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December 10, 2009
Presiding over age of war, Obama receives top peace prize

As President Obama prepares to send 30,000 more Americans to war in Afghanistan, he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo, Norway, and laid out a defense of a just war.

The president said, “The belief in peace is desirable rarely enough to achieve it” and called the escalating conflict necessary to protect the world from terrorism. He also said that the U.S. commitment to global security “will never waver.”

Steve Chao of Al Jazeera English reports from Afghanistan about why Afghans don’t think more troops will bring peace.

After hearing from the president today, do you think he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.




Hey Connie, can you please tell me where you see this new respect for us?
Neohumanist #2 – That’s just what we need, less backbone and more moral courage, we wouldn’t want the terrorist killing our troops to say he was treated without moral courage.


Tall One I’m in your mind, you lay your head on a rock to sleep and I see your thoughts and dreams

Futility your only future you let your people down

Toss them hands up, walk away from your end and your oblation will be accepted as long as you remember the words

Free your people, surrender in the name of Goooooober, step into the light with your hands in the air


What are the taliban doing when they murder women and children as they shop for food? Are they worse than Obama who sends soldiers to stop the taliban from killing the women and children? So, who is worse, I wonder.


No, the President didn’t deserve the PEACE PRIZE; but it has brought to the forefront of his mind & actions that he shouldn’t be a freewheeling war monger. Clinton at the end of his presidency spoke to a biographer about Baby Bush’s goal to attack Iraq. Obama’s PEACE Prize is social & historic centure against war, Baby Bush could have used strong centure against nonprovoked war.


I think that it was premature at this juncture. Although there is a striking difference between his diplomacy efforts and that of George W. Bush and it appears that Mr. Obama is off to a good start on world affairs – I think it should have came after or at the near end of his first term. I think that there has to be more to a Nobel Peace Prize than just world diplomacy – here at home our country is still in an economic crisis and it should have been handled as a crisis but so far hasn’t been – there is a lot of people here in the USA that are in dire straights economically – so I think that the jury is still out on President Obama. Jim @ USA


Isn’t it amazing on just how ridiculously retarded some narrow-minded people (all GOPS btw) can be when it comes to somebody (the Noble Prize Committee that is) finally giving just credit to Obama where it is so justly due, OR in the past case of Jimmy Carter for their finally granting him that LONG OVERDUE “Noble Peace Prize” that he so too richly deserved for all his hard dedicated Peace work – both while serving as President in office, and even long after his leaving office – that for all his dedicated work creating PEACE in the Middle East!

No thanks to a worthless GOP president the likes of “reagan” and his little (just say NO to drugs) bimbo wifee Nancy Poo who constantly belittled Jimmy any which way they could, and even tried to block that much deserved Noble Peace Prize every which way they could even while “Vegetable Ronnie” was still withering away from being half braindead! Thankfully to NO avail that is!

It just astounds me that some gutter trash illiterates here in post would even use the N word to slander this great sitting President – Obama! (some #110 Richard that is) Any and all N related slurs should be deleted here btw!

Just shows how far back in time this once great USA country has fallen from any viable “world standing” status – that is – as to our once being a leader Nation to the Eyes of the World. Is it any wonder? Esp after having to live through 8 depressing years of being under a Hilterlistic dictatorship rule – 100% blundering at best – that of the 2 worse retarded GOP losers in the history of the USA – that being the likes of “bush & cheney” of all people! To all you retarded GOP’s they supposedly were your “war mongering” heroes. Well – In reality all they really were – were self serving WAR MONGERS who didn’t deserve the time of day! 2 Totally retarded “Dividers” with not a clue in their worthless brain cavities! AND – Certainly NOT men who are Uniters!

Certainly not anywhere near the LEADERSHIP likes of Obama & Biden of present day – that’s a fact! Now Obama has to spend the next 4 years plus cleaning up all the brainless MESS that they left behind!! A daunting job I don’t wish on anyone!

Can you even just imagine where this country would be today under 4 more useless GOP years of McLame & Pale-in? God help us all !! Nobody else present day – except maybe for that of Bill Clinton’s work in Middle East Peace – deserves a Noble Peace more then Obama! And you degenerates out there have the nerve to call Obama the N word and worse?! Have you looked at yourselves in a mirror lately? I’m sure you’re a real piece of work! Seriously! Get a clue!

In parting – I just hope Obama doesn’t lose his focus on the more pressing issues of getting this country back on track economically. Unlike the failures of the last 2 worthless GOP turds that put us where we are today no thanks to their worthless war mongering blood sucking quagmire in Iraq! A huge MESS that he unfortunately had to inherit, much like that MESS that Bill Clinton had to inherit from you know who! Yet again another (actually the same) “war mongering” worthless “bush regime”!

