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December 2, 2009
Joint Israeli-Palestinian project plants strawberry fields

Images of turmoil are what we’ve come to expect from the West Bank, yet there is a whole other side of life there that we rarely see.

As part of our Beyond the Headlines series, Arieh O’Sullivan of The Media Line reports from the Palestinian town of Qalqilyah about a project on which Israelis and Palestinians are working together.

Agriculture liaisons from both sides are cooperating to make strawberry fields blossom — and as one Beatle might say, to give peace a chance.




To Garcia

Read my lips: The Land of Israel is JEWISH LAND, occupied by Imperialist Muslim Arabs. There are 56 Muslim countries covering 6 million square miles. The 9,000 square miles of the Land of Israel, that gentiles call “Palestine,” is the homeland of the Jewish nation. We were prepared to split it to be fair, but if fairness is not something the Muslim mind can comprehend, then they will not get one inch.


To jgarbuz. Read my lips: My house may be messy, but it is my house and I don’t need outsiders telling me how to clean it, what to do to make it look prettier or increase it’s value. I like it just the way it is. Same for the Palestinians — backwater or not. It is THEIRS!


admirable. that is the way it should be. different factories can be started this way. what if terror gangs try to intimitate this cooperation.


How wonderful! Mazaltov to all:)


To garcia

Name one single thing that the “Palestinians” developed in all the centuries before the Jews started to return in the late 19th century!? In any field whatsoever. That is, in agriculture, literature, arts or science – I mean ANYTHING. IT was nothing but a total backwater that was often in chaos, like Darfur today.


If figures. There is nothing and I do mean nothing that a Palestinian can do without isralis blessing. Nothing can grow, no one can fish, nothing. Must pay homage to the butu


Good news from this land at last , i am tired to ear bad news , thank you to spend energie to find good news


Nothing new here. For nearly a century the Jewish kibbutzim and immigrant settlers tried to cooperate with Arabs, only to find that Arabs who did cooperate with the Jews were considered traitors to be banned or even killed by Arab terror gangs. It’s interesting though that Jews who had not been farmers for 2000 years mastered agicultural technology and science such that ISrael became cutting edge in agronomy and agricultural science. But it should be considered no big deal that Jews and ARabs are capable of cooperation when they both agree, as besides all of the negatives the news outlets want us to see, there have been spates of cooperation as well for many decades.

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