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December 3, 2009
Opportunities and obstacles await Copenhagen summit

Just four days remain until the long-anticipated summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today, India announced a target to reduce its harmful CO2 emissions, after similar offers by the U.S., China and the European Union.

Daljit Dhaliwal discusses the upcoming climate conference with Annie Petsonk, International Counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund.

Will the Copenhagen summit produce any real progress in reducing carbon emissions?

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50,000 years ago there was a massive flood in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. This was caused by the melting of a glacier. What caused the melting? Was it too many campfires, methane gas from all the wild animals or part of one the earths many climate cycles?


All of World Focus anchors are very good, however, It’s nice to see the beautiful Daljit back


Science evidence dictates climate change comes in cycles. We better build a bigger boat than Noah, if we want to live. For now Lets concentrate on EERE and adapt with the times with integrity towards progress through innovation.


while I am here
An has been always
You want clean air an clean water but you
Don’t want to call it by it’s name
Gulf stream
Why have a summit (no offense) in a place that begins
With the word cop?
If you want to have a meeting about mother earth an the
Try inviting mother earth first to the meeting
Think would you
Try thinking

Hey Paul Richard
Zip your lips
useless rhetoric g
Stand down


I had a fever one day
Rather bad didn’t know
Next day gore is on tv bragging about the heat calling
The temprature global warming
It was just a fever it’s gone now
The ice caps are ok now
I think the earth doesn’t need your summits or your bragging
Or your useless pointless meeting
An nifty new words for old things that don’t need new words
Belly button business
Useless simply useless


stupid I can fix the climate with two words
Doesn’t exist
Try “environment”
Try actually talking to the source instead


The obsession with carbon emissions is misplaced. If all emissions immediately ceased, the glaciers would continue to melt away for another 20 to 100 years or more (assuming, of course, CO2 is the cause of the melting).

It would be better to do something concrete now, to counteract the negative effects: Sea-level rise; loss of potable water for humans, crops and animals; change in weather patterns.

See the short presentation at
for an outrageously-expensive long-tern solution to the climate crisis. In the short term, small populations of adversely-affected humans could be relocated to formerly-barren lands revegetated using desalinated seawater.


Global warming due to mankind is a fabrication perpetuated by oneworld internationalist and their lap dog media outlets. Britian’s “University of East Anglias Climate Research Unit” and America’s “NASA” have manipulated global warming statistics to suit their agenda. This information was made public two weeks ago via their own documents. Additionally, Al “The GLobal Warming Guru” Gore and creator of the internet by his own admition, has cancled from “Nopenhagen”. More evidence that popular momentum for Global Warming is fading. Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd – both members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have called the Academy to rescind Gore’s Oscar in light fo the Climategate revelations. People of the world, Know that the United Nation’s IPCC has sucked hundreds of millions of dollars from us to keep this Global Warming Lie alive. The good news, its starting to fall apart.


No. With our president,this is just more theatre not results. We can’t afford his nonsense and hope we can be rid of him and his marxist cronies soon.


no,it will produce more because of all the people getting there by plane,train,or car,more then likely by private jet paid for by the people least able to pay for it.


Considering the tangle of conflicting national agendas, the self-serving priorities of the politicians, the apathy of their constituents, the considerable power of the special interests, and the lack of scientific consensus, any useful result seems unlikely. Even if some watered down compromise is reached, the chances of it being carried out are at best slim. On the other hand, we are sure to hear some very fine speeches, and in the end, we will all feel better about the whole thing.


i dont have a perfect idea about what the copenhagen summit proposes.but atleast now people have realised the cataclysm global warming can cause.little actions to stem the emissions can go a long way in curbing the impact of global is high time for all of us to heed earth’s desperate calls


After watching this video on Cap & Trade ( ), I am now convinced that the Copenhagen talks will not result in significant enough reductions to prevent the change that we have triggered.

We are too selfish and self-interested to make the sacrifices necessary to reverse the damage much less prevent continued deterioration. One overwhelming obstacle is overpopulation.

We are headed toward a six to ten degree increase in global temperatures (which will not be uniform over the entire planet, expect the poles to become MUCH warmer) and a rise in sea level of at least six or seven feet. Canada and Russia will benefit from this warming trend, but the vast areas closer to the equator will become wastelands.

Even if we were able to stop all emissions, the CO2 we have already pumped into the atmosphere will continue the warming trend for another thousand years. We won’t even come close to reducing emissions because we cannot contain our desire to consume goods.

A virus often kills its host. I don’t think we will succeed in killing Gaia but we will do significant harm to existing life forms. Another million years and what we do or don’t do won’t matter in the least.