Lets just hope he doesn’t get distracted (much like Clinton did as well) by all that damn homosexual AGENDA crap that always has to pop it’s SICK HEAD out of the closet everytime the damn DEMS get a great President back into power again – having to yet again fix all the MESS that the damn GOP’s ALWAYS seem to leave behind!

Can’t we just ship all the homegrown homosexual terrorists over to CHINA in a handbag? Enough of their warped crap already!

And YES – all they are in reality are homegrown terrorists here in the USA, as all they are doing is killing a once great “normal” family society starting with the Church inside out and beyond!



The nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize go into submissions on every February of the year it is given out. So, Barack Obama was President for one month before someone decided to nominate President Obama…

I guess the Nobel Committee never heard the name of Jerry Lewis who dedicated 50 years of his life to finding a cure for Muscular Dystrophy.

Wake up people…Jerry Lewis should receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. Better late than never.


I believe President Obama absolutely do not deserves the Nobel Prize.He DID nothing (zero) to deserve it. Absolutely Nothing! I listened to his acceptance speech, pathetic, prepared only for the American people who voted for him, not for the whole world, to theatrical, incoherent from war to peace and back 10 times in the same sentence.No true value from this, totally not deserved. He did Nothing to deserve it and are other people on this planet who did something, and they were totally ignored for political reasons, from now on this prize has only one value…in cash…Alfred Nobel spins in his grave, he create the prize for the people who did a lot for the world peace, science, and so on, not for intentions.He followed so fast in Bush’s steps/military vision, Bush perhaps, in his own ego has good intentions, to.A war leader never deserves a peace prize…


You should disband the Nobel “Peace Prize” committee before old Alfred Nobel spins any faster in his grave.


There seems to be quite a bit of growing contoverse over more than this Piece Prize coming
into question about President Obama,”like the true
statuse of his citizenship”. How could our representives confirmed him if it is true ?


The Peace Prize should’ve been given to Daljit Dhaliwal.


YES. After the previous administration, it is so good to have a presedent that is thougtfull and articulate. He did an excelemt job of framing traditional values in the context of todays complex world environment. Two years ago I was starting to think that our natiomal fate was hopeless. It is good have a sence of hope agean. Much of the world apears to feel the same.


I don’t Thing he has deserved it yet.Blacks in America are still not equal. He hasn’t yet helped his own people Americans yet.


Definitely premature. He’s barely finished his first year in office. Nobel Peace Prize?…Ever heard of Ghandi? …He didn’t get one. And he tried to make peace for a LOT longer of a time than Obama has. Obama is riding on his election time popularity, but that ride is running out of gas.


He clearly didn’t deserve it. He hadn’t been in office even a year. If you add the two wars in, it’s illogical. It just shows how bad Bush was and nothing else. And how the world hate Bush, for good reasons.


I believe President Obama absolutely deserves the Nobel Prize. Absolutely! I admire his acceptance speech, too, and I believe that the world will come to realize just how special he is and how deserving of its highest honors. I find it tragic that some fail or refuse to see the Divine inspiration that guides his intellect, his actions, and his carefully considered beliefs. It is a huge disappointment to me that the United States seems unable to comprehend and celebrate the great blessing that is Barack Obama, and the power of his devotion to and love for our nation and for all the peoples of the world.


I have always respected the position of the President, with Obama (even though I don’t agree with anything that has come from his administration) it’s no different. However, when it comes to him receiving the Nobel Peace Prize I think he has done nothing to deserve it. When you look back at all the amazing people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize and what they have done to deserve it, him receiving the prize makes its prestige and honorability seem obsolete. To me this has somewhat discredited the Nobel Peace Prize and was a slap in the face to all the deserving men and woman that have received it prior.


Yes, I do believe that President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace prize. I agree with the beautifully written comment written by Janice Selden(#64).




Obama lied to get elected, he said he would bring our troops home. He has no intention of doing that. The business of America is war and it is a dirty business to make richer the war mongers that run America. Obama does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. And neither did Henry Kissinger, another liar. It appears the Nobel Peace Prize is a lie too. It was established by Nobel, the inventor of dynamite..used to blow up things and people. The Award really doesn’t mean anything and has nothing to do with peace.


He absolutely deserves the Nobel Peace prize. I’m astonished how the fill in anchor showed an anti-American bias in reporting. If you ask terrorists whose families were attacked, sure they will think otherwise, but we need to get tough in Afghanistan to secure the country for peace. Please bring back Daljit Dhaliwal. At least she reports news from both sides in a neutral reporting manner!


