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December 18, 2009
Week in Review: Deteriorating U.S.-Pakistan relations?

Pakistan remains mired in violence after another attack followed Friday prayers at a mosque. At least 10 people were killed in the car bombing — most of them police.

In recent weeks, Taliban militants have stepped up their attacks on Pakistani security forces.

Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, and David Andelman, editor of the World Policy Journal, join Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss whether Pakistan’s once-close relationship with America appears to be deteriorating.

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Re: @ Brady #10 & #11 Excellent,…absolutely exhilarating,and profoundly discoursed,…my hats off to you sir!


US and Pakistan relations will not be come congenial, because of clashes of religion and the failure of US to show compassion to Palestine. The drama of these clashes will aid us to develope in the long run, but don’t expect too much too soon. We are a long way from realizing our univerval condition and relationship of common family.


Now DH (DisHonest) posses as Brady #10 and #11,

My disappointment is that you failed to mention the Mexican Revolution. Next year will be the centennial celebration. One of the generals, and later president, was Plutarco Elias Calles his father was Muslim. As president he fought a deadly war with the Catholics, which he hated deeply. Sounds familiar?


However Israel and Israel’s arms industry aided by the US arms industry and US oil conglomerates – the biggest contributors to both Democrat and Republican campaigns, used their profound influence on the US congress and White House to now set their sights on securing valuable oil and gas reserves of the Middle East while simultaneously propping Israel and setting it up for complete dominance in that region. Their fair headed child, Saddam whom the US had supported in its war against Iran had become greedy, unilaterally attacking Kuwait and not even sharing the spoils. Worst their favoured thug was planning similar escapades in other bordering countries sympathetic to the US. Saddam had been a bad boy and had to be stopped. Never mind Kuwait was conveniently succored by the US and in return the US almost completely controlled all the oil wells. Ever wonder why gas in the US is still far cheaper than Europe or any other Western country in the world? The WMDs the US were so sure of finding, were the same supplied by the US to Saddam to use against Iran. But Saddam also used the WMDs on Kurds as well as the Iranians. The WMDs were all gone and that is what the Americans were looking for- their own WMDs. US now intended to set into action the plan to now control the Middle East entirely. Before you could say Jack Sprat! in Afghanistan, Masoud the who had splintered from the Mujahiden and supported by Iran and Russia was conveniently assassinated by Osama. Within days the events of 9-11 transpired. Next thing we knew Afghanistan was attacked by the US. On the pretext of eliminating Saddam, the US invaded Iraq. Both Afghanistan and Iraq were supposed to be a cake walk. Now with the mobilisation of hundreds and thousand of troops and all the billions of dollars in equipment transferred there, there is no turning back. Now no matter how big a mistake was made, the goofy wide eyed buck toothed buggers from Americas farmlands are are going to be cannon fodder, whether like it or not. Its a big bet. A lot of money is at stake and there is no turning back. Zardari a petty thief and criminal who at one time used to scalp movie tickets, then murdered many opponents including his own brother-in-law, who then with his wife looted Pakistan blind, amazingly , with US’s help becomes President. It always helps to have a criminal in power as long as he is your criminal. No the secular bit will never work in Pakistan. Pakistan is not Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan are really essentially one ethnically and culturally. Everyone is armed to the teeth and seething at the US. The secularists are a minority but with US’s help have always managed to control the reigns of power. If ever there was a coup the surviving general had better be a nice tin-pot general with a strong US bias or else he would meet the fate of Zia-ul-Haq. Yes the US and NATO are hated by Pakistan’s majority – the poor. Israel did not get what it wanted out of Saddam’s defeat except for a few hundred barrels of oil. So now it turns its sights on Iran. But here is the problem. Iran has strong influence on Iraq’s majority – the Shia. It also controls the Shia Northern Alliance, which makes up Afghanistan’s government along with all the cut-throats and drug dealers of Karzai and other criminals propped by India. The Shia of Pakistan also take their orders from Iran’s Ayatollahs. For the US its a loose loose situation. They cannot win favour with Iraq’s administration or with Afghanistan’s nor with the Shia of Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Afghanistan. Its a dead deal. There is nothing but misery for the US. The US has not given Pakistanis any thing but polarisd the society further into the have and have-nots. The Secularists are powerful and rich but a minority. It won’t work. Just as in the French Revolution the proletariat will eventually overcome the oppressors. Pakistan will be a turning point in the West’s fortunes. Blood will flow but eventually US and EU will not be able to sustain expenditure on this unending war – the never ending story.


