December 3, 2009
Women in Afghanistan turn to self-immolation over abuse

Rachel Reid, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss violence against women in Afghanistan and resulting self-immolation and suicide.

Reid, who has been based in Afghanistan, explains the difficulties and stigma women face in in reporting domestic cases of abuse. She also talks about why the laws and police don’t adequately protect women.

David Chater reports for Al Jazeera English from Herat, Afghanistan, on how women are burning themselves to escape abusive and unwanted marriages.




[…] WorldFocus examines self-immolations in Afghanistan. […]


Very disgusting – the social inequality of women on this planet. In reality, all humans are of the same family and social equality is the natual fact. Those who do not defend women are less than human and their religions are also the religions of apes.


And the Afghani head of state let gang rapists go for his political advantage. That fool is Obana’s ally. Then you tell us that corruption is a real problem there. Man, do we have a ship of fools in Washington – both civilian and military. Your mission, children! Round up the usual suspects!


Abuse of women. Give these women a chance. A pamphlet from the LaRayn Bobbit school could be circulated in the area. It would only take one or two to put the real fear of God in the abusers.


Why doesn’t our Secretary of State go on the record on this issue? Why is there no concern in Congress? Is the issue present in other countries in the region? Why are we unable to combat this evil with a fraction of resources committed to these countries in the region? Where is the accountability? How can we be allowed pass the pearly gates if we do nothing about this?

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