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December 16, 2009
Pakistan faces tough decisions over militant crackdown

Pakistan’s president speaks at the U.N. in September. Photo: Flickr user UNPhoto

President Obama wrote a letter last month to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari calling for a quick expansion of military operations against insurgents in Pakistan’s tribal region.

The Washington Post reports that Zardari responded by saying that his government is determined to take action against al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other groups — but will do so according to Pakistani priorities.

Meanwhile, widespread anti-American sentiment appears to be growing in Pakistan, as the U.S. military expands its operations against the Taliban.

Will Pakistan actually crack down on militants operating along the border with Afghanistan?

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The pakistan land is held by a handful few. Bhuttos and Sheriefs own millions of acres, and basically have been proven crooks. The lands must be taken away from them and redistributed to the masses, so they own the country, and act accordingly with pride. Zardari and Sheriefs must be arrested, and removed.


I think it’s ironic that in the nineteen-fifties we inherited the problems of south east Asia from the French. And now have inherited the problems of south Asia from the British. With friends like these who needs enemies.


Just watch this new episode on Secrets of Dead on PBS 13, show named is “Mumbai Massacre”. This shows how cold these people from Pakistan are who killed people in Mumbai, how religiously fanatics these people are. here is the link to that documentary “” or just watch it on PBS 13 channel.


Trusting pakistani army is like living with a venomous snake and feeding it constantly in the hope it won’t bite us back but can snakes be trusted? Its my request to our government to take stricter actions on its own(as much as possible) to deal with this mess. My heart goes out to our soldiers who are fighting with these inhumane fanatics.Use drones as much as possible or any other technology available to us so our soldiers wont have to face enemy face to face. May God be with our soldiers; God bless America.


Never trust Pakistan – they have their agenda – we have ours. If the Taliban and Al-Qaeda become an internal problem to Pakistan – maybe they will do something. We should try to make it such! Otherwise we will have to bite the bullet and do it alone.


Pakistan can never be trusted, and just like the few ruin things for the many, Pakistani citizens should be bared from entering any western country !


I don”t think Pakistan well, the USA and it’s allieds must realize that these tribal wars on
this boarder have been going on for thousands
of years. In the last thousand years Viet Nam
did not know a ten year period where there was
not a internal war going on prior to our ( they
French and Americans) getting involved their. A
simular comparison can be drawn as to what is going on now in the Middle East. Well America ever learn from History?

Greece must be bailed out by the IMF. It is a good allied of America in that region, and a Christen country. Yes, it needs to curb the graft
that is prevasive in it’s government,as for it’s black market, all countries have it!


Pakistan Is fooling the western countries in order to gain more economic interests than to help bring peace in the world. Remember Pakistan is preaching hatred to western civiliation with more zeal than supporting peace. For that reason, Pakistan wont whipp off the world face, the Al Qaida neither Taliban. Wake up America!


president obama writing a letter to mr zardari is is utterly useless as he is powerless and army and isi will do as they please and tell zardari to say what they want o say.wazirstan is supposed to have been capture . but no head honchos are captured or killed. as long as a country gives safe haven to taliban and al queda thebattle for afganistan will never end . iremember general macarthur wanting to bomb china across yaloo river and was dismissed by trumanchina was almost suppling north korea with arms and ammunionetc korean war might have taken dffieent ending. cia and pakistan army is like chinese in korean war.if a country gives sancuatries and nourishes fighters who go to afganistan and kill naro soldiers and civilian ther will never be end to war .pakistan is a epicenter of terrorism )Long ago described byindian foreign minister and never taken seriously.these terrost can cause a regional war next time somthing similat to mumbai attack or parliment attack happens, which they want zardari reads what isi and army wants him to read and his own position as president is very shaky politically and army and isi will put the screw on him to resign


It seems to me, that after all these years of helping Pakistan with money, aid, military support, etc., Paksistan still won’t attend to the affairs of ridding Pakistan of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It’s become clear to me, as I’ve heard on many international news programs that I watch, that Pakistan does not want to rid itself of these factions. And so to continue sending money, aid and military support is a total waste of all our resources, the US and the UN, and especially money. Pakistan will take all of our money and aid but will not do their part of the bargain. Right now, the money could go to our problematic economies and be better used.