Yes!!! I was so proud to be American when I listened to his speech. Like every single speech he has ever given – he writes and speaks in a way that expects the public to understand complex issues. I so much appreciate being spoken to like I have a brain. I am so proud we elected this man.


#93 Paul: Ghandi (not Gandi) never won the Nobel Peace Prize.


President Obama absolutely deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Under Bush, we lost respect in the world and under Obama, we are gaining it back. Obama’s acceptance speech was nothing less than brilliant. I am so proud and thankful that he is our president.


Giving Obama this award is like giving out Academy Awards before a film is even released…. makes no sense. What has he done?…. nothing other than dupe a bunch of people into the novelty called “Obamanism”. Seems very much like Fascism. MLK and Gandi were not fascists…. I suppose the Nobel committee doesn’t know the difference.


From the outset, I did not think that Obama was being given the award for his accomplishments. I felt the award was being given for strategic and political reasons. One reason was Obama’s speech in Cairo. I believe the Nobel committee saw this as a step in the right direction and something that the peace process desperately needed. For the first time, it seemed in a long time someone was willing to reach out to the Muslim world with respect, with a willingness to see them as fellow human beings rather than dangerous fanatics. Another reason why I think the award was given was because the Nobel committee is probably well aware of the lack of support and the intense criticism that Obama would receive for making such a speech.
It was a way of saying to the American people, “Take another look at what your president is doing. While it may seem unpatriotic to some of you, it is viewed quite differently by the international community. Obama has our support and should have your support as well.” I believe the award was also a way of putting pressure on Obama and the US to think twice about escalating the war in Afghanistan, a way of saying, let’s work for peace and an end to the war that you so eloquently spoke about during your campaign. The fact that Obama took so much time before deciding on the troop surge and actually acquiesced to less troops than what was requested is proof to me that the award did have an impact. In order words, the Noble prize is not just viewed by the Nobel committee as an award but in some circumstances as a tool or an agent to promote and help bring about the very peace which it is made to recognize. It is a way of showing support. Even though it is understandably viewed as premature by many, I believe the situation in the Middle East is so critical and dangerous that it warrants this kind of tactic. HOw does the saying go, “Desperate measures for desperate times.” One of the things that I think confuses people about Obama is that while he is quite idealistic sounding in his speeches, he is more pragmatic and realistic in his approach to solving problems. Perhaps it comes from his community organizing background where one is trained to build consensus and find what works. Obama also tends to be a centrist which I think is quite coherent with his approach.
While being a centrist might be an excellent place to stand for doing effective problem solving, it is an unpopular position for those who stand to the extremes. Obama walks a tightrope quite often.
I think he would love to please everyone (and that could be his weakness though I’m not convinced), but he appears willing to go it alone in order to accomplish his goals. The fact that he approves a troop surge doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not committed to ending the war or finding peace, or that he’s simply bowing to pressure from the conservatives. It is still too early in the game.
Perhaps ‘reeling’ in peace is like reeling in a great fish. You must at times do the opposite, ie give the fish more line before reeling in or run the risk of popping the string.
In any event, I will be praying for him.




Actually Sari Nusseibeh has been interviewed also by PBS Cahrlie Rose. Go to his web site and see.


See Vali Nasr and Salam Fayyad in PBS intwerviews in

Dear Worldfocus why don’t you bring interviews of Vali Nasr, Salam Fayyad and Sari Nusseibeh. Muslims that are improving and promoting progress with positive work?


To #87 Robert:

President Obama listens to Israel because in 61 years is a country with freedom and progress, in spite of terrorism and aggression by its enemies.

At the same time there are forces changing the Islamic world with progress without violence. See interviews in the PBS Charlie Rose of progressive Muslims Vali Nasr and Salam Fayyad the Palestinian Prime Minister in the West Bank.


JGE Says:

To #71 frank:


Isreal is the Master. The nation should not be. It is a manipulation that they exist. They are there now so I say leave it there but ultimately, The creation of Isreal is a grave mistake. Isreal has no right to be there!


President Obama, when he looses the 2012 election, will put hid peace prize memento on top of the fireplace and will be chagrinned that the new president will be the gutsy Hillary Clinton.

During his presidency, Bill Clinton was almost fanatic about creating jobs. Six million-plus new jobs were created. He did not get the Noble Peace Prize jet, even that as ex-president he has done a helluva of a job with his Clinton foundation.

Well fairness comes late to those that deserve it.


