December 29, 2009
Tracking the legality of same-sex marriage around the world

This week, two men in Argentina became the first same-sex married couple in Latin America.

The gay rights activists from Buenos Aires were married in Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego state.

Argentina’s constitution does not define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman, allowing local officials some flexibility. A bill to legalize gay marriage nationwide is now stalled in Argentina’s Congress.

Only seven countries in the world permit gay marriage to be performed, although recognition of civil unions exists in some nations. Gay couples still face persecution — and even the death penalty — in many countries:

Original map courtesy of Wiki user Silje

The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Norway, Sweden and South Africa recognize same-sex marriage.

In the United States, there are four states (Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont) where gay couples can currently marry. In 2010, Washington D.C. and New Hampshire will start allowing same-sex marriage.

Civil unions or registered partnerships offer same-sex couples some of the legal benefits of marriage. Nonetheless, many couples find these insufficient and believe that they are entitled to gender-neutral marriage.

– Michael Ramirez

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Same sex marriages is the most absurd episode of human endeavour. Do what you want to do, but marriage? Marriage is between man and women. As an African there is no way we’re gonna accept this. Are you going to bombard us for not accepting this or boycott us or sanction us? Keep your perverted sex for yourself, there is no way we are going to accept this.


[…] En Países como Sudán, Mauritania, Arabia Saudí, Yemen, Irán y Afganistán ser homosexual tiene como castigo la muerte. Así lo deja ver el mapa de la homofobia en el mundo que estos días ha publicado la página web WordFocus. […]


[…] starting in 2010, gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia. While […]


[…] starting in 2010, gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia. While […]


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Kudos to those places that allow gay marriage. Gay people deserve the pain of divorce just like straight couples. I say, legalize gay marriage everywhere!!!


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“Marriage is for a man and a woman – other unions are not equivalent” You might as well say freedom is for white men and no others can be quite as free. I’m married and if you change the law and legally take it away, I will still be married and there is truly nothing you can to to change it. I was married before it was legal. If you kill us we will be a dead married men. If there is a God he obviously created us to be who we are. You think you know more then your own God, or more exactly, you think all those televangelist know more then God. And the money they make when they can get you to hate us. Jesus and the Bible never said “judge the sin, not the sinner” that was made up by man; you have to judge someone to say they have sinned. After all you can’t get people to give you money if you can’t get them to judge and hate. Jesus and his annoying values, don’t let them get in your “I deserve marriage and you don’t” ways.


Actually, Nepal doesn’t recognize marriage equality yet… though they’re considering it. And Israel recognizes foreign same-sex marriages.


Nepal has equal marriage and is not mentioned.


[…] of the legalization and criminalization of The Gayness across the globe. You'll notice the map's authors colored Africa in oranges, yellows, and browns, because the entire place is a burning hell for […]


Many States in the USA do allow marriage between brother and sister once they are old enough not to be able to produce off spring. When two people male and female who get married at the age of 60 is somehow by the power of God they are going to start a family? I think not. People who are against two people of the same sex getting married, maybe we should look at their marriage. Maybe we should decide what and how they are going to do in that marriage. Maybe we should decide that since they got marry out of wanting to have children then they should have at least one child per year of marriage. That they have to stay married for the rest of their lives. I wonder how many males would like to be force to stay marry for 30 year, have 30 children, and they can not do anything about it. I wonder how the Pope in Rome would feel if his priests were force to get married and his Nuns were force to have children.
I would say that those who are against marriage of the same sex marriage should be force to stay with their spouses for life with the condition that if they do not have one child per year they both will be snip and sniped.


The problem with the separatous movement? It actually creates a special set of laws instead of the same laws applying to everyone. Meaning that they can be challenged in court by family and care givers in hospitals that don’t agree with your commitment calling it a business arrangement or agreement. This has been happening for years. It is known that those who believe separatous movement believe being gay is a choice, like picking a tie. Usually believe that if you want to be gay you deserve the condemnation that comes with it. IE: violence, sickness, lack of protection, medical treatment etc.

No one would ever chose to be gay. Not even me. I at one time would have taken a pill if it could have changed it… Now I believe My sexuality is a gift instead of a curse. I am blessed to be who I am… I no longer have to fight with it… it took 31 yrs before I excepted myself being homosexual. 31 yrs of suffering. In my teenage years suicide was a serious option.

I am not seeking approval from anyone. I only wish that others would except who I am. It took me longer than most to come out to myself my family and my friends. My self acceptance doesn’t affect anyone but myself. I am joyful to finally be free from a life long struggle.

It shouldn’t matter that you feel different about marriage is all about choice.. the same choosing a religion, a choice. Picking and purchasing an outfit, a choice. buying a home, a choice. a Car a choice.

Your sexual orientation? you did not choose your sexual orientation. Your sexual orientation is not a life style, its just a part of who you are.

My sexual orientation? Not a choice and by no means a lifestyle. Life style is a choice. I didnt choose it.

I should have the same right to pic an outfit. How could anyone not agree with me picking my store, my color, my cut, my pattern and my fabric. just the same as anyone else. you don’t have to wear my outfit. You don’t have to be at the store when I purchase it. You don’t have to see me wear it. But to prevent me from shopping, designing, buying, or applying it to myself is discrimination. It does not effect anyone in anyway.
I think this is the easiest way to explain it. Marriage is a choice between two people. No one has the right to tell someone else who to or not to marry, or to call your marriage anything but a marriage. Because the neighbors or community don’t like your spouses sex, color, language, clothing, food choices or the car they drive. religion if any, etc. This is discrimination based on sexual orientation. some claim its a moral issue. Who’s morals?

I believe in the constitution as it was originally written. the 14th amendment states that all men are created equal with the same inalienable rights and that no state shall be able to vote against them because they are different (a minority) the majority shall not have the right to vote against a minority. Its that simple. So some bible toting A$$ holes manipulated the law as an assault against a minority. the defense of marriage act. DOMA. This needs to be repealed. Talk to your friends neighbors co-workers family, Changing one mind at a time just at least starting a conversation with someone they know is a good thing. Just get the conversation started.. you don’t have to win. It is not a contest. Just an Ice breaker and a thought provoking conversation….


Marriage is for a man and a woman – other unions are not equivalent. Have you thought about it? Love one another, that’s grand. Do sexy things together, that’s fun, perhaps. Or painful. Whatever your pleasure. No one’s looking. Have equal rights – freedom loving peoples can make a way for everyone – whether single, coupled, celibate, sexed-up, young or aged, crippled or strong – to have equal rights. That is the true measure of the civilized. And marriage can be for a man and a woman. To demand to alter that as a condition of gaining rights is a lie cloaked in a call for liberty. It is a hollow cry.


Kudos to Argentina, Mexico City and Washington, DC. And kudos to CT where we just celebrated the one year anniversary of our marriage equality law on 11/12. Onward to equality, Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace, Washington, Connecticut, USA.


Yes for same sex marriages. Surely we have more important issues than to figuratively “frisk” the genitals of marriage candidates? Like magnets, likes repel and dissimilarity attracts? To me it is a re-run of the anti-abortion crowd to which I have said, If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. Yet these anti people lack at least one important quality of civility – toleration.

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