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January 4, 2010
Building a better future for Pakistan’s children

In a country consumed by poverty and vulnerable to radical influences, the future of Pakistan’s children is bleak. Half of Pakistan’s population is illiterate, and more than 10 million children never attend school.

Amna Nawaz of NBC News traveled to Pakistan on a grant from the International Reporting Project. She reports on a charity called The Citizens Foundation, which has built 600 schools and enrolled over 80,000 Pakistani students.

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Those children are so cute! he he


Could you please tell me if you accept submissions. I recently completed a 5 minute multimedia on a little Iraqi girl who was shot in the head by a US sniper and subsequently brought to the US for surgery by a non-profit organization.

Thanks a lot!


The “Taliban” are entirely Pashtuns(Sunni Muslim),period! the Pakistanian army in the (NWFP)Northwest Frontier Province straddling Af/Pac down to the enclaves of Baluchistan are Punjabis. Yes,…Pakistan supported jihadist surrogates during the Soviet (USSR) Union occupation,and later to build up,and out the Taliban,and let us not forget mentioning the United States covertly supporting al-Qaeda’s… Osama bin Laden,…the jihadist proculator. The Taliban,…and Taliban allied Islamic factions are adamantly opposed to al-Qaeda but curiously tolerate their Muslim brethren (it is good to keep your adversary/enemy close) for a price,or vice-versus? The Pashtuns ,and the “Federally Administered Tribal Areas” (FATA) indulge in their long standing,having many years of autonomy,and certainly don’t like the fact of being ruled under Islamabad Law. As far as Sandy Berger(Pacman/Intel Illusionist Extraordinaire) is concerned,… he is nothing more than a floor-runner for the (World’s Elitist) Int’l Monetary Fund (IMF);World Bank;Consolidation of World Central Banks(CWCB);and AIPAC. The 9-11 Commission was a whitewash,just as the Warren Commission,…a pacifier for a sedated,and somewhat always docile proletariat!


Nobody forced Pakistani government to facilitate relocation of Osama bin Laden from Sudan to Afghanistan in 1996. Democratic government of Pakistan chose to do so of its own free will.

Ex-CIA official Bruce Riedel said in an interview on 1/29/2009 that ”In Pakistan, the jihadist Frankenstein monster that was created by the Pakistani army and the Pakistani intelligence service, is now increasingly turning on its creators. It’s trying to take over the laboratory.” Pakistani Army and Intelligence Service (ISI) chose to create this ‘jihadist Frankenstein monster’ with full blessings and financing by Pakistan’s democratic governments in 1990s.

Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton’s national security advisor told 9/11 Commission in March, 2004 that ’Pakistani Army was the midwife of Taliban’.

Declassified DIA Washington D.C., “IIR (intelligence Information Report) Pakistan Involvement in Afghanistan,” dated November 7, 1996 states how “Pakistan’s ISI is heavily involved in Afghanistan,” and also details different roles various ISI officers play in Afghanistan. Stating that Pakistan uses sizable numbers of its Pashtun-based Frontier Corps in Taliban-run operations in Afghanistan, the document clarifies that, “these Frontier Corps elements are utilized in command and control; training; and when necessary combat“.

Declassified U.S. Department of State, Cable “Pakistan Support for Taliban” from Islamabad dated Sept. 26, 2000 states that “while Pakistani support for the Taliban has been long-standing, the magnitude of recent support is unprecedented.” In response Washington orders the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad to immediately confront Pakistani officials on the issue and to advise Islamabad that the U.S. has “seen reports that Pakistan is providing the Taliban with materiel, fuel, funding, technical assistance and military advisors. [The Department] also understand[s] that large numbers of Pakistani nationals have recently moved into Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban, apparently with the tacit acquiescence of the Pakistani government.” Additional reports indicate that direct Pakistani involvement in Taliban military operations has increased.

So Pakistan is suffering from these self-inflicted wounds and will continue to suffer as long as Pakistan’s – democratic as well as military – governments continue to create, shelter, nurture and support innumerable home-grown terrorist outfits.


Perhaps Hillary (William “The Great” Clinton’s,wife,and sole heir to America’s stolen Crown),should visit(kick about for awhile in the mud,and poverty infested squalor)this small port-side village in Karachi,Pakistan. Obviously her majesty could learn the useful,and simple practicality of actually implementing from the ground(literally)floor up,…how you build a village,rather than talk about it in her “Million Dollar(vanity driven-how to build a village?)Seller” that only drips,and falls upon deaf ears,in the “make it happen,..poof,…country of Oz? PS. The estimated cost to put one US Soldier’s boots on the ground is approx.$1million paid by the US taxpayer. Could it,should it,… be diverted? It certainly would buy “alot” of books,and pay “alot” of teacher salaries in “alot” of villages,throughout “alot” of Karachi,…? “The Children are the Future”

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