeli aggression no matter what form it takes.

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