I do not think he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. He is doing nothing more than what most leaders would do to sustain the status quo of global commerce. Prosperity for the US is dependent upon trade. Prosperity in the US has nothing to do with Peace. In fact US prosperity is dependent upon amassing energy and resources in a heavily weighted US distribution. How can the world be in peace when the US demands or commands most of the energy and resources? The current model for a nation to have prosperity produces inequity and war. As other nations rise, they too will cause inequity and ultimately wars. As one nations stands up many others must sit down.


This silly person who was elected to president by the population of ignorant and uneducated welfare recipients now displays his real quality as a leader which he has never been Silly man child!!


The Nobel Peace Prize is given by the Norwegian committee. This group has been highly politicized, usually to the left, in the last few decades. And their choices are a matter of sentiment, and opinion. They gave peace prizes to Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, mainly to criticize George W. Bush. Carter’s acceptance speech was a diatribe, against President George W. Bush policies. This was the first time ever that an
ex-president criticized the USA on foreign soil.

The Swedish branch of Noble prizes are for the Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine/Biology, Economics. Here you have to be correct, no other choice.

So the Norwegian committee has their own agenda.

They will be quite surprised when Obama looses the 2012 elections due to the high unemployment in the USA. He appears to be aloof about this problem. I fail to understand Obama’s meek approach at creating jobs for Americans. He is supposed to be a smart politician.


I watched a college football game, do I get the Heisman Trophy now?! How ’bout an Emmy? .. I watched a movie!!


Absolutely not.
Should never have been nominated


To whom is Obama going to listen? To Israel that is continuously improving economically so much so that is now, after only 61 years, one of the most advanced countries?

Obama , as he said in his acceptance speech, in war against terror, brought by the islamofascists. These fanatics are mainly doing harm to the Muslims, oppressing them. keeping them poor and ignorant, so that they are easy prey to fanaticism. There are new forces in the Muslim world that are working to do good for their people. I hope Obama listens to them. Read and learn Vali Nasr. Watch interviews of him and also Salam Fayyad, the West Bank Palestinian prime minister.


To #71 frank:

You always bring the Israelis, in denigration of course, into your blogs.

I prefer Israel to outfox Obama, than being “outfoxed” by the recent rash of captured American, and others, islamofascists doing harm to those that would like people to live in freedom,
progress, and economic improvements.


Having the ability to give speaches so fare was his only contribution. Without facing and avoiding the dangers of Iran and North Korea, show his true leadership. Hollow and weak.


To #60 Gregory DeSylva:

You distort the facts to the Deir Yassin case, and everybody can read it in the Wikipedia.

Israel was assaulted by the Arab armies in 1948 when Israel declared independence. Deir Yassin village that had been neutral, was invaded by paramilitary Arabs that were shooting at the Israeli combatants. This was war, that islamofascists conveniently misrepresent.

The terrorism that Arafat used against the Jews worldwide, and Israel, and against Arabs that opposed him, and his “brilliant” introduction of suicide bombers, that is now used extensively in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India that kills Moslem against Moslem, characterizes the corrupt criminal that Arafat was. He received the Noble Peace prize in 1994.
He continued his terrorists activities, corruption and oppression without stop until he died of a “”blood disease””. AIDS. But there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, only Ahmadenijad tells there are no gays in Iran.

Menachem Begin fought during Israel’s War of Independence. Made peace with Sadat from Egypt, both of them won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Menachem Begin with prize or not, who cares, defended and work hard for his people, was never corrupt and we Jews and Israelis are proud of him.


He does not deserve the peace price for the following reason, the war in Afghanistan,if America is concerned about terrorism then we should go after the terrorists, not after the Afghan People, his one sided policy in Palestine at the expense of the Palastenians, his containment policy in Iran,if we really want to get rid of atomic weapons,we should set an example by offering to get rid of ours and the ones that are in possesion of our allies, including Israel


I agree with the #1 comment with the added thought that the prize for peace should be like the other prizes, awarded for what the recipient had already done, not what s/he has voiced as a hope.


Greg Morteson did more to deserve the peace prize than Obama did. What did B. H. Obama do to deserve the prize? He even acknowledged that he had done nothing. Read ‘Three Cups of Tea” and that is the kind of person that deserves such an award and honor.


I mostly agree with the first comment made… He came at a critical time and we expected so much.. health care, a radical change in climate politics, and a transformation away from an economy dependent on oil and war into a green economy which tackled what Americans really need, rather than following the narrow special interests who are sinking the country and the planet… But what has he done??? He hasn’t even reversed all the damage Bush did, we’re still worse off than under Clinton…


I have mixed feelings about how deserving President Obama is of the peace prize. On the one hand, he has improved relations with Russia and cleaned up some of the poisonous diplomatic legacy of the Bush Administration. On the other hand he has not done well at all with the more problematic Middle East situation. He gets negative points for his handling of our two, soon to be three, wars, and he has let himself be too easily out-foxed by the Israelis.


