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December 16, 2009
Iran provokes West with upgraded long-range missile test

The international standoff with Iran over its nuclear ambitions seemed to go from bad to worse today, as the country test-fired a new version of its longest-range Sajjil-2 missile — capable of reaching Israel, U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf and parts of southeastern Europe.

This latest show of force drew quick reaction and concern from western governments, who were puzzled by a strange memo purportedly sent from Iran about work on detonating a nuclear device.

For more on Iran and the dilemma it poses for the Obama administration, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Ervand Abrahamian, a professor of history at the City University of New York.

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If Iran sits off a small nuke of any size it will be target by all countries of the world. Welcome tothe nuclear club. There should be a worried by Iran if they do seek to be in the nuclear club. Russia has always been willing to over help countries and leave a package behind. It can be a small 10k package or a 1000k + package, but they have always left one behind. They scatter them all over Eastern Europe just in case any one in the future decides to invade Russia. It seems to reason that the nuclear plants in Iran also have nuclear devices under them, with one push of a button and Iran becomes a puddle.


We need to ask how effective any Iranian Sanctions can be by looking at past and even present sanctions.
10 years of massive sanctions against the last Saddam Hussein , contributed to 1 million dead Iraqis and spanned an international black markets, noted the UN Iraqi Food Scandal. !0 years of these Saddam’s sanctions crippled and bankrupted Turkey’s economic, at that time Iraq was its largest trade –economic partner.
What has the decades of sanctions against Cuba resolved ?
So realistically how effective would any sanctions be, before Iran just moved around them, and also spanning a new global black market ?


I like Daljit Dhaliwal. She’s fair in reporting the news, and doing a good job. Besides I like to listen to the British accent, drink tea and eat crumpets.


C’mon guys,…let’s not turn this intellectual forum into the likes of CNN’s “Inside the Middle East”,…where wonderful journalism is turned into junk mail. Thanks


I get my kicks talking politics-of-gender and the Middle East as nuclear-free-zone. And sometimes I can pinpoint racists and misogynists. But that stuff seems too dense for you. See I told you, that you cannot discuss anything other than frivolous stuff — YOUR jollies, the “nose.”


In terms of the media, the subject of the Middle East as a nuclear-free-zone is discussed in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Dutch Radio English service, but not in CNN and the Networks.
Also, Al-Jazeera has discussed the absurdity of military threats by a country which possesses 200 nuclear warheads and IS NOT signatory to NPT, against a country which does not have nuclear warheads and IS signatory to NPT.

Some irony, han ?


Geeta, you have a good point defending Iranian rights by focusing on language used in WF. But please stop bad-mouthing the “British” journalist, some people find pronounced noses and accents attractive. This is embarrassing, the kind friends you don’t need enemies.


To #1, Dave Morton:“The Jews of Israel have also attacked Syria, Jordan, Egypt (at least twice) Libya, and the USA (the U.S. Liberty attack) “-Mr.Morton, you are repeating the same FALSE blogging under different names, before you’ve used: David Hoffman, Susan Walsh, Son of Jerusalem. This Lie and False is good for Muslim children, they can believe that 6 million Jews “aggressor” are oppressing 200 million “helpless” Arab. Mr. Morton, I am glad that Israely nukes makes you so scare.


jgarbuz, SGE:

you can’t forget what we did to Iran:

who does that? congratulate a person for their democratic efforts in their country and then a couple years later oust them to be sentenced to house arrest so that they can be replaced by a brutal dictator whom we train Nazi torture techniques to?

and then we sell chemicals to saddam to use on Kurds and Iranians.


Let’s not forget how the Jews got their holy land, let’s not forget that Winthrop’s “New Israel” mentality is still held stronger than ever by the people making decisions (if Christ instructed it once he can allow it to happen again):

isn’t it funny that the english language has nearly 200,000 words in it’s vocabulary, yet as far as i know at least there’s no word to describe the utter annihilation of everything that breathes, yet in ancient hebrew (like all primal languages) there are only a few hundred words, yet there’s a term given to this specific event because it was enacted out by them so often? the term being “herem”.

what a vile deity, an “eye for an eye”, who loves the smell of burning flesh, who makes men sacrifice their children (Judges 11), etc.