The patron saint of flat-earth clan said global warming was a myth. Fast Fourier Transforms can be used anywhere to extract periodicity. Fjords and ice cores provide abundant proof of this rationale. But looking at pictures of London City Centre a century ago and now you have to concede that it is in man’s best interest to curb pollution. Try to understand the mineral poisoining emanating from unabated use of irrigational canals in California and man-made ponds in Bangladesh and you will have some perspective albeit in a different vein on the damage wrought by dirty fossil fuel combustion. Over time insignficant percentages get compounded to cross alarming thresholds. The folks who deny the man-made component of global warming are the same ones who had the utmost regard for the honesty of Wall St.


It is not the Earth which will suffer from human arrogance and overconsumption, but humans. Yes, the Milankovich cycles and other Earth processes do effect climatological models, current and past. The Earth has endured much harsher extremes through her 4.6 billion year history than the ones today; however, humans would not have been very comfortable in these environments, to say the least. Yet, anthropogenic climate change running concurrently with Milankovich cycles, and nonanthropogenic climate warming trends is exasperated the issue of global climate change and speeding up the effects, pushing us out of the ice age we currently are residing in to a global tropical environment similar to the Mississippian era, which produced the coal beds, and petroleum deposits we are pumping back into the atmosphere. These facts have nothing to do with arrogance, but a life dedicated to the study of Geology.


Human arrogance continues by asserting that earth’s climate is subject to human control. No one really knows whether the current climate change is fully caused by human action, but even if it is not, to continue to dirty the environment risks accellerating whatever processes threaten to disrupt our wish to maintain the status-quo. I believe that the puny efforts that will result from the conference are an example of how insignificant we are in relation to nature.


It amazes me how anti-science the CO2 emitting dirty coal-electrical utility-corrupt Congressmen cabal are. Sounds like the old cigarette industry talking about the healthful benefits of smoking. The dirty air liars support global warming for short term profits just like the tobacco CEO’s used to.


The evidence of long term climate changes do fly in the face of current paranoia that we, the people, are the real cause. Until the long term numbers are meshed with the long term anomalies and trends, I will not subscribe to the notion that “we” need to reduce our dependance on carbon fuels.


Yet another failed “attempt” at any real progress towards reducing global emisions. It does not make any difference to emissions when the higher producing countries just sell their emissions to other countries, and pat themselves on the back for reducing emissions and continue pointing fingers at other countries to reduce emissions when there numbers are higher because they bought the extra emmissions from the “developed” countries. A REAL global change must occur if we do not want the oceanic circulation patterns to fail, and the permafrost melt and release massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere. That is the real point of no return, for the entire human race.


I certainly Hope so, I think most Governments recognize what a problem exists and will attempt to initiate a real plan of action. I think the U.S. should have its own cap & trade system, perhaps a rotating one between the states, as in no drive days.


No, of course not. Americans, Russians, Indians, Chinese and Japanese people are never going to give up their motor vehicles and the countries themselves are not going to curtail their industries in order to protect the future. The global “warming” has already gone faar past the point of no return and all of the talk that is going on about it is simply creating more hot air (not to mention the billions being spent on “studying” the effects.)


So, you believe 15 or 16 Senators can impact the water flow of the Ganges and turn back the melting glaciers? The earth is warming. Act accordingly.

To assume that man is responsible or can do a whit about it is the hight of hubris. Want to see my Unicorn?

What is sad is that so many millions of people may actually believe the nonesense so freely expressed by programs such as this one.


We do not know when the planet will cross the tipping point. It may already have. Note the glaciers feeding the Ghanges River in India are melting faster than ever recorded. A holy river.
The BAD news is: Does anyone anywhere actually think we could find FIFTEEN or SIXTEEN (15 OR 16)Republican senators who would support the TREATY? Or any treaty? (67 senators are required to approve a treaty. GOP holds 40 seats. + maybe Joe Lieberman. There may be a Global Warming Treaty someday but the US will not be a party to it. That’s sad.


Yet another mainstream media “report” that has not the courage ( or another agenda) to make a connection to the debunking by Climategate to the fraudulent scam of anthrogenic global warming.

Of course, Copenhagen should fail, regardless of James Hansen’s opinion, who you slyly note is promoting his book.

Nice going, what utter rot.


why don’t you have the courage to present an interview with the 100 + scientist that disagree with global warming? Tey have hard data that shows global warming is cyclical with man contributing slightly to the effect?

Or mention the deliberate coverup and falsification of evidence?

Because you’re part of the globalist conspiracy.


Green is good…long as it doesn’t tax the people too much? PS. I’m still waiting for my EV.


why don’t you have the courage to present an interview with the 100 + scientist that disagree with global warming? Tey have hard data that shows global warming is cyclical with man contributing slightly to the effect?


why did the broncaccio muzzle the Afgan ministers comment when he was trying to explain why the obama plan won’t work. the issue of supporting 180,000 afgan forces cost $3 billion per year and the afgan GNP is only $1 billion per year?

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