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December 28, 2009
Citizens of Iran mobilize during Ashura holiday protests

Protests on the Shiite holiday Ashura commemorating the death of Shiite Islam’s holiest martyr, Imam Hussein, were met with severe violence yesterday.

Witnesses said yesterday’s protests were the largest and bloodiest since those following the disputed presidential elections in June.

Iranian security forces continued their crackdown against the country’s prominent opposition movement, arresting seven anti-government activists.

Unrest continued today, as evidenced by a video purporting to be from today’s events:

Iranian and foreign media were restricted by the Iranian government from attending yesterday’s protests. Any footage made public was captured by activists. This video contains violent images:

The next video shows students chanting and marching in the streets:

President of the Global Americana Institute, Juan Cole, finds this movement insufficient for significant change to occur. He writes:

For the movement to go further and become truly revolutionary, it would have to have a leader who wanted to overthrow the old regime and who could attract the loyalty of both the people and elements of the armed forces. So far this key revolutionary element, of dual sovereignty, has been lacking, insofar as opposition leaders Mir Hosain Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have tried to stay inside the Khomeinist framework while arguing that it is Khamenei who violated it by making it too authoritarian. Saying you want slightly less autocracy within a clerical theocracy is not a recipe for revolution.

– Michael Ramirez

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How about this mobilization:


Iran has been supplying bomb material to the terrorist for years, just to kill Iraqs citizens. I wonder if Iraq is now getting back at Iran by starting a civil war? I would suspect that it will not be long before Iran has a problem with IEDs. It oil fields go up in smoke. Its Mosques being bomb. Its so-called religious leaders being prime targets. It is the Will of Allah that evil shall be sent to Hell.



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