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December 30, 2009
China extends its commercial reach into Afghanistan

China has spent 3.5 billion dollars to purchase a huge copper mine in Afghanistan, the largest foreign investment project in that country.

Roben Farzad, a senior writer for BusinessWeek, joins Martin Savidge to discuss China’s increasingly assertive role on the world stage, as well as the state of the global economy as 2009 draws to a close.

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Thank you US for making the rich even richer, the BIG OIL company will always be on your side until the day you turn against them.


China has the money, manpower to invest in many countries. They are planning to stay on these countries for a mighty long time. They can bring in cheap young military age workers to do the work and keep them in the country for years. Every where China goes so goes the Chinese workers (army). Sudan would be a prime example where 10,000 Chinese workers laid the oil pipe lines. By all accounts they are still there. Afghanistan will have Chinese worker, guards, and other similar type of workers in that country. They are not going home, unlikely anyone can force then out. Remember what the nation of Japan did in Asia (early 20th century before they invaded a country, they had many agents in a country. China is the same way. Invasion by cheap goods.
China will do in Afghanistan what no nation has every been able to do take the country part by part or a thousand cuts.


China is not just doing this for the money.


Jim Zales, Before the US invasion of Iraq, China Sinopec had contracts to develop those same oil fields in that nation. Just to show their gratitude for the US war against “non-existent weapons of mass destruction”, the Iraqi government awarded those contracts and more back to the Chinese. Oh by the way, the Western newsmedia never reports on the deaths of 1 million Iraqi citizens resulting from the war. From America’s Businessweek magazine perspective, the Chinese are somehow looting resources from Iraq and Afghanistan by engaging in ordinary business and trade ties.


Well said Jim…Bush liberates millions of people and the West does all the heavy lifting and these trolls who do nothing but block every thing on the security council from the Arab genocide against the blacks in Darfur to Iran getting nukes
benefit from exploiting the fact that we are building Afganistan so we have one hand tied behind our back and isnt it wonderful how are good friend Karzai the criminal creep shows his gratitude also?

It’s too bad Roosevelt didnt have a Crystal Ball on his desk isn’t it Jim?


Interesting,, how We have made it SAFE
for China to buy and mine in Afghanistan and,
buy, invest in OIL in IRAQ. ALSO BETTER for

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