Without a doubt in my mind, if the far right Christians in this country banded together and started their own nation, they’d be a thousand times more radical and torturous than the Pasadran. Did they kill any of our hostages back in ’79/early 80s? They still look like saints compared to the Shah.


The present leadership of Iran is the most terrorist in the Middle East. Provides thousands of arms to Hamas and Hizbullah, suicide bombers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iranian leaders are constantly ventilating hate and violence.
The Iranian people are against these leaders, the majority of their neighbors are against them. The majority of the Muslims are against them. It is only a matter of time when Iran will become a free country to move away from violence, and dedicate to peace and commerce.


With the US military having surrounded Iran and still shooting up the surrounding countries, do you think it might be possible that Iran might need to defend itself? Israelis are talking about striking Iran. Should Iran take all the blows without a counter-attack?


I’d like to reference a significant timeline that might add some flavor to the world’s great religions,…transforming into politic’s via morals? “Constantine the Great(280-337AD.)”the first Christian emperor of Rome hated the jews and killed as many as posible but, he held the Christians faith dear to his heart which perplexes religious historians to this day. The “Edict of Milan” solidified Christianity throughout the empire. As always,there are dissenting parties, disputes between the churches two main Christian theologians who had advanced conflicting doctrines,known as…Arius,and Athanasius,thus Constantine convoked the “Council of Nicaea (325AD.)”the very first general council of the new church. Constantine was involved as usual with the council,and a resolution was eventually adopted ,called the “Nicene Creed” which became the “Orthodox Christianity Church” doctrine as we know it today (although like all religions,…overtime they fragment into subsets). Now we venture out approximately seven-hundred years to “Pope Urban II (1042-1099AD.)”who calls for a Christian “Holy War” (absoluely no reason for this inprudent endeavor) to recapture the “Holy Land” from the Moslems inaugurating the Crusades. Here is the irrational thought of how,and why it was orchestrated. The Pope offers absolution to the French,German,and English and all of Christian Europe,..and a spontaneous rallying cry becomes,.. Deus le volt'(God wills it) of the crusaders,..thus what followed was a long series of holy (Large,and Small) wars that were brought/created on deceit,.. for nothing more than riches,and spoils to enhance the Christian churches coffers (a truly diabolical act! ,..if only Moses, Jesus,and Muhammad were alive ?)which took place for over a period of two-hundred years. Finally,.. the Popes of that sordid past period were extremely corrupt,and malicious. Lastly, Pope Urban II died in 1099AD, two weeks after the first crusade succeeded in battle capturing Jerusalem. PS. Past history tells us that all are tainted with complacency,…


When is the OBSOLESCENCE OF UNCLEAR WEAPONS ..going to be less attractive or enticing !…..only then the horror’s of the outcome are ….. achieved ?


History is again repeating itself with the Jewish nation being left out to dry !
Israels’ possession of nuclear weapons is purely for defensive purposes. It is surrounded by hostile neighbors, who, if given the chance would kill every last Jew…..
While the world contemplates sanctions, which will do nothing, Iran is steaming away – very close to possessing this technology.
Hitler was bad enough……but he didnt have religious convictions which are used by muslims to rationalize their destructiveness around the world. He also didnt have delivery systems that would threaten distant foes.
Like Europe capitulated with the Sudatenland in WW2, the world will do with Iran. Rumour has it that most nations are now talking about “containment”……..


The double standards, hypocrisy, and injustice of the US toward Iran is infuriating and unbelieveable. The US has the audacity to condemn and threaten Iran with sanctions for testing its missile system, when the US joined forces with Israel to test Israel’s Arror 2 Defense Missile System in 4/09, and Israel’s Missile Shield Defense System from 10/09-11/09. Moreover, the US is silent about Israel’s 200-300 nuclear bombs and frequent threats to bomb Iran. Yet, it is desperately trying to prevent Iran from building nuclear bombs to defend itself against Israel, the only country in the Middle East with nuclear bombs.

