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December 23, 2009
Around the world, charitable citizens lend a helping hand

In rural Colombia, biblioburro brings books to children. Photo: Valentina Canavesio

Tonight’s special edition of Worldfocus looks at people lending a helping hand around the globe. We bring you four Signature stories that were aired earlier this year.

We travel to the Philippines to meet Joe, who rescues poor kids living on the streets.

From there, we’ll take you to Jamaica to meet Miss Gene, who has dedicated her life to helping those with AIDS.

In Morocco, we meet a woman who protects single mothers who are often rejected by their families and scorned by society.

And from Colombia, the library man — biblioburro. All he needs is a donkey and some books, and the children come running after him.

What do you think about these bold individuals who dedicate their lives to charity work?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please be respectful and on-point. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

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The program was blatantly manipulative and on par with those “Save the Kitties” commercials one see on TV trying to get into your pocketbook. What a charade!


Thanks for showing us the good that is going on in the world. I greatly admire all of the people that you profiled including the Moraccan woman who is helping single mothers. She is up against such a strong cultural bias against them that it is quite moving that she is trying.


The economy will bounce back. Government spending created many jobs in the Great Depression, Hoover Dam for example. Some paint that as socialism, others as a wise public investment — saw a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth



I am reposting information on how to help.

The information for Joe Dean Sola, who works with street children, is at

To reach the biblioburro program,the producer of the segment, Valentina Canavesio says:

If you would like to help the Biblioburro, please contact me for more information via our website or by email at . Thank you!

– Rebecca Haggerty


Deb, Here is the whole articles of charitable citizens around the world. Please, view all the article’s in its entirety. Love, Di


I think their great! The world needs more people like Joe in the PI.


This goes to show you how ridiculous the Nobel Prize Committee is – the honor should have been bestowed on the folks like the library man or Joe or others not the Obama’s or Gore’s


This was an absolutely excellent program that has the power not only to motivate, but also to inspire one to do so much more with life. I have been inspired–particularly by the Phillipino gentleman and the Columbian one. They are all to be applauded and so should your program for so beautifully portraying what these unique and selfless people are doing with their lives to make the world a better place. Thanks!


Well done! The focus on helping in various parts of the world was encouraging. Whether the helping hands are Christian, secular, Moslem, Jewish–whoever does it, it is well done. I applaud every effort to help suffering humanity.


Thank you for your wonderful Christmas broadcast special (aired Wednesday night 12/23/09). Although your program was not presented as such I think it represents what Christmas is supposed to be all about; especially when practiced 365 days a year. Please inform me how I can forward a monetary donation to help with the “Biblioburro” and the street-kids in the Phillipines.


Thank you for bringing these beautiful and inspiring stories and people to my attention. I commend them for their dedication to such noble works. Sacred Works — that is what this is.


what a wonderful and uplifting program!! Many thanks as I was getting discouraged with the state of the world. So nice to know there are people willing to dedicate themselves to these causes. Such selflessness is inspiring~


Saw the show tonight and my wife and I would like to help Joe with his project. The show was wonderful. Please provide me with contact information so we can help in a tangible way. Thanks.


Those that serve as these have, teach the rest of us the highest form of love is that in serving others and showing others we offer the ability for them to have a vision of a better life that they can create for themselves and then pass on to the next generation after them.


These people do such wonderful things. I can only hope to affect the world nearly as well as they do. I was wondering if there is a way to contribute to any of these organizations.


Wonderful program segment…tore at my heart to see the innocent faces of the kids…if you could kindly provide contact information for Joe and Biblioburro, I will help in whatever way I can….thanks for the great work.


This is the best example of how a small gesture can change the world. Literacy leads to all learning.


Your excellent program has showcased the true spirit of giving! It is very heartwarming during this Holiday Season.


the comitment of those involve is more than i could ever hope to follow. I don,t have much,but if i can send clothing books etc.please advise.


Thank you! This is faith, hope and love in action. Keep up the good work!


wonderful program – I have been to Columbia but nothing remotely like the Biblioburro would have been possible- many thanks for this enlightening program


wonderful showw; tastefuly done. Bravo!!!!


These are the true leaders of OUR world and their stories need to be shared to inspire and encourage others. No matter the circumstances, they all have a vision and make the beauty of it a reality for others! What GRACE!


Wonderful! It’s great to see the stories and to hear the follow-up. Thank you.


excellent program- so inspiring- every network should adopt your programming. You should provide web addresses to all the people and organizations so we can continue their remarkable workl


remarkable stories, remarkable people, pity they are so few in this world


I want to help these guys. I have a lot of books, all in English. Please advise on how to send them. I am particularly interested to help Joe.


How marvelous it is. The people who do good works for others already know something we do not — that it is better to give than receive.

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