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December 10, 2009
Brazilian police face accusations of brutality and abuse

As part of the Worldfocus “Beyond the Headlines” series, we’re looking at human rights issues involving the police in Brazil.

Human Rights Watch issued a report this week suggesting that Brazilian police have sometimes gone way out of bounds in dealing with crime suspects — taking justice into their own hands and killing thousands of them in recent years.

To take a closer look at police human rights abuses in Brazil and other countries such as Nigeria, Maria Hinojosa interviews Maki Haberfeld, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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I would rather be on the side of the police then live on the side of drug gang members. If you live in a country where killing of honest citizens is a sport then would it not be wise to have a police force that breaks standard rules to take out these creatures. You talk about Human Rights, and they are not given to certain people who seek to kill everyone around them. Maybe these Human Rights people should think more about their own safety then to defend the serial killers, rapists, muggers, and petty thieves. Maybe Brazil should think of haveing similar laws that Singapore has where crime is allmost unknown and the common citizen lives in a safe country.


In Brazil a law abiding citizen cannot have a gun for his own protection, but the criminals go around with AK-47, the police has to defende themselves.

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