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December 30, 2009
Full Show: December 30, 2009

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This show has no credibility at all. The first sentence of todays show Savage says ” it was five days ago that a “young Nigerian man” tried to blow up the plane…that is crazy pro terrorist propoganda. Use your brain here people…The plane was on fire when the pasangers stopped him…that means he is a TERRORIST GET IT? Not a “young man!”…not a criminal who should be given the right not to talk but A TERRORIST who tried to kill 300 people on Christmas!!!
Second intentional lie said that ” the attempt to blow up the plane is believed to be direct retaliation for this military action.” THIS IS A TOTAL AND INTENTIONAL LIE…THE PLANE TICKET WAS PURCHASED BEFORE THE TWO ATTACKS MENTIONED.”

World focus has NO CREDIBILITY and should be pulled off the air at once…this show is so tied up in a P.C. Straight jacket that it is only helping the terrorists…I don’t know who’s writing this crap but it should be stopped.
No offense to Martin Savage (He seems like a fine fellow) but why not have MICHAEL SAVAGE sitting next to him to critique the P.C. lies as they are being read off the telepromter…hey is that the same telepromter Obama uses? That would explain it! Don’t laugh imagine how much better this show would be if Martin Savage had his comments answered by Michael Savage! I’d pay money to see that and so would a lot of other people ! But all joking aside this show is total crap and should be canned if it continues to spew this enemy propoganda. Also the lies should be corrected on the air to show that they have the integrety to admit their “mistake” and if they don’t then we know that this is being done intentionally.

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