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December 29, 2009
Airports around the world adjust flight security strategy

The attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253 to Detroit has led to increased security measures in American airports.

To find out what other countries are doing to protect airline passengers, Martin Savidge speaks with Vahid Motevalli, a professor at Purdue University and expert on aviation security.

Motevalli explains passenger profiling, technological improvements and the long-term threat of terrorism.

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Does anyone know how many probable terrorist acts are averted because of the screening process? That’s a statistic I would like to know because if for every realized act or attempted act, 100 or 1000 or 2 are averted, that statistic would help me arrive at a stance for or against reactice or proactive approaches to the problem.


You took the words right from my mouth Susan Calder.


Airport Security measures today and for the past nine years has been effective in purpose. Screening does not discern bombs. As a nation we have allowed a screening process that violates the eigth constitional amendment on our rights against unreasonable search and seizure. The government has not protected the general public but has instead ineffectively infringed on our basic rights and wasted large sums of money on transportation security measures. I would abolish Homeland Security. The agency acts in blantant perversion of American standards and rights. Enough is enough. All public places are in reality possible target areas of terrorist attack. We don’t have to submit to screening procedures to enter a store we shouldn’t have to submit to fly on a plane or board a bus or train. I’ll take my chances or not fly.


I’m totally in accord with the Iraeli Security Forces, that not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim. The political correctness and Victorian “modesty” will be the death of many if we follow that course. 2001 there was an outcry from groups being profiled, many of whom were Muslims. To body search Al Gore three times and not take a look at someone who fits the profile is idiotic. Instead of all the pork going to legislators states,(especially to the airports that serve only 20 people and have one or two flights a day) make sure all airports have the newest body screening equipment. If people are so caught up in false modesty and put it before their own health and wellbeing, don’t fly!

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