To: Gregory DeSylva:

You conveniently not mention the peace prize for Arafat the Palestinian with worst terrorism massacres against civilians and a super corrupt, stole six billion dollars from the Palestinians and put them in Swiss banks.

So you are an enemy of Israel, what else is new?


I really can’t believe that after all CAMPAIGN PROMISES he made about bringing the wars in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN to an end; that the Nobel peace prize commitee would still grant him this HONOR! I am ashamed and apalled that he accected this GREAT AWARD on behalf of great nation.


what did he do to deserve the award? How arogant to accept it, He, the President, has no right to the Peace Award in my opinion


I feel he definitely deserves the peace prize !!


Has the president stopped using white phosphorus in Afghanistan and Iraq?

He increased drone operations and he’s getting a peace prize.

When will our media have the intelligence to tell it like it truthfully is? Until this day our nation’s militarism will rise and we will continue to be responsible for unneeded deaths.


This was all political by a liberal peace prize committee . They have given the Nobel prize to only left wing recipients for a centuy . Obama is an anomaly . He is not qualified to be president with absolutely no experience in business, National Security , the military, economics or anything of substance . He was an Acorn organizer . and then ran for the Senate and after 102 days started running for President . This was a stick in the eye of Conservatives He is an embarrassment to our Country and to himself . He should have refused it . he can hardly compare himself to any recipient like martin luther king


This is the speech I wanted to hear….”While I am honored to be offered this prestigious award, I
would like you to keep it for me. Keep it as a symbol of my hopes and my dreams for America and for the world. I will strive to earn this award during my tenure as President of the United States. And I will actively encourage the leaders of every country in the world to join me in striving for and attaining PEACE”. These comments would have surprised the audience and the world and shown a “genuine” humility that might make others perceive us in a different way.


Not at all. The nomination of President Obama makes the Nobel Prize a joke. How can a man accept a peace prize after sending an additional 30,000 troops to war. I am very disappointed democrat.


People who oppose of Pres. Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize need to remember that Pres. Obama did not submit himself or choose himself for this honor. This wonderful award has humbled our president even more. The opposers also need to remember that it was other countries who recognized him for putting in back breaking efforts to unite the world, which is yeilding a sense of, “world-wide hope” that was lost through wars,hunger, enslavement, oil feuds,natural and man kind destructions, that were all in place before he came on the scene. Opposers need to realize, President Obama is very much against physical wars, he would much rather sit at a table and encourage change. But, because he is not dealing with some people who will not, or can not reason, he had no other alternative to do what he rather not, and that’s to send out more troops. Our president is responsible for the safety of the US. He is therefore, protecting even the ones who oppose him. No matter how strongly you feel against our president getting the Nobel Peace Prize, it won’t change the fact that he got it. You’ll feel a lot better if you can find a place in your heart that will allow you to congratulate him, and keep it moving. Americans sound so confused when we harshly express our opinions against our president before the world. I think we are sinking our own ship. All of you opposers need to remember, we are “one nation.”


google Obama deception


Sure, Obama deserves it! After all, they gave it to former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, whose Irgun terrorist organization massacred in cold blood over 100 Palestinian Muslims, including women and children, at Deir Yassin in 1948. So what’s the big deal over Obama’s drones taking out an occasional Muslim family or two in Afghanistan/Pakistan? The guy’s a Mother Teresa by comparision!


Obama did not deserve the “Nobel Peace” prize nor did he win it. American agression against Afganistan and Iraq is a “genoside” and the use of the word “war” to describe it is misleading and a lie. The Palestinians Holocaust on the hands of American/Israeli has been going on for the last 60 years and continues to be norished under the Obama regime. No exotic deceptive words can ever be a substitute for the simple truth!!!


NOT AT ALL.. Innocent people are dying everyday due to U.S. foreign policy. Afghanistan does not even pose any threat to the U.S. How is Obama any different from the Bush administration? All troughout Obama’s campaign he talked about change and peace and unity but where is the action? The same policies are taking place! Come’on people, we have been lied too. VOTE RON PAUL FOR PEACE!!