Pakistan was from its very inception a failed experiment in secularism by the West. The Indians chose to be courted by communist Russia while Pakistan threw all its bets behind the US. Pakistan in return for US feigned support enabled the first US dialogue with China, which ultimately led to China opening its economic doors for the US – the single greatest foreign policy success of the Nixon era. From then on successive Pakistani governments also opened Pakistan’s ports permitting free access to US fleets to spy on and counter Russian influence in India. However time and time again the US failed miserably to support Pakistan in its hour of need. Even reneging on its agreement to provide military aid to Pakistan if ever attacked by India. The agreement called for the assistance by US fleets if the situation ever arose. Well India attacked Pakistan in 1971 and the US fleets never came. Then there was that amazing exchange of Soy Bean Oil instead of F-16 Fighters. Pakistan paid millions to the US for a number of F-16s that were never delivered instead the US kept the money. When pressured the US offered to pay Pakistan in Soy Bean Oil. To date full payment has never been made with each corrupt Pakistani secular government agreeing to accept wheat or other agricultural produce instead. The American policy seemed to be to keep successive governments secular, as they did with their other crony, Turkey. In order to do that they brutally assisted in the suppression of any religious group with political aspirations – until Russia invaded Afghanistan. The the Pentagon and the CIA ran a “Jihad-against-Communism” programme. Overnight Islamic groups in and out of Pakistan were urged by CIA cell groups to proclaim the call for Jihad. Every mosque in Pakistan and indeed even in the US and Europe were inundated with glossy flyers, urging men to fight for the freedom of Islam and Afghanistan. CIA administered flights of eager young men whom they trained in Pakistan and then sent off to battle Communist Soviet Union. Pakistan became an important proxy for US’s war against communist Soviet Union. Money and arms flowed into Pakistan like water. Just about every house in Pakistan is armed and we are not talking hand guns or rifles. The same people called the “Taliban” were feted by Ronald Reagan who introduced them to the press in the White House as Freedom Fighters and people with principals closest to those of American Forefathers. Once Soviet Union was defeated and in time as it disintegrated as did the Berlin wall, there was no real American enemy to contend with. The Freedom fighters of Afghanistan were soon forgotten as was Afghanistan and Pakistan.


What is needed is a strong leader with war powers,First purge the terrorist sentiment in the military, especially the Intelligence.Draft all young men excluding all with terrorist sympathies. Those drafted can serve as the home guard, especially to stop suicide bombers.Then a full out war to wipe out terriosts and their sympathizers. In the mean while much of the borders between A & P. should be made a nuclear waste land by dumping radioactivity waste or by dirty bombing.


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Pakistan has always played us for a sucker staring with Pres. Butto being our “best friend against communism if why pay him millions a dollars a year”.

That Bin Laden could have 8 years of refuge in a military controlled country and a scientist sell atomic atomic know how to those hostile to US and not “know what he was doing” is a joke. Read Armstrong & Trento’s “America and the Islamic Bomb” on the latter.

As long as we support corrupt administrations as a lesser of two evils we’ll always be played for the looser and wind up behind the eight ball.

We never seem to learn that our enemy’s enemy is not our friend.


Pakistan is a problem and needs to be punished if they do not clean up their act. If they do not act like a proper member within the family of nations, I say make Afghanistan a vassal state of India, and let the Indians deal with them as they see fit.


Those U.S. drone strikes in North and South Wazaristan just makes things worst. And the U.S. pressure on Pakistan to use military force to drive out Taliban will backfire.


Pakiman, correction Think &act logically not emotionally


Pakiman, one of todays top story in DAWN.COM is NAB COURT ISSUSES ARREST WARRANTS FOR REHMAN MALIK.Think & act not logically,not emotinally


Mrs. Daljit Dhaliwal, I’m very much agreed with these gentelman but what you need to know here is that no matter what Pakistan is Sunnie Muslim country and therefore US is not doing what they should do and US never done what they should. Which is to back up the person who is going to work for the people of Pakistan and same time get what the US wants to get done from the Pakistan government. But you know the US State Department is not that bright when it comes to getting the Job done. Everybody knows the Taleban are Pakistani’s and Afghani’s so you just can’t kill them, that’s their land and they will not let you take it by bring some people like Mr. 10% President of Pakistan and the Mr. grug Lord President of Afghanistan.


Once again great DISTORTED JOURNALISM, She stated that ARREST warrant were issued for the Rahman Malik, You should quit or become competent Journalist PLEASE!!!! Notice to Appear was issued for your information not Arrest warrants.

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