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December 2, 2009
Chilean health care system a possible model for the U.S.

Victor Rodwin discusses the intricacies of Chile’s health care system and how it compares to the United States. He is a professor of health policy and management at the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University.

Rodwin explains how a health care system that targets only diseases that are widespread and treatable can make sense. He also talks about the fact that the United States has a similar system in place, although much more limited.

Watch the Worldfocus signature story: Chilean law fast-tracks treatment for common illnesses.




I guess it is only right that yet another Chicago experiment should work in Chile since the earlier Friedmanomics was debunked after being hailed as the miracle salvation for Latin American with the pilot in Chile. History after all is for the classroom. Unfortunately health care requires so many compromises that one wonders why we don’t spend just little more early education and convenient access to preventive care. Having watched several close relatives in recent years lose all their savings owing to irreversible declining health in their sunset years I shudder to think how “baby boomers” like myself will become a burden to our descendants.


Thank you for this very informative discussion on the health care problem in the U.S. Excellent news coverage.

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