Absolutely NOT!!!!


only time will tell………


Obama should not have accepted the peace prize… he should be true to himself. It makes him look like the typical politician.???


yes, he does; he is the ultimate peacemaker; we need to stand up to the Hitlars of the world…


I agree with Vivien De Back. I am 73 years old – perhaps those that are younger should listen to their elders. If you listen to what he was awarded the prize for, you can conclude most definitely that he deserves it. He has done all the things they cite. Now if you didn’t like him to begin with you can find all kinds of reasons to say he doesn’t deserve it. That is what most of these posts are all about. While I do not support sending more troops to Afghanistan, I hope that those he is sending are indeed peacemakers. Yes, he does deserve this prize and, as he said in his speech, it is due mainly to his mother who spent her life teaching him to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


Dumb question. If Yasser Arafat got the prize then pretty much anyone can get it.


President Obama deserved the peace prize prior to his speech and after his speech, which I read as posted on the White House site, I feel this more strongly than ever. For those that say he has morphed I wish to correct them. He is doing what he said he would do prior to his election. Those that say he has changed are, to my mind, projecting their wishes. He has been President for 10 1/2 months. The wars were on going prior to his taking office and he is attempting to end them both. In doing so he calls out “Let us reach for the world that ought to be — that spark of the divine that still stirs within each of our souls.”


Obama should not have accepted the peace prize. Maybe he will deserve it some time in the future.
Obama should not have sent troops to Afganistan.


Obama should not have accepted the peace prize. Maybe he will deserve it some time in the future.
Obama should not have sent troops to Afganistan. His idea and Gen. McChrystal’s of establishing a viable goverment there and “protecting the Afgan people” is an illusion. Accept reality.


Terrorism is a tatic not a country. So as long as the Unied States advocates it war on terror , there will never be peace. Acts of terror happen all over the world ,just like our wars. When can we live in peace.


Absolutely not! The decision to honor him with the award shortly after he took office made a mochery of the Nobel Committee. I used to look forward to all the Nobel Awards years ago. After looking at many of those honored in recent years, it has lost its meaning. I believe the peace award, as well as all of the others, should be earned and documented as such. Not a political statement!


A silly question. By defenition he deserved it because the autonomous private organization which controls the award said he did.
Does Pres. Obama “deserve” it more than Arafat? Yes! More than Mandala? Of course not.

Obama neither asked for the prize nor wanted it. So the relevant question is: Did he take advantage of the opportunity the award afforded him? I believe the answer to that question is an unqualified “Yes”.


Definitely not! President Obama is eloquent in his speeches so are a lot of Hollywood actors. To be deserving the Nobel Peace Prize, one needs to have achieved some accomplishments bringing peace to at least a small part of the world. I am disappointed with this pseudo “hope” and “change”.


Some people have mentioned that the Peace prize was given to Mr. Obama because he’s not GW Bush. But if this is the case, shouldn’t the people of USA who elected him get the prize? I hope Nobel is turning in his grave.


He hasn’t been in office long enough to be deserving of any award. He was only in office a few months when he was selected. It lowers the standards for the prize and insults the ones who were really deserving.


I agree with Geordie Wilson, Obama definitely deserves the Nobel “Speech” prize. He is a good talker, but that’s about it.


Yes, I think he is well deserved of the prize.
I am a proud American and glad to have him as my presidant.


Yes, he deserves the prize, and the world deserves peace. He will aid in showing us the way.


He deserves it, after all, the award is now only as significant as a single sheet from the roll of toilet paper in my bathroom.


Mr Obama had a huge sense of entitlement in believing he deserved to be President despite having less than 2 years service in the Senate (hardly enough time to master the myriad of complex issues facing America and the world-sorry but neither great speech making nor experience as a “community organizer” prepares one to be president or resolve any of these issues). After his election, he saw himself as some sort of international “rock star” and a giddy press and anti-Bush world leaders were more than happy to boost his ego into believing he was something bigger than life. Sadly,receiving the Nobel Prize will probably be the high point of the Ombama presidency in international affairs. It is just an other Eurpean slap on the back for the man they see as the anti-Bush, so it didn’t require him to have done anything to earn it.To his credit, Obama acknowledged today he has yet to do anything to have earned it. His international trips and almost daily outreach to the Muslim world have gained nothing for the US or world peace.His “diplomacy” with Iran has not detered that nation in its march towards nuclear weapons & has only allowed Iran to gain more time to make the facts on the ground into a fait accompli. Beyond flowery rethoric he has laid out no grand plan for a more peaceful world, he has not summoned the world to eradicate terrorism (yes terrorism, despite his reluctance to use that term or see today’s threats as requiring a war on terror).Clearly he did not earn the award and I doubt that when we look back in 2012 we will see anything even then to qualify him for this award.


