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December 28, 2009
Martin Savidge anchors Worldfocus until January 4th

Home for the holidays

Alright so maybe it’s a little after the holidays… but it feels like home as I will be spending all week with you on Worldfocus.

It’s always nice to know you are missed and I get lots of mail whenever I return to the program. Thank you for that. Even when I’m not here, I’m watching like many fans of the show since we all know there is nothing like Worldfocus to be found anywhere on American television today.

I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful season of giving and being with loved ones.  And here’s wishing all of you an enriching New Year full of good news.

As I walked in the newsroom today I have to say it brought a smile to my face. It was like the feeling you get after having been gone for a while and you finally turn into the old familiar driveway of home.

See you tonight.

– Martin Savidge

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I too would love to see you anchoring Worldfocus full time again. Your rich, full voice and your bright smile brings the program together.


My favorite news program has become World Focus and I think Daljit Dhaliwal does a great job as anchor. But why don’t we see Martin Savidge any more ? He had a great style of presenting the news and interviews. Really miss his professionalism. Any chance of him returning ?


I miss Martin Savage on World Focus. I do appreciate his calm easy pleasing manner of presenting world wide news. He is a really great news person.


I am reading the comments regarding your calm, elegance, excellence, class act, etc., which all echo my sentiments. I have wondered for weeks why you are not anchoring anymore, since I continue to miss you as anchor as well.


World Focus has come to be my nightly world news program. I continue to miss Martin Savidge as the anchor. The news articles are very interesting, but I miss Savidge’s manner of interviewing and his projection.


Martin Savidge is a newsmen worth watching. He should be back as the regular news anchor on World Focus. Lets inform the producers of the show about having back full time-Matthews


For months and months I’ve been watching MSNBC and CNN, thinking I was informed, and then I tuned into World Focus and Martin Savidge. I found intelligence, civility, real news, and respect for me as a viewer. Martin, you’re terrific, and I hope to see you often as World Focus anchor or special correspondent.


We miss you so much, you bring so much to the chair. Would love to see you there all the time.


I am a ardent fan of World Focus and Martin Savidge. World Focus is not the same without you.I am not going to miss any second of your broadcast.


Congratulations WORLDFOCUS for bringing back Martin. Hope he stays all of 2010, thank you. What a relief!


Yes, it is refreshing to know you will be back on World Focus. Your excellence in reporting the news was a high mark that I was seeking in news watching. Hope to see and hear more from you.


Yes Martin, you are a class act. Please stay for a long time. You make the difference.


Yes, You have made my day. Martin Savidge is back. I know you are trying all sorts of spokesman. He is the best. We need him full time. This is a great program with him. Don’t fool with success.


Would love to see you back full time. You brought a calm and elegance to news that is greatly lacking in other programs. Current host is OK but your were the reason I tuned in.

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