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December 31, 2009
Assessing the watershed events of 2009 on the eve of 2010

With the New Year’s holiday at hand, we’ve convened our panel for the last Worldfocus Week in Review of 2009.

We’ve departed from our usual pattern, and instead we look at a broader issue that was the subtext for much of the news from 2009 — what Fareed Zakaria has termed the “rise of the rest.”

To discuss America’s changing role in the world, Martin Savidge is joined by Garrick Utley, president of the Levin Institute of the State University of New York, and Rana Foroohar, senior editor of Newsweek’s international editions.

Given the events of the past year, what are your hopes for the world in 2010?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please be respectful and on-point. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

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I simply wanted to add a comment here to say thanks for you very nice ideas. Blogs are troublesome to run and time consuming therefore I appreciate when I see well written material. Your time isn’t going to waste with your posts. Thanks so much and carry on You’ll defintely reach your goals! have a great day!


Well, it has been prophesized that the end of the world there will be so much pain and hunger that man/women will say” I wish I was in my grave” and this is already coming true. Bangladesh is now known as ” ground zero for climate change”, slums are increasing as populations pushed into land.Skyscrapers increasing to house alot of people on a small amount of land. Education takes a back seat because machines are taking over menial and blue collar jobs. 2010 looks bleak and dreary to me . 2010 and beyond will be that way but I hope one day it rains condoms on everyone earth, not just poor nations.


More religious intolarance, everyone has the right to belive in the God or gods or demons they
so choose too, so long as It does not limit someone el’s religious preferance.


End the $3-5 Billion the U.S. gives to Israel each year. That will be a good start. Next, vote out all the incumbency in both democratic and republican parties. We need better people in government.


It is my sincere hopes that the world will become more understanding of each other and more respectful of each other. That somehow the Terrorist will come to realize that their actions and thoughts are evil and serve no purpose for them. That the G-8 nations will get together and forge peace and trust and that they will actively pursue dialogues that will be constructive and helpful. Regardless of one’s religion – we should all pray for our world leaders to use responsible judgment and work for the common good of mankind. Jim @USA


I hope that our global leaders will gain wisdom, and see the light in 2010.


I have no thoughts of hope,…just restitution for mankinds recent aggression on so many innocents brought about by ignorance: the thesis of past,and present hermeneutics…an admirable task,a apotheosis to literally expose the codex’s chiaroscuro of symthesized logic internalized by ambiguous unconscious symbiotic prejudices layered in the master’s gene of creation. “Happy New Year World Focus”


How can we fight to end poverty ? Just simply help.
Why do we spend billions on war to kill, rather then that money to feed?
If anyone has ever leanred from all the history of war ask youself one simple question Who won?
My answer No One wins !
Who made the fast desision to send so many people to ‘fix’ with tanks foreign problems. The US ?
Should they first not fix or try to fix there own problems first.
Do they really know the true foreign mentality ?
And lastly – What about the poor familys there that have sufferned.
Id say North America lost !


My hope for 2010 is that the news commentators will come up with more meaningful questions to ask the public and then actually read the answers.


Adjustment(s)/Clarification(s) To The Previous Post # 19:

The following 4 descriptions (from the previous post) could, also: be shown as being able to be ‘paired’ ( as ‘1 & 2’, ‘3 & 4’) to reflect:
the ‘Day and Night’ Theme
(of the previous post)…

1. ‘morally’
[or, ‘morality’ …’morally’…as ‘aspected’
‘intellectually’] and…[or, ‘intellectually’: that ‘intellectually considered’ aspect which leads to a more ‘religio-philosophical representation’ of the subject of…’Philosophy’; hence, # 2]
2. philosophically…
3. ‘religiously’
‘religious sensings/interpretations/hermeneutics’
as aspected (i.e. ‘having an aspect’) by means of any successive/psychologically successive ‘parallel (viz. previous post # 19
as to the meaning &/or use of ‘parallel’) interpretations’ which would involve ‘less worldly comprehensions’ by way of such–of those ‘higher sensings’–as may yet be so described as, often, meeting the ‘lower concious awarenesses’ of our, more ‘everyday’, contemplations through the ‘gates’ (or, apertures’} of our ‘physical senses’] and…
4. financially spent…
‘between a Scylla and a Charybdis’? [e.g. ‘between a rock and a hard place’, etc.]


What Reason(s) for:
More (mere) Existence in a supposed Life
morally, philosophically, religiously and financially spent between a Scylla
and a Charybdis?

Answer these Questions with as much Thought
as you might, perhaps, give to an Answer which contains as much inherent caution as Oedipus showed when a certain perplexing Question was given to him by The Theban Sphinx…

She asked Oedipus, “What creature goes on four feet in the morning, at noon on two, and in the evening on three?”
The Answer:
” Man—who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then walks with a cane in old age.”

And by some accounts (but much more rarely), there was a Second Riddle: “There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she,
in turn, gives birth to the first.”

The Answer is “day and night” (both words are feminine in Greek).