Because Pakistan is not interested in ridding itself of these factions, I don’t believe the situation will improve, but instead become considerably worse. Pakistan will export it’s terriorist factions abroad to continue killings and murders. I see Pakistan’s behavior in this matter is passive/aggressive. What will have to happen is, free countries will have to block travel and immigration of anyone from countries that harbor and support terriorist groups from entering the countries, period. Countries will have to disallow it’s citizens to travel to Pakistan, period. The US and the UN can’t patrol and live in all these countries who are supporting these terriorist organizations all the while getting killed, for no good reason. Close the borders to those countries. If the terriorists cannot wage war on other nations, they will be forced to live with themselves. Maybe they will give up the hate. Maybe they won’t. But they won’t be on our soils!!

Pakistan does not want peace, it’s getting it’s money and all sorts of support from the US and other countries, why would they stop now? We support their entire country for free. They hold the nuclear weapon over our heads and intimate that the terriorist problems are ours, not theirs.

What we all fail to understand or maybe we do but don’t know what to do about it, is that the more the terriorists get “air time,” the more brazen and embolden they become to kill more. Fahreed Zakaria produced a program where you could hear the actual telephone conversations of the terriorists in Mumbai before they blew up the hotel. It was unbelievable the wanton distruction of life that the participants were fervently held to.

I think that Western nations do not understand these kinds of mental instabilities wherein the death of many people is considered ok and glorified in the framework of a religion. I know that I have a hard time understanding how someone could willingly and wantonly kill innocent people, whom they do not even know, complete strangers.

The US should not have let Pakistan have a nuclear weapon, what was the US thinking? Now it’s got quite a mess to sort out and all their plans are not working. I am afraid to say, that Pakistan will probably become a terriorist state with a nuclear weapon, unless someone goes in and takes the nuclear weapons out of the country. I think that should happen within a time table set by the UN and other free nations of the world who have experienced the terriorist attacks on their soils. It’s time to quit playing and mean business.


The problem is the shenanigans by Pakistan’s military and ISI institutions. The US and the world trusting them is like a herd of elephants trusting their little ones to bunch of foxes. Pouring in of our trust and money has not worked and will not work.

The solution is to stop the flow of trust and money, and more importantly to begin the strategy of breaking up Pakistan into four parts….North West Frontier Area, Punjab, Sindh and Balu(o)chistan.

Earlier we change our gears, the better of we and the world would be.


Yes once the silver begging bowl is filled with U.S dallars.Pakistan has contributed nothing positive to mankind except to export terrorism. China is the only country that can put pressure both on the Pakistani military/ISI and the govt. Pakistan can not afford to offend both of its strong neighbors namely India & China simultaneously.


Pakistan has lost focus due to their own internal political conflicts. They are more concerned with our “intrustions” than they are with the internal dangers that threaten more strongly, day by day, the complete undermining of their government. The future, I fear, holds nothing but more turmoil for the nation and the people of Pakistan. Consequently, they cannot be considered a dependable ally and we need to acknowledge that now, not later.


In Pakistan, the ISI, the CIA of Pakistan, has always funded and used the Taliban for their own purposes. The ISI does not trust the Afgan government because they believe that the Afganistan government is the tool of the Indian government. We have thrown billions down that rathole, and in addition, gave them nuclear weapons and nuclear technology hoping to turn Pakistan into another “Shaw of Iran” type puppet government. They have played us like the fools we evidently are.
Possibly we will realize that there is no military solution in that area quick enough to prevent bankruptcy, but it doesn’t appear that we will. Our ignorance of the people in the middle-easten nations may be our economic downfall as it was with the Soviet Union.


Of course not. They are still focussed elsewhere, in their power struggles. Safety problems in the US, or elsewhere, are not seen as their co-responsibility.


