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December 8, 2009
Iran’s student day vigils turn into regime change rallies

Every year, December 7 commemorates the deaths of three students who were killed by police during protests against a 1953 visit by then-U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon.

Amateur videos culled from YouTube show that this year’s events quickly transformed into a demonstration opposing their government.

The following video from Dec. 7 shows a large group of passionate high school protesters demanding a change in Iran’s government. Many of the young women are wearing green masks indicating their support for the “green movement.”

The students are chanting: “Teachers with pride – we need your support! / I will kill, I will kill whomever kill my brother! / All political prisoners must be free! / Death to the dictator! / Death to this regime that kills its own people!”

In the video below from Dec. 7th, student protesters from Tehran Polytechnic University demand regime change: “You traitor Mahmoud (Ahmadinejad). We hope that you become a wanderer. You destroyed our homeland! You killed the youths of this country! You sent thousands into the graves! Death to you, death to you! Death to the dictator.”

In the next video, also from Dec. 7th, a massive gathering of student protesters waves pre-Islamic Revolution Persian flags outside Tehran University and chants: “Death to the dictator” and “What has happened to the oil revenue? It has gone to the pockets of Basijis.”

The last video, from Dec. 8th, displays students from Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman demanding a new government, as well as the release of the 204 activists arrested during the Dec. 7th protests.

– Michael Ramirez

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Not to take away from Iran’s thunder,…but has anyone outside the United States,and Europe noticed any breath/whisper of dissent from the Universities/College’s student-bodies within, regarding their disillusionment with the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars? This is strange indeed,…that there is little,or no discourse.


People of America.No need for Quran to govern our country and do not desire religion and any Islamic ideas to influence our decisions.We shall follow ethics and rule of law and old Persian culture with no religion involve.


People of Iran. We stand with you. Take your country back from the criminals who have corrupted it and establish a true Islamic Republic where the Quran, not the desires of greedy politicians, rules the land.

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