May 2010 be…
A year of such renewed “Heights and Depths”
of “Day and Night” Thinking
in Theological-Political Parallels
as these Parallels may be applied
horizontally and vertically
to all the complexities inherent…
within the Riddles interweaving
throughout our Collective Outer Existence…
as well as the Particular Spans
[i.e. see the 1st Riddle, again]
of our Inner Individual Lives.


that’s absolutely true Ehkzu and i agree completely. had a video called “a really inconvenient truth” which was also really good.

aside from these two well known issues, our DoD’s aspirations for weaponizing space and continuation of the use of known mutagens (DU/white phosphorus) are also very important. screwing up our gene pool is also serious business. putting space based lasers as fast as light, invisible to the naked eye that can burn several inch holes in anything in a matter of seconds; in collaboration with our “clear eyes” is also scary business. our media should be ashamed for not reporting this more (WF stop giving out the farce you’re giving us the information we need).

if leaders could at least even say, “hey, you’d be doing the world a favor by adopting kids if you wanted them. please at least, have no more than two and adopt more if need be.”

we need to rain condoms down on the third world. the entire planet needs to put pressure on people to use them or to abstain if they feel their austerities pleases their sky daddy of choice.


The 16 hopes posted so far have no chance of coming true unless humanity tackles overpopulation.

The Left and the Right unite in denying that this is a problem.

The Left want to feed the poor without recognizing that all that our advanced food production technology has achieved is robbing the future to feed the present, in terms of porous aquifer permanent collapse, fertilizer pollution of waterways and oceans outside rivermouths, monoclonal agriculture that puts us at huge risk for rapid spread of newly evolved plant diseases, completely inadequate control of livestock waste products, unanticipated consequences of overuse of pesticides, and many more issues.

The Right obsesses about stopping abortion while not giving a thought to the fact that the human race includes A BILLION PEOPLE who live horrible short lives in a permanent state of starvation; that our total numbers are increasing at a rate of 10 people every 4 seconds, and the fastest increases are occurring where people can least afford it.

Overpopulation has already led to the greatest extermination of animal and plant species since the large dinosaurs were exterminate 65 million years ago, to immense human suffering, and to competition for scarce natural resources that will lead to wars in many regions, especially over access to water.

Two hugely overpopulated countries, India and Pakistan, are both nuclear-armed nations that have been at each others’ throats off and on for decades. If they had a nuclear exhange it would put so much dust into the atmosphere as to cut agriculture to a tiny fraction of its current output, leading to a catastrophe few can imagine but all will experience.

All these issue and many more are the result of the world’s population quadrupling since 1900.

There. Are. Too. Many. Of. Us.

And almost nobody is willing to face this, so it isn’t being worked on.

And all these wishes for world peace and fewer ward and resolution of conflicts between neighboring overcrowded nations will come to nothing, because we aren’t working on our real problems–just the superficial symptoms.


Good riddance to the badly mismanaged ’00’s.

Those thinking about long-term recovery, know the environment will be a big winner in the conversion to biofuels & biopower — saw a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth


I would like to see less cheap goods being bought from China, and other countries as well. That way China would not have the (economic) clout that ‘she’ now has.


Love, peace and happiness. If you are going to hope, hope big.


My wish is that all the Worlds People come together to stamp out reigious intolerance.
I beleave we all have the rigth to beleave in what ever God and gods and demans we chose too.


2009 seemed to be the reaching out of most countries toward a Global view. My father said, “keep your side of the street clean”. My hope for 2010 is that all countries, especially the US, turn their eyes inward and uplift themselves, realizing that self-improvement will fortify the Global initiative. Better infrastructure, full employment, and individual pride will send a stronger signal for best practices than any other “force”.


I see more wars and destruction ahead. I see no changes in health care, banking regulations, jobs or any real growth in this economy. The change we can believe in has become more of the same, only more so. Expanding wars we can’t afford, continued enabling of Wall Street speculation at taxpayer’s expense and enriching big pharma and insurance companies on the backs of the shrinking middle class.
All great empires have collapsed from the crushing debt of wars, and we are on speed dial to follow suit.


My wish is that those who hold extreme views on all issues may open their hearts and minds to compassion and understanding and decide to work for peace.


well if you read any of our military templates the future is “uncertain” and it will have a growing number of “have and have-nots” which will be countered by a “highly dynamic operations tempo”.

i hope the US pledges to pump more white phosphorus down children’s lungs and fire more rounds of depleted uranium. i love genotoxic mutagens. they do great things for our gene pool which we all share.


History is filled with wars. I was in two wars. Fight for peace is nonsense. I wish 2010 is a start for war free on our planet.


I hope in 2010 Worldfocus remarks on-air about the comments they solicit nightly.


May we stop consuming the earth to build killing machines and stop consuming creation in our wars over political and religious beliefs. May every nation and religions outlaw Cannibalism.
. (not a religious site)


Israel withdraws to its 1967 borders doing justice to the Palestinians and helping to bring security to its benefactor, the United States because Al Queida will lose its main grievance against the United States.


the economies of the world do not go through another 2009. more dialog in the US congress less name calling. Afganistan and Iraq citizens take control of their affairs. start to clean up the US government balance sheet. get people here in the US back to work.


May we realize : A baby from anywhere in the world, brought to Brooklyn New York will be come a ”Brooklynite”. We are not BORN speaking these languages, saluting these flags, or worshiping these stone gods. We are innocent. These limits were imposed upon us through no fault of our own. Respect the Human for they, have as much right to Life as every other living thing on this earth. May we do no harm.


I HOPE 2010 will be a better year for world unity. Would be nice to see the nations of the world come closer together to fight climate change, hunger, and improve economic situations around the globe.


My wish for 2010 is that the science of life, Biology, with all the new information coming forth from genetics and nanotechnology will open up the minds of thousands more to the fact that we are all related and it’s about time we stopped killing each other and started helping each other.

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