Absolutely No!! He is a slick talking and shady guy that talks a lot and does not say anything. Look what he has done in 11 months, nothing but bring more BS to Washington. He is mocking all that this country was founded on.


Obama deserves the Nobel Speech prize. The demonstrators signs said it best: “You won it, now earn it!”


The President faces a similar dilema Arjuna encountered on the battlefield in The Bhagavad Gita. Like Arjuna, The President must fight.


Absolutely not. He has adopted and supports the Bush doctrine that war is good for business, either political, military-industrial, or the neo-economic variety that is wiping out the middle class.


I am appalled that he has the audacity to a)collect a peace medal and b)justify his action in promulgating an 8 year war that the vast majority of US citizens want to withdraw from. Using 9/11 as justification as his continued aggression is a weak excuse as we all know who committed that crime and it wasn’t a guy in a cave!!


Like John McCain said he is just a good talker, during the campaign he was received more like a movie star and not a politician. Now, the Nobel Prize I agree with most of the comments…Nobel Prize FOR WHAT? He just send 30,000 troops well we will see, remember this is a military operation; nothing ever goes according to the plan.


YES, of course Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. He has given the world hope that Peace can be achieved. He has embraced all nations to join him in his Peace initiatives. HE gives me HOPE…and at 76 years I have to say, he is just what America and the World need today.


Absolutely NOT.


Absolutely NOT.




Mr. Obama deserve the prize


As stated before this is a joke. There were so many deserving people that earned the title and they were denied. The purpose of the prize as been lost.


At this point, he no more deserves the Nobel Peace Prize than George Bush.


Absolutely not!


Obama does not merit the Nobel Prize at this early stage of his presidency. So far, there has been a lot of skillful talk. I also hear cognitive dissonance regarding his justified war. There is an increasing gap between Obama’s campaign idealism and his current decisions and only history will prove his merit as a Nobel Peace prize winner and President.


He [the President] has done according to what “is”…by which he must continue to work the differentiated spinning spheres of the landscapes [in Afghanistan], geometrically, as well as work all that which is yet causing the variations in the degrees concerning those parallel planes of the many varying psychological interpretive levels with which this subject [of what is occuring in Afghanistan] must continue to be considered inherently as the very nature of that structure’s continuing viability of which he is fully knowledgeable and/or (as well), considering [by way of illustration:] on a sliding scale: wholly to partially aware…as he is orientating all the varying right angles of situations toward some kind of constructive “alleviative” solutions even if seemingly violently dichotomized. [Lastly, To illustrate by way of a Landscape Painting:] Whatever else may come to be “painted” onto the canvas of these circumstances, at whatever timeframe of any impending “future”…shall have to be painted utterly carefully. And whatever may be the hard cold facts, the structure [the entire vast panoramic scenario when considered, generally] of the nation will have to somehow allow for some vast range of intricate interpretation–not toward quagmire but toward clarity–as to what will alleviate the agonies of the people of the land.


What a joke . Prize for what?
Good intentions , anyone can have. Do something ,then you get a peace prize.Let’s give everything away for thinking nice thoughts.


Many people, quite understandably, love to display their misunderstanding of the world and historical facts altogether. We are famous for that. If you study the world and history, you’ll understand that many Nobel Peace prize winners have been awarded as an inspiration for peace. Who has done more than Barack Obama to change the dangerous, bitter, conflictual tone in the world?
Oh by the way, by sending those troop to Afghanistan, he just change the biggest superpower military into a, De facto, most organized and most trained Peacekeeping and Peacemaking force.


I thought the speech was a landmark in his oratory. He met the obvious head on at the outset, revealed his inmost thoughts, struggles, hopes and aspirations as a world leader. He was clear, concise and met the obvious difficulties of his position with thought and wisdom. You didn’t even have the courtesy to use his voice and delivery in your coverage, but we heard a reporters version, without his passion and delivery, essential in grasping his thoughts.




His Gold medal worth melting to add empty US treasury but if someone really deserve a Peace Prize is Richard J Goldstone and his Gaza War report team .


This award is at least five years too soon. So far the president’s foreign policy is all good intentions.


Sadly no – as shown by the timing of his acceptance just after he escalated the unwinnable war in Afghanistan by ordering a doubling of the American military presence from that at the time of his inauguration. Remember LBJ’s SURGE and his shaky Vietnamese ally in 1964? Apparently President Obama was not sentient in that time period, nor does he value the lessons from that debacle. This politician should beware of a Petraeus candidacy in 2012.


