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December 31, 2009
Canadians debate their commitment to war in Afghanistan

The Canadian contribution to Afghanistan has generally received little attention in the U.S., even though there are 2,500 Canadian troops in Afghanistan, mostly in the dangerous southern part of the country.

The latest casualties are likely to increase the debate in Canada over their commitment to the war.

In a Worldfocus Signature story, Martin Himel takes a look at Canada’s role in the war in Afghanistan.




This shows the difference of views in our country. Olivia Chow says we are there for revenge.What an abhorrent statement. She speaks for her left wing types mentioned that reside in the cities. Defence Minister Peter Mackay speaks for the people that do not get a chance to be heard,
the brave women and men in the Canadian Armed Forces.Your piece shows the solders commitment to their duty that gives Ms. Chow a place to voice her opinions.
Ilana and Jody, You are supported.

Alistair Mckay
Toronto, Canada


The Pakistan & Afganistan border area is the end of civilization. Even Alexander the Great had to retreat from the Khyber Pass. Pakistan is a flake. We should concentrate on getting Osama, who is probably in Tajikistan by now, and get out. Not nation buildings, bomb Pakistan and take out the nuclear arsenal. Kahzid is corrupt, so let the Taliban have it. They were not our enemy originally.


That was an interesting report. The first impressions I got from seeing the 6 PM TV show yesterday, were similar but not quite the same.
I would have to disagree with Olivia Chow. She is married to the NDP’s leader Jack Layton, but I am not sure if she is stating the NDP’s position or not.
I question whether Bush’s motives for involvement in Afghanistan were revenge oriented or not. Bush was more interested in Iraq, I thought. Afghanistan because he felt he had no choice maybe??
I also question reversing the ratio of dollars spent in Afghanistan. She wants the ratio of $9 out of every $10 being spent on search and destroy type missions, while only $1 is spent on reconstruction and such
You will have to defeat the Taliban before you can rebuild without them constantly blowing you and what you are building all to …..


The Liberal government of the day got us involved in this quagmire. The Conservatives are in their element, preferring military action to peace-keeping. We are losing men and women for an empty cause. Afghanistan has a corrupt government, Stone Age mentality, and a history of eating up foreign nations occupying the land. Any Afghans helping Canadians are seen a traitors. Any project undertaken by Nato forces, regardless of how it benefits the populace, is seen as an afront and the project is destroyed as soon as it is no longer guarded. This is a never ending no-win situation. Canada needs to end our involvement as soon as possible. But with our current administration, we will remain at least until 2011 … and dozens more young Canadian men and women will die as will Afghans caught in the cross-fire.


i wish the war in Afghanistan will come to an end in any way!!it’s really horrible to hear all these people die and live in such inhuman conditions, either the natives or foreign soldiers who die and suffer for an issue that is not directly theirs, just being soldiers forces them into this inferno.


This was an excellent piece and captured the differing views and concerns of Canadians. I always tune into your show.

Viresh Fernando
Toronto, Canada

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