The US can resolve the nuclear bomb issue with Iran by declaring the Middle East to be a “Nuclear Free Zone” and destroying Israel’s nuclear bombs. This will eliminate the need for Iran or any other country in the Middle Eat to have nuclear bombs. Otherwise, the temptation for countries to get nuclear bombs will remain as long as Israel has them.


The only people in the world who really deserve to have nukes are the Jews. The homeland of the Jewish people was robbed from them by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, the Arabs and Turks. Muhammad murdered and ethnically cleansed the JEws out of Medina and the Hijaz by 628 AD and then the Arabs occupied the Jewish homeland. The Crusaders came and occupied the Jewish homeland, and then the Arabs led by a Kurd retook the Jewish homeland. But in the end, the victorious British helped enable the Jews regain a part of their historic ancient homeland. But thank God, in order to secure it against 1.5 billion hostile Muslims, they needed a powerful weapon. And so thanks to God’s favoring the Jewish scientists who created the atomic bomb, Israel with a few hundred nuclear weapons was graced with a capability to defend itself against all those countries who still want to destroy it.
And let’s hope that the Iranian people will free themselves from the Islamofascist maniacs who are ruling and ruining their lives before there is another terrible war. Inshallah.


Well, if the Iranian shia can have nukes than why not sunni Saudi Arabia? THe fact is, there is already a Muslim bomb (Pakistan) and a Hindu bomb (India) and a Confucian bomb (China) so why not a Jewish bomb? After all, didn’t Jews invent the atomic bomb in the first place?


Please be advised that differences between Arab states still exist today,… even since the death of the great prophet Muhammad(570-632 AD.)who authored the “Koran” for the Islamic (Muslim) faithful. For those that can’t remember the Arab oil embargo imposed on America in the winter of 1973-74 that basically brought the United States to it’s knees, creating gas rationing,and a horrific recession that lasted for years. Ironically,…neither Indonesia,nor Iran participated in the embargo (they saved our behinds so to say)which was never really appreciated by the recipient ie.)United States if you follow the evolving timeline of OPEC,and the middle-east? Finally,…there are many factions of Islam, but are all intrinsically a indivisable secular,and religious movement which is diffucult for the western world to grasp other than it’s Judism,and Christianity duopoly. Yes,…the Iranian’s have all the rights in the world to arm themselves considering what the Bush#41/Bush #43 administrations have done to their neighbors,not forgetting to mention President Reagan’s infamous Ollie North’s “Iran/Contra” debacle. I hope,and pray that President Obama doesn’t become a closet republican? Great article, Worldfocus :)


RE: Iran & missiles;
O.K., how many missiles does Israel have and what are their capabilities? How often does Israel test its missiles? How many nuclear weapons does Iran have?–zero. How many nukes, including thermonuclear weapons, does Israel have? Answer: According to the authoritative Jane’s Intelligence Review, the Israelites possess about 500. The U.S. CIA admitted in 1976 that Israel had operational nuclear weapons. Israeli academic Avrem Cohen has written a book on the topic, which was reviewed in the prestigious New York Review of Books. Israeli nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu, revealed in 1986 that Israel possessed 100-200 nukes. The revelations were published in 1986 in the archly conservative Sunday Times of London.
World Focus’s interpretation of events, and of nonevents, stresses that the Persians are the only purveyors of aggression in the Mideast. The facts are 180 degrees out of phase. It’s the Jews of Israel who have attacked–and invaded–Lebanon at least six times. The Jews of Israel have also attacked Syria, Jordan, Egypt (at least twice) Libya, and the USA (the U.S. Liberty attack) not to mention numerous cross-border “incursions.” Iran hasn’t conducted aggressive military operations in its region in over 100 years.
So who is the victim and who is the belligerent villain in current Middle East politics? Go figure. It’s time your program joined the world view about the Middle East—the Jews are the real bad-nasties in the region, not Iran.

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