@justice for all: Obama has divided this country? Put us in greater debt? Accomplished nothing? You need to better educate yourself and at somewhere other than University of Glenn Beck. Almost all of our national deficit was in place before he took office thanks to George W. spending binge of 8 years (small government, right?) And this country had a deep fissure down the middle of it once George W. started authorizing the government to watch and listen in on everybody’s business–small government again, right? Check out what Obama has done for education, employment and the economy and be sure to get your information from somewhere other than Fox news and you’ll be off to a good start in making yourself a more useful American citizen. A real patriot has the guts to question and disagree and STILL love their country…not just blind devotio. Lastly, as if we needed more proof, it’s Nobel, not “Noble”.

Now to the meat of the discussion. He doesn’t deserve it…yet. I don’t think a president that decides to send more troops to finish something in the right way means he is a war monger, but it is WAY to early in his life and political career to deem him worthy of such an honor.


Obama speaks well but noble deeds characterize the great. As for the Nobel Prize for Peace, it is tarnished by the number of receiving fools whose actions have caused the deaths of thousands, if not millions of innocent victims.


I don’t believe that President Obama deserves the Peace Prize, because he has done little up to now to bring peace to the world. Prizes should be awarded for accomplishments not rhetoric. If anything he continues a policy of war by committing more troops to Afghanistan, which will cause more death and destruction.


Obama did NOT win the Nobel Prize. It was handed to him, when he had nothing. Now he is towing Bush policy because he is surrounded with the Bush-hangers on. Time for Obama to hand this prize back like the Olympic runner who did. We are letting Obama rob this trophy in day light, for having done nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING. He is bluffing everyone.


In a word “no” unless the Peace Prize is given prospectively.


Norbel prize is just like those credit rating agencies that rated junkies with triple As.


Obama in his acceptance speech said “But they remind us that no Holy War can ever be a just war. For if you truly believe that you are carrying out divine will, then there is no need for restraint – no need to spare the pregnant mother, or the medic, or even a person of one’s own faith. Such a warped view of religion is not just incompatible with the concept of peace, but the purpose of faith – for the one rule that lies at the heart of every major religion is that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us”
Both Israel and Iran are engaged in a holy war.


I always believed that the Noble Peace Prize was based on accomplishments that one had achieved. Apparently now, however, this is not true in this case. My country is now more divided than ever, as Obama turns his back on bipartisan-ship, shutting out those who do not share his opinion ~ the founders of America would be ashamed at his actions, and he has yet to accomplish anything of value to this country, except to put us in greater debt, and inch closer and closer to a socialist society in which he envisions the United States . . .


Yes, president Obama won the Peace Prize because of his principals. He is the best leader that we had had in the United States.


President Obama’s attempt to justify war while receiving a peace prize is typical of the government of the United States and it’s leaders. That they cannot see or choose not to see their own hypocrisy is tragic.


I think that a war leader never deserves a peace prize, even with President Obama’s attempt to reduce forces in iraq, while hundrds of Iraqis are still being killed and suffering from the orginally U.S. led war, without President Obama or anyone else is looking to relieve their suffering. And no way that blood should be used to preserve blood, there will be always innocents to be crushed under wars.


He does NOT deserve the Prize. He has done nothing to bring peace to the world. He has caused by his increased force in the world to cause more unrest.He is two faced. He was against it when Bush was in office,now he is for doing whatever others tell him to do. The poor who vote will see him as a one term President. He was untrained and unschooled in being a world leader and we are all paying the price.We will rue the day we elected him to the Whitehouse. He attacked the wrong nation and has sent more troops to cover up the mistake by winning a losing war. He inheirated this mess and like Johnson in the 60’s has gone against sound advice and sent our young to their Nam.


Absolutely yes!!
I read the text of Obama’s speech in Oslo and I am very pleased and proud of our President of the United States for his realism and practical diplomacy in support of peace and a safe world for all.
The President is not a dictator and must work with Congress to get military, diplomatic and domestic reforms through the legislature. It’s a good system and I am glad to see it working.


“Daniel” in the the Lion’s Den of Euopean passivity………spoke eloquently this AM proudly representing this country! My only regret is that he neglected to mention that his Iranian predecessor (to receive the same honor)of just two years ago was required to give up her medal to her corrupt Facist Government!


It is true (as Obama implys) that peace is the result of a fight or struggle, but that force must be applied to immoral forces. USA war policy is tainted with nationalism and alliances with tainted allies such as Israel. On total, however, Obama is a good man and wants to do the right thing. He is not completed universal in his outlook, but he is the best world leader at the present moment. Palistine policy is one of his short comings when it comes to moral courage.


When Mr. Obama was chosen he represented hope and change and did deserve the prize. But now he has morphed into just another status quo politician.

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