With the way the situation is along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the only real solution is for the U.S. to incorporate the wholesale use of Drones. We can”t invade another country but we could sure get rid of many of those
who can’t do anything else but kill and destroy.
I have a strong feeling that we will be hearing a lot more about the Drones in the near future.


Syria,Iraq,Iran,Afghanistan and now Pakistan we are doing our best to force our foreign policy on all these contries. Which is, to make the middle east safe for Israel. It is not about oil or human rights. It is all about Israel and their nuclear weapons.


Pakistan is playing game with international community. In name of fighting the terrorist,actually it is helping them by providing everything they need from all the help Pakistan get from US and other countries. It cannot be trusted.


The recent history – the last 6-8 years – say that Pakistan will continue to have internal problems dealing with the Taliban. The Pakistani army appears to include many with anti-American attitudes, and mixed in with this factor is pro-Taliban attitudes. This is also true in the civilian population, though reporting seems to indicate that civilians fear the Taliban so much that they are unwilling to do much to help track them down, since they will pay if and when the Taliban return. So they are often at most passive, to avoid negative consequences. In summary, there is insufficient commitment on the part of the government and Army to tracking down and eliminating the Taliban, and too much fear on the part of civilians for the possible consequences of helping to root them out even when they don’t like having Taliban in control. There does not seem to be any organized civilian armed resistance to the Taliban either. That leaves the government and Army, who – from this vantage point at least – don’t perceive it as being in their critical best interests to hunt down and eliminate the Taliban as a threat.


Parts of Pakistan are just as fundamentalist as the Taliban… more so they are going to go back to them once the alliance scales back from Afghanistan … this is their psuedo army against India!!!


You know there is an eastern adage. When there is an anger-less king and an unpaid minister, pity the people. The situation here is the same.
U.S. is acting as an anger-less king and Pakistan is acting as an unpaid minister. Although in this case, U.S. has poured in billions of dollars to Pakistan as aid and loan waiver. U.S. needs to keep the diplomatic pressure, yet should not trust Pakistan to finish the clean up work. Active U.S. militaristic push is the only way to capture/kill the terrorists.


Embarrassing typo corrections:Al Qaeda, Tenets of War


The US has to monitor the dollars it sends to Pakistan. The entire region is corrupt. I would like to see us simply walk away from the whole area and then react to any terrorist threats on a one by one basis with a merciless act.


RE US Pakistan strategy: Currently, our military is violating one of the most important tenants of waging warfare namely, granting the enemy in Afghanistan “succor from without”. We are allowing a situation in which the enemy has a safe haven and supplies across the border in Pakistan. The Pakistan military can not and or won’t bring adequate pressure on the Taliban & Al Quieda forces, for a variety of well known reasons.
In my opinion the US must mount our own major effort in the Pakistan mountains. 1)First the US must leaflet the mountains with a warning so as to give non-combatants fair warning. 2)Second, the US should mount a B-52 carpet boming campaign in such a fashion so as to drive the enemy from the mountains and towards Afghanistan into a vice-like pincer movement by our forces. The Pakistanis will not approve of this but that is too bad!


Pakistan has no capacity or interest in cracking down on militants. In the past,they have either compromised with militants or funded and trained militants to destabilize neighboring conuntries. As long as US funds are available their economy sustains, so it is not in their best interest to crackdown on militants.


Well, the westren forces will leave sooner or later, and Pakistan will face the music a lone,they should and must team up with the rest of the world to crakdown on terrorists now before its too late for them.


After selling nukes to the deperadoes, now you want to know if they’ll crack down on them. Dont you get it yet?


Pakistan would only “appear” to be cracking down on their borders.
Lets face it, their intelligence agency has been helping these terrorists for a number of years, so within the ranks of the government itself, are those who wish to dispose of them and take over its nuclear weaponry.
The West will play this game out and cower instead of facing the imminent reality that this will become a terrorist state in the end !


[…] President Obama recently wrote a letter to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari calling for a quick expansion of military operations against insurgents in Pakistan’s tribal region. The Washington Post reports that Zardari responded by saying that his …Read Original Story: Pakistan faces tough decisions over militant crackdown – Worldfocus (blog… […]

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